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  1. Please add the latest bee mine skin to the rewards page
  2. Do we still have any hope for some gameplay changes to the character other than just the books?
  3. I am begging for some interesting gameplay features for Wickerbottom other than just beeing a tool to access the books
  4. Can you please prevent Lunar Grimoire from reseting the moon cycle. A character having an ability that can effect the whole server permanetely is not ideal in my opinion. Would be better if the book just turned the current night into a ful moon without temparing with the entire moon cycle.
  5. I like the new books but the Wickerbottom herself just feels like a tool thats required to access the books. The character unfortunatelly feels so bland to play as. Like, if the books were late game magic crafts thats avalible for everyone and Wickerbottom didn't existed at all, I feel like the game wouldn't be much different in gameplaywise. And I truely feel bad, because I would like for all characters to be unique and fun to play. I don't know if you will do any major gameplay changes to her at this point but would be actually incredible if you do.
  6. I agree, she just feels like a requirement in order to use new spells. I wish the character herself got some gameplay changes too.
  7. Would be so nice if the new cabinet visually changed based on how many books are stored in it
  8. This rework kind a reminds me of the Wigfrid rework, wich I also was a bit dissapointed with. Don't get me wrong I love all of the work done for this game but this rework feels so much weaker than most reworks. I was expecting new books of course, but I wish there was also some unique changes to the character itself other than the few craftables.
  9. Did this changes added with the new update?
  10. This was already working the problem is I think you cant add a waterfall that makes the water turfs flow into the waves like in hamlet or like in edges of the dst map
  11. Can you please change wonkeys colors a little bit so they closer resemble a powder monkey
  12. When will we get a carol for Wonkey? Also would be really nice if the pirate raids sail towards Moon Quey islands location while fleeing.
  13. I still don't understand why pigs and bunnies attack Wonkey automatically since he doesn't appear to be a pirate and pig and bunnies were never aggresive towards splumonkeys or even prime apes and Wilbur. Poor Wonkey gets attacked just for looking different
  14. I really missed this mod. Truely an underrated gem. Hope you consider returning one day... I really missed this mod. Truely an underrated gem. Hope you consider returning one day... I really missed this mod. Truely an underrated gem. Hope you consider returning one day...
  15. Yea basically what the title says. It would be incredible for building if we can build walls and fences connected to the newly intruduced dock posts.