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  1. As you can see I clearly own these skins and can use it. But in the curio cabinet it does not indicate that I have these skins
  2. The days in the pause menu have more days than the actual days.
  3. This kind of things happen whenever I join a sever or going in/out the cave. The game fixes itself after one minute or so. Also, I can't drag the items out of the inventory, so I can't plant trees, add fuel, etc.
  4. Even if I'm far away from the alchemy machine, there's still light bulb next to the tabs.
  5. So, if you buy a skin in Steam, and refund it, the skins still doesn't disappear and it's fully functional even if you got your money back. Please fix this.
  6. I was playing the game and I got stuck in this place, so I decided to despawn, so I used the c_despawn() command. After I chose the character there was I spawn in this place, and everything were gone. I am using the newest version right now.