The Curse of Moon Quay Beta now available

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The proverbial barrel of monkeys has opened in the constant. Come and see what business has been unleashed on the DST Beta branch.

Access the Beta here.

New Features

  • New Moon Quay Island and inhabitants.
  • Ocean Privateers.
  • New upgrades for boating:
    • Grass Boat
    • Kelp Bumper
    • Shell Bumper
    • Cannon and Cannonballs
    • Rudder
    • Polly Roger's Hat
  • Docks
  • New perspectives on life.


  • Map controls will now be more intuitive.
    • Zooming will now focus on the cursor.
      • An option in the advanced settings can be used to disable this feature.
    • Zooming in and out will now be smooth.
      • An option in the advanced settings controls how fast zooming is.
    • Rotating the map will be around the current location and not the player.
    • Controllers will see a smooth directional panning experience.
    • Panning the map will try to keep a portion of the map visible on the center of the screen.
    • Some mods that interact with the map or create new map instances may need to be updated for some of these features to work.
  • Favorite food bonus now takes into account Warly’s spices.
    • Mods that require a spiced food will still function as expected. Having an affinity for a spiced variant and a regular food item will use whichever gives the most benefit.
  • Cactus and Oasis Cactus have been added to world regrowth.
  • Reeds and Cactus now have settings for world regrowth.
  • Big Woby will now eat the food given to her instead of staring at it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Malbatross death animations and ocean based attacks when the Malbatross is over a boat.
  • Fixed particle emitters from emitting during a crash screen.
  • Panning the map with the mouse will now follow the cursor accurately and precisely.
  • The map will update its texture size to fit a newly resized window.
  • Fixed Merm King bonus to loyalty time not being applied.
  • Fixed a rare crash with the Clean Sweeper.
  • Fixed bird cages having invisible birds in various situations.
  • Fixed profile flair and profile backgrounds turning themselves off when navigating between the two menus.
  • Fixed Winona taking food penalties when trading items.
  • Fixed Birchnut trees dropping Birchnuts on the wrong side.
  • Fixed friendly shadow tentacles not spawning on boats.
  • Fixed highlights not showing on clients for the Houndious Shootius, Deck Illuminator and Lightning Conductor.
  • Fixed Walter’s Camper’s Tent having the same descriptions as the Tent Roll.

Notes For Modders



  • The mod release id for this beta is R22_PIRATEMONKEYS
  • Lots of changes have been made to the tile system, see the thread Tile Changes and More
  • player:CanSeeTileOnMiniMap(tx, ty)
    • Both client and servers can use this to roughly detect if a player has etched away the unexplored areas on their minimap.
  • player:CanSeePointOnMiniMap(px, py, pz)
    • This is a convenience wrapper which uses the underlying tile for precision.





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6 minutes ago, Jason said:

Big Woby will now eat the food given to her instead of staring at it.

I don't know about you, but this sounded like normal dog behavior to me.

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can you please add a function for modders to add custom maps to spesific locations. Simular to how the map changes when you are inside any interior in hamlet.

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