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  1. Why do I sometimes see the attribute of Cook and Construction improve? Is there a part of the job that can improve these abilities?
  2. I found that my rancher had not improved by one level in 100 cycles
  3. Rancher dont get any skill up on ranching skill when grooming.
  4. It looks like it's going to take a few more cycles to work.
  5. The attached picture is another test. Critter feeding bug.sav
  6. Deconstructing the door in a certain way creates a metal block. Deconstrucing the manual door.sav
  7. Coordinates:OASIS-A-1543127773-0 The world with Deep Oil or Irregular Oil will have too much Oil Reservoir, less then 10, more than 30
  8. Metallic materials, refined metals, lime, plastics, glass, steel, ethanol, all need to be discovered before they can emerge from the print pod. Others take a certain cycle to appear.
  9. Hello, this problem has been solved. The author has deleted the relevant content from the website and made an apology. You can check out this page. https://t.bilibili.com/281478206527116956
  10. 我在中国的视频分享网站上发现有人在销售使用你们的美术素材制作的壁纸引擎壁纸。 I found it on a video sharing website in China that someone is selling wallpaper engine wallpapers made with your art materials. 我认为这种行为伤害了我们玩家的感情,并侵犯了你们公司的著作权。 I think this kind of behavior hurts the feelings of our players and infringes on the copyright of your company. 你可以查看下面这个链接。 Check out this link below. https://t.bilibili.com/281182403544244780 原文内容翻译如下: The original text is translated as follows: #饥荒# 分享最新提取饥荒联机官方动态壁纸,完美还原游戏背景。 #Don't Starve# Share the latest extract from DST official live wallpaper, perfect for restoring game backgrounds. 饥荒真爱粉们欲购买请加小强微信:la1747@审美疲劳的xiaoqiang DST true love fans please add 小强's WeChat: la1747 @审美疲劳的xiaoqiang 在下面的评论中,作者列出了这些内容的价钱,人民币¥5/壁纸,打包售价¥55共14壁纸 In the comments below, the author lists the price of this content, which is RMB 5/ wallpaper, and the package price is RMB 55 for 14 wallpapers 在该作者的另一个发言中,声称出售这些内容并不构成侵权。 In a separate statement, the author claimed that selling the content did not amount to infringement. 你可以在以下链接中查看: You can check it out at this link below: https://t.bilibili.com/281295395541020421
  11. As shown. Deconstrucing the manual door.sav
  12. testing branch,LU-351503 Critter feeding bug.sav The attached picture is another test