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  1. Hey my internet is kind of slow and cant handle downloading the whole thing from that reddit post. If you have that can you dm me th files of only thoose unimplemented stuff showen on this thread pls. My discords Whyro#2794
  2. oh btw do you kow all the names of the stuff that is shown here so i can take a look at them in the files myself
  3. Oh thanks a lot, its actually surprising thoose are from newhome files. I mean they look nothing like the newhome artstyle. Its really interesting that they are there.
  4. Any idea where can i find the assets of this content? It looks like some of you have the animations and stuff. Im really interested in unused content in general and would like to take a look at them myself. So if you know where can i get them or if you have them please let me know it would be much appreciated.
  5. Im not sure if its intentional or not, but when you craft the balloon west or hat it removes the pile o ballons from your inventory like any other crafting recipes. But I personally think that shouldnt be the case and the pile o ballons should only be required to be in your inventory for crafting thoose items instead of literally just using it as an ingredient
  6. Now you can have a proper nothing world I dont know if you ever gonna add any new options for world. But if you do an option to turn on and off the random set pieces, an option to turn on and off the biomes that doesnt always generate like the rocky biome or the extra deciduous biome and an option to choose the between deciduous and mozaic for the lootstashes to spawn would be amazing.
  7. My game lags like crazy when im on the world options. I never experienced lag this bad in the game and I don't know what causing it.
  8. All I want is beeing able to disable that stupid extra deciduous biome and enable the rockyland manually. And maby beeing able to choose the spawn location of the loot stash
  9. I know its kind of an unrelated question but is there gonna be any new skins when the full update drops?
  10. Is there a way to get the sprites for the beefalo skins from yotb in game files? I cant find them as tex files like any other sprite
  11. is there any way to find the sprites of the beefalo skins in game files
  12. This is greate. Please make some of this additions a part of the game like you did with the year of the pig king. A beefalo domestication rework qol update with beefalo skins would be awsome.
  13. I remember seeing an artwork of a sea dragon type of creature in the singleplayer version of this mods page. But it got removed for some reason and i really liked that artwork. Is the artist behind the artwork for this mod have a page that they share their art?
  14. Im not sure where to write this, but i still got a winters feaast chest as a daily reward despite winter feast is over. And also Wigfrid's Straw-stuffed skin has visual distortion whie performing her idle animation.