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  1. Since I began to maintain a 'No Randos' Standard, I haven't been griefed once. Pretty effective. I don't want to hang out at public school or public housing, what the heck would I go to a public server for?
  2. People are calling for moderation action over here. It's probably a good time to play some DST and shut my stupid mouth.
  3. You're assuming I don't understand you perfectly well. You feel a skillset can be insulted...I understand that, but I'm not changing how I feel or how I see. The skillset was never insulted, and a skillset can never be insulted.
  4. I'm tryin', maybe I got too high. Are you simply explaining your side or are you trying to change how I feel and see like you said before? What you're claiming to be doing has changed all the sudden.
  5. Yes, you want to change how I feel and how I see, how is that not at the very least manipulative, if not tyrannical?
  6. I have shared how I feel, I feel you are manipulative and tyrannical. They are my feelings and I'm entitled to them because they're my feelings.
  7. I feel like that is very insulting to a very competitive and very difficult skillset that is absolutely an achievment to be happy about!
  8. Because you are claiming a comment is insulting to a skillset. That's just...whatever.
  9. I'm not sharing my stash, sorry. Do you understand that's not an argument, or a point and is totally unrelated to what I said?
  10. Sorry, I got the quotes mixed up in my comment. I said I feel like you are manipulative and tyrannical.
  11. I don't see anything here that's off track and in need of moderator action.
  12. I feel like you are manipulative and tyrannical, doesn't make it true.
  13. "It sounded like you dont like it when someone rushes something and everyone should do slow gameplay" Did it really sound like what you said it sounded like? I'm not launching a campaign against 'Rushing'. It's none of my business if a person even decides to c_freecrafting() as soon as they enter their World and c_gonexts directly to their Rush destination. However fast or slow a person wants to Rush is their preference and they're entitled to their preference. May the Rush be with you. EXTREME!!! "Blaming others for not understanding your point" Did I really blame someone here? Like, for serious? If I did, then my apologies. No one is to blame for what I blamed you for, you're innocent until proven guilty. I will focus more on not blaming people because I don't like to be blamed myself and I can understand that position. Live long and Rush on.
  14. "Why so mean?" isn't an argument, there's nothing logical, rational or related to the topic about the question at all. You've 'Poisoned The Well'. This fortifies and validates my original sentiment. "Most of those people aren't hurting you or anybody else." Again, this has nothing to do with the topic at all. How did "Hurt" and "Being Mean" come into the conversation? I don't trust you, you're a scam artist as far as I'm concerned. Most people in this thread responding to my comment aren't even talking about the same thing I'm talking about, I'll let this stand as my only response and good luck with whatever you're talking about.
  15. This seems more like an issue of "Randomness in this game is what kills rushing the Ruins with Wanda" I don't know who invented the concept of "Rushing", it sounds like a strategy for people that are desperate, have no patience, have little long-term thinking, and aren't much interested with collaborating with other players. I guess the fiends need their fix.