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  1. The volume of the new menu music seems a bit low?
  2. Hi, I just tested and only offline_cluster = true in the cluster.ini can search for local dedicated servers in the LAN filter. The server_log shows the following log. Probably the following two changes regarding DNS updates. [Game Update] - 497296 Lobby region registration is now determined by geo DNS. [Game Update] - 499972 Other Changes: Changed host server registration to use geo DNS and fixed region migration in the case of service outages. Hope to help you locate the problem as soon as possible. @PeterA
  3. It seems that the part of the red circle is not displayed correctly.
  4. 试下在游戏里面打开账号的页面合并。
  5. From here it looks like you are pausing and then leaving the server? Not sure if that is the reason, you can do some tests to see if you can reproduce it. If you can, this should be a bug.
  6. Curious about server_log, can you send out the logs? If someone guesses your password, you should be able to find the log in server_chat_log.
  7. I guess you are using windows notepad to edit the cluster.ini file, so the file format is not correct, resulting in pause_when_empty does not work.
  8. If Klei will add more fun modules, it will be worth while to trade some of the cost for more slots.
  9. I don't know how to explain it in English. Please watch the video. In a world with caves, 2 extra ingredients will be made. bug.mp4
  10. pillar_ruins_hit looks like a very elastic pudding. Add a small Gif: rock_ruins_break vanishing animation looks like Paper Mario.
  11. My God, I never knew the Ocean Fish nibbling mechanic!
  12. Enable lag compensation causes Wolfgang's mightiness to drain when running with dumbbells.
  13. But my client_log.txt shows PersistUserStorage is now APP:Klei//DoNotStarveTogetherBetaBranch/ Also I try put a copy customcommands.lua in C:\Users\my user name\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherBetaBranch\226980257 Still not work.