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  1. Some in-game buttons do not work in the game. For example, the "I understand" button that appears when loading mods. After deleting all the mods, I noticed that I can’t delete the world or click on the cancel button, click on view mods, click on the "options", "exit", "forum", "newsletter". In the game, the character sometimes goes from the object that I click on, and the buttons down "s", to the right is "d" also do not work. When the game stops, the buttons do not work. When checking the integrity of files in steam, I get a message that everything is in order. I also tried to uninstall and then download the game again, but the error returned. I play on Windows 10, buy the game on steam with DLC RoG, Shipwrect and Hamlet
  2. This is strange, but when I removed all the points on my gmail address, everything worked (do not remove the point at the end in "")
  3. I like this idea! I think for balance, pig king needs to accept only a meat crockpot food
  4. How can I expand borders when creating a world on a unity?
  5. This is strange. Despite the message that I received Twitch Drops, they were not given to me in the game.
  6. Perhaps you are wondering what type of garbage I’m talking about, but I have a suspicion that after all the updates of "Return of Them" are over there will be at least 2 big events of the Forge or Gorge type. Why do I think so? I’ll explain now, but first, let’s remember how those events began. If you remember the plot 6 characters get through the portal located in Atrium which appeared during the thematic series of updates. What do we have now? The thematic series of updates, a portal that appeared in one of the updates and 6 characters that fall into this portal. If everything is clear with a series of updates, then what about 6 characters and a portal. Now we’ll talk about the characters, and leave the most interesting for later If you remember, Forge did not include such characters as Wes, Maxwell, Woodie, Webber, as well as new characters, namely Winona, Wortox, Wormwood, Warly, Wurt and a new unknown character. There are as many as 6 candidates to enter the normal world, namely Maxwell (he is a man after all), Wes (he is also a man), Winona (and she is a man), Woodie (this is also a man with oddities), Warly (he is also a man) and Webber (he is half of man and he also wants to go at home). Characters like Wortox, Wormwood, WX and Wart should not go into the world since they were born there, except for WX, he is a robot, so he doesn’t care (probably). Undoubtedly, we have one more unknown character and no one knows who he is. So with the characters that should get home there may be some changes, for example, Maxwell and Webber may stay because they will not be loved there, and instead a new Persian and WX may come in. The only thing that most likely will not change is their scratch, namely 6. Well, now the tastiest thing. This is the portal. You may be surprised, but he is in front of you, well, or his unfinished version. Why did I decide that this is it? And so we have a new boss from which a new part of this building can fall out and most likely there are several such parts. It will be like in the same caves in which in order to activate the portal you need to go through something like a quest , but only on the surface and the portal you need to assemble completely. Perhaps the portal will have to be rebuilt in the correct order, or something like that. So why did I decide that this is a portal? I quote Varley, who responds to the altar: "Do you know how to take me home to Mama?" This means that either the altar can tell about the atrium, or it is part of the portal, well, or it just lies because it is Winona, it mumbles something about inventions. Winnona: "Inventions? What inventions?" In conclusion, I will say that everything really coincides in a suspicious way. Thematic updates in which there is a certain portal in which our 6 characters are supposed to fall. And after that we will have 2 whole new events. But do not forget that this is just a theory and everything can change. Thanks a lot to this person and this post so how they helped me close the missing detail in my theory. I hope that this person does not mind that I used his information. Sorry for my English
  7. Here is my creation. This is a duplicate room from video "lofi dupe hop radio".
  8. looking at past drawings I realized that my drawing is not very good
  9. I did it quite quickly, but still did not manage to do it before the end of the broadcast. '-'
  10. How about the next creature being The Screecher? With such a style, it should be cool.