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  1. Here is a drawing on how I imagine the portal on the lunar island
  2. Most likely Maxwell entered the lunar island portal, like Webber, WX-78, Winona, Woodie and Walter I think so because he wasn't at the portal in the atrium
  3. I have a small theory that in the world of Konstant, in addition to the atrium, there is another portal. I think that this time we have to build a portal, instead of going through the maze. If you remember, after winning the king of crabs, we can catch a very interesting thing that called "the Celestial Tribute". Perhaps he is the beginning of the puzzle. Confirmation of this is Warly's quote on Celestial Tribute, "Somethink tells me this is part of bigger recipe". In addition to the fact that this altar promises to tell secrets to each character, it promises Warly to take him to his maman. Warly quote on moon altar: "You know how to get me home to maman?". The appearance of the lunar portal in the game also explains that only 6 characters went to the altar instead of 14. In the trailer for "Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Turn Of Tides" we can see that Wilson, Wigfrid and Winona are sent to the moon island, but in the trailer for "Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Salty Dog" from the moon island only Wigfrid and Wilson return. We can also notice that the other two characters who did not come to the atrium, Wes and Warly, are sailing on a completely different ship. In the trailer, we can see that they met up with Wilson and Wigfrid and gave them some food, and then sailed away. Perhaps they met Winona and opened a portal on the moon island, or maybe they died from malbatross which means that there are 12 survivors, 6 of them got into the portal to the atrium, and the other 6 got into the portal on the moon island. In addition, I want to say that in the trailer "Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Turn Of Tides" there are WX-78 and Webber, where they are building a moon altar. Wx-78 and Webber weren't at the atrium either.
  4. Previously, these skins were for head, and now they are for body, they also have the Spiffy status, although they should have the Event status. Moreover, this skin can be exchanged Now . Earlier
  5. No, I mean there were no new gorge skins before. They were available earlier during the Gorge event. But they could not be used after the event, and now they are available before the Gorge 2.0
  6. By the way, the skins published by watermelen671 in the game itself are younger than the skins for walter
  7. Sorry, in Russia they write the date and then the month. All files were updated on 9 April
  8. Despite this, most of the files named "quagmire" were updated on 09/04/2020. And the file "quagmire_menu_mid" was updated on 07/17/2020
  9. Strange, this file is the first thing that appeared when I sorted by date. Have you tried watching the contents?
  10. It is written that the file was created on July 17, 2020. Have you checked the correct file exactly?
  11. Я не знаю, что это, но я нашел это в файлах игры. Написано, что оно было добавлено 17.07.2020. Именуется как quagmire_menu_mid Spriter показывает это расположение меню, но дым анимирован Ущелье 2.0? Changed: Here is the date and time of the release of the file update
  12. Some in-game buttons do not work in the game. For example, the "I understand" button that appears when loading mods. After deleting all the mods, I noticed that I can’t delete the world or click on the cancel button, click on view mods, click on the "options", "exit", "forum", "newsletter". In the game, the character sometimes goes from the object that I click on, and the buttons down "s", to the right is "d" also do not work. When the game stops, the buttons do not work. When checking the integrity of files in steam, I get a message that everything is in order. I also tried to uninstall and then download the game again, but the error returned. I play on Windows 10, buy the game on steam with DLC RoG, Shipwrect and Hamlet
  13. This is strange, but when I removed all the points on my gmail address, everything worked (do not remove the point at the end in "")
  14. I like this idea! I think for balance, pig king needs to accept only a meat crockpot food
  15. How can I expand borders when creating a world on a unity?
  16. Here is my creation. This is a duplicate room from video "lofi dupe hop radio".
  17. looking at past drawings I realized that my drawing is not very good