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  1. Should we expect new Twitch Drops?
  2. Oh, thank you very much Did I understand correctly? In Discord for Don't starve you can't talk?
  3. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    How about the next creature being The Screecher? With such a style, it should be cool.
  4. I think that if you add pyro, then as a gift for downloading Team Forters. Otherwise, there will be problems with the rights to the character.
  5. Then the fishing net should also wait in the next update?
  6. Did I understand correctly? Will there be no fish birds?
  7. Origin of this Wolfgang image?

    Haha. I inserted thes photo
  8. Screenshot showcase

    I'm not sure if this is correct
  9. I know how to get just animations with a character or creature. But I don’t know how to give a character a thing, put on a hat or give him another skin. The last time I tried to do this, I got thes...
  10. I support this idea
  11. Why not add skins that are added during this event to this list?
  12. Screenshot showcase

    Похоже, у меня эксклюзивные скины.
  13. Screenshot showcase

    It's a trap
  14. Yes, but I didn’t receive the gifts in the game.