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  1. Thanks a lot! I also really like your arts and how varied and interesting images you come up with for Willow.
  2. Hello. I finally decided to make a thread with my DS and DST drawings. I'm a huge fan of DS and DST so there's quite a bit of my art dedicated to it, usually I post all my drawings on twitter, but besides DS and DST art I post other things I do there (for example little phone games or datapacks for minecraft), also there I write everything in Russian, so I created a thread where I will publish exclusively art (maybe not only art) related exclusively to DS and DST. Here are a couple of my previous arts. February 8, 2021 July 31, 2021 (It was drawn after a huge number of things related to DS or DST were found in the files of DS: Newhome, including Grotto Wealth, which is drawn on this art) November 8, 2021 (Board game about DST. I don't have people to play my own game with, so I'm not sure how good the balance is.) November 19, 2021 (The art was dedicated to the collaboration between DST and Terraria) (Background taken from Terraria) January 28, 2022 (It was made during the Year of the Catcoon event in DST) January 30, 2022 (a little bit cringe maybe) (It was inspired by the mod made by -Variant) April 19, 2022 (Drawn to commemorate the release of WX-78's Refresh) May 2, 2022 (Concept arts for fan Nautical or Seaside skins) (I talked about it in more detail here, but next time I will paint everything in this thread.) May 14, 2022 (Just wanted to draw willow with different skins)
  3. How can I send them? Do you mind if I send them to you right here, or shouldn't I do that?
  4. Then the problem is with the Klei account? Because when I try to merge my xbox account, next to the email under the xbox icon there is a red bar, while under the steam icon there is a green bar and there is a link to my account from steam, while there is no such thing under the xbox icon
  5. Yes, my steam and xbox accounts are registered to the same email
  6. Does anyone know how to fix the error? My mail is confirmed on both steam and xbox accounts, what's the problem? Is there a clearer explanation of what the error is so that I can understand how to fix it?
  7. Does anyone know how to fix the error? My mail is confirmed on both steam and xbox accounts, what's the problem?
  8. All from WX-78 Character Refresh Rhymes With Play Dev Cast (April 28, 2022)
  9. The file names are "splashpage_dst_animatedtitle" and "splashpage_dst" Looks like they were used for Klei streams after.
  10. I found a couple of interesting things, but I'm not sure if all of them are missing in DST or have already been shown splashpage_dst_animatedtitle splashpage_dst splasg_spiderweb Reanimated skeleton spikes (old version) atrium_light spoiled fish (it looks like hd version of spoiled fish from Shipwrect, but I think it's old version for DST) steel_cloth stemcell spear skin skinparcel_popup coins Rock cave ceiling previous_skin pickaxe skins noimage_large random_skin player_mount_skin lavarock_break wormwood strange pumpkin body boat hook
  11. These are not quite fresh drawings, I just haven’t published them anywhere before. I finished some details, I removed some ideas and painted what was left. Just wondering what you think of them. Some of my comments on my skins: Wes has a moose/goose rubber ring body skin as a reference to the hotlava skin which is a reference to moose/goose. Maxwell is possibly a reference to one of the crew of the Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Wormwood is not plants, but corals, despite the fact that corals are not plants (mushrooms are also not plants, but despite this, Wormwood has skins with them). For Wilson, I made an almost completely transparent skin. Wilson has an almost completely transparent skin that appears to be a ghost, despite the fact that ghosts look different in the game. Of the removed skins, there is Wurt, which was supposed to please Psychrolutes marcidus. Also from the deleted Wigfrid was supposed to be something like an underwater creature. Of the deleted ones, there is a skin for WX-78, since he already has a Victorian skin suitable for the theme, but despite this, I wanted to make him a skin in the form of an underwater explorer, but this somehow turned into a reference to ONI. I also originally thought about making Wormwood a bunch of woven algae, but I had no idea how his appearance could change during flowering I still have the original - the old version of the concept art, the portraits (except for Wilson, it seems) are a copy of the existing portraits from the game.