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  1. Thank you for your reply. So sorry, there's something wrong with my test method. Seafaring Camera working intended after disable all client mods. It doesn't work when I enable one of these client mods: Geometric Placement ActionQueue RB2 (RWYS supported) Combined Status [TMIP]Too Many Items Plus Can you enable one of them to debug this issue? Thank you again.
  2. Just tested it. Malbatross spawn timer still reset if it was finished when game reloaded. ver.467172
  3. After killing the first Malbatross, When Malbatross's spawning countdown is over, saving and reloading will cause that countdown to reset. As shown in the video
  4. Issue still exists in version 466240 At the end of the countdown, save and reload, and the countdown will be reset.
  5. Yes, I also think Klei allows mod to be profitable by default about the previous skin event. I guess it's because mod can keep more players, so it allows a team to make mod profitable by default. But why does their guidelines clearly indicate that mod is not allowed to be profitable.
  6. Glad you noticed the topic. So how many Calico Chester Chest keys were given in this event?
  7. Because there are rumors that the team provided more than the number of main creators, got the CDKs and sold them, made a profit. One person 老司饥@DST_LSJ in the team sold a CDK for RMB¥980 (USD$150+). Here is a proof that he sells cdk: https://t.bilibili.com/474903351493195969 Here is the list of winners: Some links: 2020 CN Summer event Introduction 2020-08-26 2020 CN Summer event Winner List 2020-12-16
  8. I already try c_gonext("statueglommer") .
  9. Hey@255 ,Can you tell me how to use this? -bind_ ip <bind_ ip>
  10. There are duplicate entries in private void ConfiguremonworldcarCepackages()