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What skins would you like to have?

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Personally, it would be great if there were "East Asia Themed " skins because there are many Chinese and South Korean (including me) players. I think it would be very popular due to the lack of skins like these. Anyway, this was my idea, and what kind of skins do you guys want?

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I think an east asian skin set would be really nice! Perfect theme to coincide with a lunar new year event in the future.

We already got a little bit of this a while ago with the distinguished silk robes/tunics but a dedicated east asian inspired set for each survivor would be neat. 

My pick would first of all be to complete the Verdant set.

After that id love a lunar/enlightened skin set, the opposite of the triumphant sets. 

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The more skins the better; though I for one would fancy more item skins than character ones since there are plenty useful objects without variant skins at all: Hibearnation Vest, Puffy Vest, Breezy Vest, Rain Coat, Summer Frest, Belt of Hunger, Insulated Pack, Chef Pouch, Moggles, Goggles, Magiluminescence, Weather Pain, Morning Star and more. No matter the style, inspiration and whatnot, would be great if, in time, all these listed above will get some aesthetic variety.

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Lureplant Abigail, Gothic Sisturn, Walani’s Surfboards, Hawaiian shirts & Hula skirts.

Oh and one other thing- A Hammock resting between two mini tree’s as a Tent/Bedroll skin.

Yes.. I live in Alabama very close to Florida, Palm Trees, the Beach and Hawaiian shirts any day now Klei..

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The main thing I always think of when I think "What items really need skins because they have none?" is always: SIESTA LEAN-TO. For reference, this is the only look it currently has:


The tent has multiple skins.  The lean-to has none.  As someone who now has a world where the climate is mostly summer (I randomised the seasons and that's how they turned out, lucky me : P), I would like to be able to sleep through the hot days in style, please!  I gotta imagine the above REALLY clashes with the overall look of those super-fancy, palatial, exactly symmetrical, upgraded, made-out-of-hard-to-get-ingredients, shiny beautiful elegant megacamps I see pictures of.  It's like:  Look at my crystal this and my golden that, and my perfectly-arranged ten silver tureens and my glowing dragonfly furnaces, and my thulecite this other thing, and my marble statues, and...here's where I sleep through the day.

(sad trombone as the camera cuts over to the lean-to.) 

Aside from that, I dunno...maybe some more craftable decorative floors/new looks for the existing carpet, wood and marble flooring, if possible.  Basically I want skins for anything that doesn't have any skins at all yet,  

Also...maybe we can has cheezburger the Year of the Catcoon skins for regular kittykits, at some point?


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Lightning Rod - Golden Volt Goat (in Mid-Attack animation pose) 
Lightning Rod - Golden Umbrella
Lightning Rod - Golden Ancient Gateway

Lightning Conductor - Golden Eel

Turf - Alternative Patterns/Colors For Existing Turfs
Turf - Ancient Archives Turf
Turf - Ruins Turf

Crock Pot + Portable Crock Pot - Ancient Kiln (from Ancient Archives) Style/Color
Crock Pot + Portable Crock Pot - Dragon Scale Style/Color

Ice Box - Ancient Kiln (from Ancient Archives) Color/Style
Ice Box - Deerclops Eyeball (it blinks and follows nearby players?)

Glommer - Different Colors/Styles
Glommer - Can Wear Hats/Helms

Hutch - Different Colors/Styles
Hutch - Can Wear Hats/Helms

Salt Box - Wax Paper/Honeycomb Color/Style

Boat - Driftwood Color/Style
Boat - Living Log Color/Style

Glowcap - Bulbous Lightbug Style 

Statue - Bunnyman
Statue - Pigman
Statue - Merman
Statue - Rock Lobster
Statue - Spider Queen
Statue - Lord Of The Fruit Flies

Edit: Forgot some ideas (Plenty more in my noodle)

Oasis Pond - Swampy Style (wiggling tentacles?)
Oasis Pond - Bubble Bath Style (with floating Rubber Ducky?)
Oasis Pond - Warriors Blood Bath Style (with floating corpses of enemies we dumped)

Astral Detector - Default Style/Shape with Alternative Structure/Lighting Colors (RGB?)
Astral Detector - Plasma Globe Style

Moon Rock Wall - Glass Sculpture Sm,Med,Large Sizes with Moon Rock Texture
Moon Rock Wall - Glass Castle Shape with Moon Rock Texture
Moon Rock Wall - Ancient Stone Wall Style with Moon Rock Texture

Catapults - Laser Beam (Color Same As Current Loaded Gem) Turrets

Houndius Shootius - Energy Ball Catapult Style

So many more ideas, but I wanna play some DST. Might have to come back and add some ideas later, it could be worth having my skin wishlist all in one place, just in case there's ever a reason to copy/paste it somewhere else. If I ever decide to spam Klei with skin request emails like a nut job or something. 


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Well, for the past few days, I've been brewing up ideas for some summer themed skins for the Cawnival. I've always loved when game's like Overwatch and Tf2 gave the characters a more casual and beach ready look, so I was really looking forward to what skins Klei would add for the event. While their were no new outfits or belongings, I decided to come up with my own. I really hope we get summer skins in the next Cawnival. 










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6 hours ago, Eughstein said:

Warrior merm houses

We already got skin for normal merm houses so it would be cool to also get variation for warrior merms too

better yet, merm skins depending on the merm house. weird for merms to have this cool mystical mushroom house and all that walks out is bob the merm

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2 hours ago, Dextops said:

better yet, merm skins depending on the merm house. weird for merms to have this cool mystical mushroom house and all that walks out is bob the merm

You've never been to renfest I take it.

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Two “Tiny” not fully grown Palm Trees with a Hammock tied between them with a Sandy Base bottom, mixing content from both Shipwrecked and Return of Them.. cute little Crabbit, Sea Anenemy, Shell Bells, Shell Cluster.. I can’t draw worth a crap so instead enjoy this poorly edited photo.

(this would be a Tent/Bedroll/Siesta Lean-To skin)


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