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  1. But why, then, new skulls of characters were added to the game files...?
  2. I noticed that the files "inventoryimages1" and "inventoryimages2" have been updated, but I can't find the difference. Has anyone found something new?
  3. I am making a mod for a character and I have only the sound files of the voice for it, however I do not know how to make the voice files of yawn, pose or hurt. Is there any way to make the rest of the sound files from the voice file?
  4. I noticed that earlier advertising banner of new skins in the main menu has a mistake Old Version New Version Here is also a banner of the Klei discord server from main menu
  5. The Wagstaff situation is very interesting. We can clearly see that he is not the real Wagstaff, he is like a halogram. When he takes damage distortions appear in both Wagstaff's appearance and voice. However, if he is a halogram, then how to explain his physical needs for food, glasses, sanity, warmth. Why he can't walk through walls and can take damage. What if he is actually still in the real world and temporarily transfers his body to the world of Constant and it sees like a halogram. I know it sounds a little silly, but please listen to it. As we know Wagstaff was the only one who was happy to get into the world of Constanta, his division is "Eureka! My destiny awaits!" He is not afraid to be there and is trying to simply study this world, however, it is very difficult to study this world without having a physical shell, and therefore he created something that allowed him not to completely find himself in the world of Don't Starve. He was definitely not deceived by Maxwell because when he first met him, he says that Maxwell just "Looks like a man who could answer some of my quandaries." He got where he wanted. This also explains why if you put the Wagstaff on the nightmare throne, and then return to him for another character, he will disappear. The Wagstaff could have simply turned off its projection, or it could have been rejected by the throne since it is not completely in Constant. However, in such a case, two questions arise: How could he find out about Constant and how he could be in the real world if in the short film "Next of Kin" we saw exactly how he got into the portal. The first question is rather difficult to answer, because it says nothing about how he got acquainted with the theory of another world. The only thing I was able to notice is a poster of Maxwell's possible performance in his office in a short film "Next of Kin". Perhaps from his speeches, he studied the work of the Umbra Code and understood about the other world. Regarding the second question. I'm sure that this is not Wagstaff. Firstly, the creator of the halagram himself in Constant becomes meaningless, in the second, the appearance of both characters does not coincide. Moreover, as stated in the official announcement from Klei, Wagstaff got where he wanted. However, in the short film, he tries to escape and does not live to get into Constant. In such cases, who it could be. It resembles Walter or Warly in shape. We know for sure that Walter got into Constant thanks to the radio at Wooide's house, so it’s not him. We weren't shown how Warly got to Tropical Paradise, but what the sous chef is doing in Ohio at the Voxalo factory. Whom do we then know of those who could get into the port as a person who possesses the necessary knowledge? We have Winona, Wilson and Father Webber (Do you remember the Webber quote on Alchemy Engine? "Father used to work on something like that."). We know that this is not Wilson and Winona for sure, since they got to the other world in other ways. In such cases, the father of Webber remains. What else do we know about Webbers Father from his quotes? Here are some of the quotes I found: Razor- "I watched my father use one of these." Alchemy Engine- "Father used to work on something like that." Cartographer's Desk- "Heh heh. I was never allowed in father's study." Cartographer's Desk (burnt)- "That's probably why I wasn't allowed in father's study." Top Hat- "Like father used to wear." Ewelet- "Father taught me how to take care of goats!" Steel Wool- "Scratchy, like father's beard!" Volt Goat- "My father kept goats." Tackle Receptacle- "Father used to take me fishing sometimes." We know he has a beard spiky like ewecus, worked with the Alchemy Engine, wore a top hat, kept goats and went fishing with Webber. Warly is best suited for this role. His beard is very similar in color and shape to the wool of a ewecus, in his paintings in his house we can see his hobbies for fishing, as well as studying the volt goat, he says that "I had goat once". There are a lot of coincidences. If he really is a father of Webber, then he worked with the Alchemy Engine, if he worked with the Alchemy Engine, then he could very well end up at the Voxalo factory. Some of his quotes say that he also worked as a cook on a galley. Glass Castle- "Reminds me of the ice sculptures in the ship's dining hall.". The commedium reads: "Warly became more desperate, willing to try anything to bring back his beloved Maman... That was when he first started hearing the voice on the radio." Perhaps the voice on the radio gave him an order so that he could go to Ohio and assemble a portal in the Wagstaff office so that he could find a way out of the problem of his maman. Thus, it turns out that Wagstaff studies the enother world while being in real world. Warly got through the portal in Voxalo factory and is the father of Webber. However, I do not exclude that many of the facts are just coincidences, but, I will hope that this is not so. Thanks for reading and sorry for my crooked english!
  6. Can anyone post an English version of the Don't Starve animation from the steam main page? webm_page_bg_russian.mp4
  7. Most likely someone has already written something like this before me, but I noticed in the game files the designation of things from The Gorge for the map. As long as I remember there were no maps in the Gorge. Does anyone know why they are needed in the game? And also this, I can't remember what it is