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  1. Similar to another thread that @jantonio made, Wilson's Mad Scientist set lacks shoes.
  2. So.. after the video on Willow's abilities there are still some questions that are unclear. One of these unanswered questions relate to Willow's time before the orphanage we saw in the video. I believe the new skin provides a lot of clues about this time and this what I'm gonna explore here. First of all, "forlorn" is a very telling word in itself usually refereed to abandonment and misery "Some say, that Rauens foster forlorne children, The whil'st their owne birds famish in their nests: " Titus Andronicus, Act II, Scene III forlorn doll and children describe many times abandoned children, abandoned and miserable dolls... and this is precisely what we see when we look at the description of the individual pieces of the "Forlorn Doll" set 1. Let's start with the "head" there are very interesting elements here: once-sweet, abandonment, bitterness, resentment this is Willow's underlying emotional state. She feels alone, thrown away like an old doll noone want's to play with anymore, full of bitterness and resentment "Why did you leave me?" --- We don't see this in her video... but it is clear there is someone in her past... Who is this person she is talking about here? We are gonna talk about this in a later point, for now let's move to the next description. 2. Now the frock. The red brooch is probably an allusion to her "fire" power... something that cannot be missed... something big and beautiful as fire can indeed be... I'm not quite sure if the brooch is supposed to refer a red gem.. again a nice "fire" reference... but the brooch from the portrait to the actual skin is a bit different and the red gem's form is a double diamond rather than this.. so I'm not so sure... but the fire reference is probably more prevalent 3. the sleeves' description This is probably the most telling of all the pieces. Some elements of importance here: late grandmother, must legally be This is probably the person who in Willow's eyes "left her." Most probably her granny died of old age and then she was placed in an orphanage as children with no relatives "must legally be" Maybe she even wandered around in the house like a haunted doll chased by Shadow Creatures in the attic before she was found and sent to the orphanage... Probably in Willow's eyes she feels that her grandma didn't wanted to take her with her... and "once-sweet" Willow feels the abandonment and sorrow of her granny's passing and her solitude grew even more when she ended up in a place that made her feel like a forgotten, unwanted old doll. There is indeed some evidence in the game of her grandma in a very brief mention: Lesser Glow Berry- "It feels like grandma's hands." So now we know.. it was that person she calls after... her dead old granny 4. And finally her shoes Probably an endearment term grannies use to refer to small children, specially girls... "porcelain doll" to indicate a very beautiful and "once-sweet" little girl So there you have it... old granny dead... Willow sad and miserable.. and now alone in an orphanage with people that clearly don't love her... You went dark with this one Klei.. Poor Willow T_T No wonder why is she was been chased by Shadow Creatures... and why she wen't kaboom...
  3. should the be dropped outside of event? they were supposed to be special skins that we get playing on the event only, i dont even want them dropping since you cannot fuse them, its just a waste of skin if you already have hem or bought the package
  4. today there're nearly 100 more skins added to don't starve together. but the in-game wardrobe mechanism is still absolutely outdated, for a long time. you need a whole day to wear different body skin while through the wardrobe structure in the game. look at the screenshot, there's already hundreds of body skins in this game! This is getting ridiculous... I even miss ol' times when the body/hand/pants/shoes followed the head/base in wardrobe.
  5. So im playing the game from a steam account that doesnt own the game but can use it via family sharing. Now recently when I decided to play the game again after a break I havent gotten a single gift pop up in the top left corner. Before I used to get them at least once an hour or so. I know that I cant get those login gifts on a shared account and to get those I have to log on the account that actually owns the game on steam. So can I only get gifts while using the account that owns the game? Are family shared accounts excluded from the drop system now or what? Also dont tell me to just use the account that owns the game. I have all of my skins and stuff on the family shared account since I own most of my games on that account as well.
  6. Various Wortox's skins based on other skin collections. My concept of Roseate, Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Halloween Costume (Klaus), Gladiator, Magmatic, Verdant and Snowfallen respectively. There is written "Forge 2017" and "Forge 2018" below Gladiator and Magmatic, to indicate what I was exactly trying to show. Also there is "(Not Opaque)" written above Snowfallen, pointing at his horn, because well, they are made of ice in this one. Also, I did not have any idea for "Victorian" (Gorge), and excluded Hallowed Nights, Contender and Industrious collections. Hope you like them. Thanks for reading.
  7. 1.I propose to change the skin of the Triumphant , removing a long forelock. Looks better. Other skins don't have such a long forelock. 2. Improve Wes statistics. Health from 113 to 130 or 133. Hunger from 113 to 130 or 133. Sanity is from 150 to 153 or 180. Remove strong starvation. And change the attack from 75% to 87% or 90%. This is for wes to be selected more often. (And because Wes is weak in DST. Mobs in DST have a lot of HP, and it's hard for one.) 3.Add the ability to improve balloons 3.1. Ballon guy He has a survival form. And so he lures the monsters almost as much as the character. Damage of about 15. HP. 3.2. Spike ballons They do about 30 or 20 damage. But it does not lure monsters. They can be used in packs of balloons. 4. Give Wes the forge bait. To monsters paid little attention. But then long pursued.
  8. Skin Queue

    Version v3


    Steam Workshop: Lets you queue up items to weave or unravel instead of having to wait each time. Also has an 'Unravel All Duplicates' button as a bonus feature. Note: Some users reported accidentally weaving Wortox more than once by mistake. Just be careful and wait for the queue to finish first. I made this because I didn't like being forced to wait to connect to Klei's servers for every single item that I want to unravel. I've found the current system to be slow and annoying, because I have way better things to do with my time than to stare at my screen. So I made this mod and also included the popularly requested 'Unravel All Duplicates' feature. This mod does not protect your skins from your own stupidity. If you accidentally unravel or weave items that you did not intend to, then that's your own fault. This mod will not do anything you don't tell it to do, so use it at your own risk. You can always enter sq_stop() in the console or close the game to stop the queue if you've made a mistake. There are some optional console commands just for certain purposes. Console commands: sq_stop() Stops the queue. sq_unravel(key) sq_sell(key) Queues key to be unravelled. For example, sq_sell("emoji_egg") will queue your Egg emoticon to be sold for 5 spools. sq_weave(key) sq_buy(key) Queues key to be weaved. For example, sq_buy("profileflair_victorian_pigeon") will queue a Pigeon profile icon to be bought for 15 spools. sq_listqueue() Prints all of the items in the queue to the console. sq_listdupes() Prints a list all of the duplicate items in your inventory to the console. sq_sellalldupes() Sells all of the duplicate items in your inventory.
  9. Snake Cage

    Version 1.0.0


    Now you Can Farm Snake Skins Like a Maniac! Notes: - Now you can Build a Snake Cage. - Will provide 1 Snake Skin every 1 In-Game Day (3 Skins Maximum). - Every Harvest will Decrease the Player's Sanity by 10 Points. -Will Decrease the Player's Sanity when Standing Close to it. Crafting Recipe: 4 Gold Nuggets - 6 Boards - 2 Venom Glands (When Hammered will Drop: 2 Gold Nuggets - 3 Boards - 1 Venom Gland) Steam Workshop Version(Thanks to:InfamousJackson): Based on: Afro1967's Spider Cage Mod.
  10. OwOcus

    Version 2.0v0


    *sneezes on you and notices your spear* OwO wha-ha-hatchoo! Steam Workshop
  11. Don't Starve... Pixelated!

    Heya; I've made some... "Art", if it even qualifies as that, of Don't Starve. Almost all of it is/will be pixelated, as that's really how I draw stuff... My coordination isn't quite good enough to make slightly respectable drawings. Anyways, I'm going to primarily be doing Minecraft skins and/or Textures for blocks. Honestly, I don't play it all too much, but I enjoy making textures for it. At the moment, I don't have too many, but I'll go ahead and show them. If you'd like the actual textures for one, just ask me. Anyways, here are a few of the things I've done already. Kinda mediocre, but they're alright.Basic Wilson, lacks the fancy hair or the new shading I'm currently using:Wendy in a Top Hat, because top hats are cool.Wendy in a backpack.That's it for now, but I've got some stuff planned.PLANNED:Otto Von Chesterfield, Esq, Human VersionMaxwell/WaxwellUpdated Wilson.Feel free to leave suggestions. I'm willing to try almost anything "Don't Starve". I also do pixel art, but have just started, so don't expect anything good.
  12. This is extremaly easy to get feathers and meat with only 1 seed. Put it on the ground next to yourself, and just wait with some weapon. Bird will fly in less than 10s, and instantly fly away. But there's enough time to kill it. How about to disable bird's landing next to character?
  13. In new test world generator pig's houses oftenly spawns next to spider nests, so they fighting oftenly. As pig house spawns limited number of pigs, collecting pig's skin is important in order to save pigs population. But when pigs fighting with spiders and dies, spiders or pigs immediately eats dropped pig's skin ignoring ongoing fighting.