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[Game Update] - 497631

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  • Developer

Beta Hotfix 


  • Added a crafting ingredients popup for pinned recipes
  • The crafting menu now has its own Auto-Pause setting in the options menu.
  • Added some items into crafting filters
    • Beekeeper Hat added to Armour
    • Scaled Furnace added to Cooking
    • Purple Gem added to Refined Materials
  • Reordered the Magic filter based off the original Magic tab.
  • Added a number of Character specific recipes into various filters.
  • Kitcoons will no longer reset their hiding spots when the YOT Catcoon event is turned off and back on. Any Kitcoons that are missing from the world will be respawned.
  • Seed Pack-It now has a -25% spoilage modifier.
  • Note for modders: the hotkey issue that was being handled with a check on PlayerHud:IsCraftingBlockingGameplay() might not be required now. A better test would be to check if PlayerController:IsEnabled() returns true and if it returns false that the second return value is true.


  • Typing in the console window will no longer cause the player to move
  • The Stagehand and Shadow Hands (the campfire stealing hands) no longer trigger spider creep.
  • Remove nounlock from the YOT shrines
  • Fixed the sort order of recipes that can be prototyped when using the Craftable sort mode.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down the mouse button when feeding, fueling objects, etc. would cause the player to pick up nearby items.
  • Fixed a bug where holding down the mouse button to attack enemies would eventually cause players to stop attacking, walk towards, and push enemies.
  • Fixed the “Hold {attack} to attack enemies” tip to display the control bound to {attack}.
  • Fixed a crash on the Ancient Guardian Jump attack.
  • Fixed the Wolfgang’s might gain from terraforming to use the correct tuning value.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to unbind certain controls on keyboard and mouse controls.

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Greetings, I've run into a pretty glaring issue after this hotfix that's been making the game clunkier for myself, regarding movement.

For travelling distances, or debugging purposes for testing and trying out certain features as a modder, I tend to use the left-mouse click for movement as I'm able to carry out other actions while moving, including but not limited to opening the Map, typing in chat, opening the console on the go, and occasionally to open the menu to quickly change settings without wasting time standing still.

However, after this hotfix, all the aforementioned features stop my character's movement while walking towards a given position with the left-mouse click, and for your information, I've disabled all of my auto-pause triggers, and it has nothing to do with lag compensation either.

This is looking to be highly disruptive towards faster-paced gameplay, and holds relevance for a couple of scenarios in the heat of gameplay and outside of it, such as talking or opening the Map to check for edges or inner regions that were missed out on while scouting out a newly-generated world, and for quickly sending messages in the midst of danger to warn or instruct other survivors on the go while being chased by enemies or a boss.

One particular example I know of, besides being chased by Hounds, is checking the Map while running through the Ruins. This scenario could also apply to the Sacred/Military regions of the Ruins, but this is specifically about running from Shadow Splumonkeys during Nightmare Phase. I don't mind them at all actually, in fact, they're one of the best enemies out there making an impact on players. Waiting out the Nightmare Phase can be a huge waste of time, which is why straight up charging into the Ruins during its peak is a valuable option with enough practice, and also a great application of using the mouse to travel while checking the Map to scout out where I'm headed to next as I build up a line of Splumonkeys and Nightmare Creatures chasing me, and as you do all this, it's possible to locate an area with a Rook to clear out all the accumulated Splumonkeys. It's an effective method of ruins exploration that takes some experience as opposed to the alternative of waiting everything out. It's great risk-reward from all this micro-managing that contributes to the game's appeal.

Sure, they may all seem like particularly minor issues on a larger scale, but it all adds up towards a clunkier experience, which I felt that DST was trying to move away from, unless we're headed back to the old days of DS, where cancelling your attack animation is an unattainable luxury.

TLDR; Movement that is triggered by clicking on the ground is now halted by opening the Map/typing in chat/opening console/opening menu even without auto-pause, please revert, thanks.

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  • Developer
1 minute ago, lakhnish said:

If this is what you are talking about, it's a known issue.

It sounds like if you left click to move far away and then open the craft the character will stop moving. (I haven't verified yet). I new my last change felt too simple of a fix for not moving while typing in the console/filter....

Since most of the bugs seem to be out of the way I hope to spend the next day or two focusing on allowing more gameplay while the menu is open (for controllers and keyboard/mouse)

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26 minutes ago, ScottHansen said:

It sounds like if you left click to move far away and then open the craft the character will stop moving. (I haven't verified yet).

Oh that's what they meant. I'm not able to reproduce it as it seems to working for me. Maybe @Kaxzer can provide some footage.

My footage of me talking, opening the map, and interacting with the crafting menu all while auto-walking (I'm on v497631):


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40 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

Oh that's what they meant. I'm not able to reproduce it as it seems to working for me. Maybe @Kaxzer can provide some footage.

My footage of me talking, opening the map, and interacting with the crafting menu all while auto-walking (I'm on v497631):


Hmm thanks for the video, you're right, went to try it apparently still works in some cases, but not for no-cave worlds apparently.

In a Forest+Caves world, the bug I mentioned will only affect players that have Lag Compensation enabled, while those without Lag Compensation will be unaffected like the video you recorded.

In a Forest-only world, the bug will affect you regardless of whether you have Lag Compensation or not.

Not the best recording out there but just as proof I'll send one. The world starts as Forest-only, then I swap to Forest+Caves to see the difference. https://youtu.be/wKZ1p-Wn_Nk

On a completely unrelated note, thanks for bringing up the 'can't harvest in Crafting Menu' issue, did not realize until I tried. I can't seem to attack while in the Crafting Menu as well.

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5 hours ago, ScottHansen said:

Seed Pack-It now has a -25% spoilage modifier.


Wait, I'm too dumb to math this myself. Does that mean like, half as effective as an ice box? Or is it like if you could put the seeds in a salt box?

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58 minutes ago, Stonetribe said:

Wait, I'm too dumb to math this myself. Does that mean like, half as effective as an ice box? Or is it like if you could put the seeds in a salt box?

half as effective as an icebox is what im getting, like Warly's Pouch but worse (pouch is -33% i believe). Lightest spoilage rate drop yet in the game iirc.

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12 hours ago, SinancoTheBest said:

like Warly's Pouch but worse (pouch is -33% i believe)

Warly's chef pouch is half as effective as ice box, i.e. object with 15 days spoilage time turns into onject with 15/0.75=20 days of spoilage time. Or you can calculate it in another way: multiply spoilage time by 1.33. So it's like chef pouch in terms of spoilage.

Ice box, for example, have 0.5 spoilage modifier, which is 2.0 freshness time modifier in other words.

Speaking of chef pouch. Can it receive a buff it deserves? Maybe upgraded version or 2 could be added? One version could have 0.25 spoilage modifier (like salt box, made with blue gem or whatever), it would be useful for mass cooking food at base on multiple crock pots and bringing food with Warly instead of crock pot during extended trips, it would reward careful planning of inventory and hunger points Warly needs for certain amount of time to go far away from base/crock pots. Another version could have more slots than normal backpack, have default spoilage modifier, but act as Packim Baggims, i.e. instantly cook cookable objects, burn burnable, etc., so it would reward knowledge of objects properties (to not turn it into ash) and knowledge of objects's spoilage time to make the most of it. This version would incourage to bring ingredients with Warly instead of ready to use dishes (hence extra slots). Game is also in need of mass-cooking option, and being the best at cooking/preserving food fits Warly very well.

19 hours ago, ScottHansen said:

Seed Pack-It now has a -25% spoilage modifier

As for seed pack-it itself, I think it needs 0.5 spoilage time modifier and here is why. Typically it's best to grow plants in their respective season, and not all plants grow during all seasons. For example, one wants to farm winter crop in winter self-sustaining combo, lets say, asparagus. Provided player does it every year and last harvest happens at the very end of winter, specific seeds have to wait in the storage 20 spring days, 15 summer days and 20 autumn days, and specific seeds have 40 days before they rot. With -25% spoilage modifier they would have 40/0.75=53.(3) days, but 15 summer days roughly drain 15*1.25 = 18.75 days of object spoilage time. Which means that in order to last until the beginning of next winter, seeds have to have at least 58.75 days of spoilage time, and it's more than buffed seed pack-it would give. In other words, player still would have to use ice boxes, bundle wraps or gift wraps. Solution to that problem may be making seed pack-it act as ice box for seeds, and I think it fair, since no other product can be put there anyway; this object's only purpose is to store seeds - then why isn't it the best option for storing seeds compared to other, more generic solutions? Ice boxes are inconvenient because they only have 9 slots, so at least 2 are required to store all seeds (assuming one stores no more than one stack of each seed type), and bundle wraps can consume a lot of rope to constantly rebundle, which is why I would welcome this change.

I would go even further and ask for 0 spoilage modifier for seeds in seed pack-it, just because otherwise bundle wraps/gift wraps would be still far superior option (despite their disadvantages). In community server people can be disorganized and can forget to sow carefully multiplied by other player seeds and let them rot; on personal server I, for example, don't farm every year, more like once per 2 or 3 years, and therefore bundle wraps are the only viable option I have. I would like variety though and use seed pack-it more (at all), not to mention that bundle wrap requirement is the reason I tend to avoid farming on non-personal servers as Warly (because why farm if it will rot, unless I'm babysitting seeds at base? as for defeating BQ on non-personal server, it's mostly about resources and time spent on this fight; if I want to farm, why do I have to defeat boss not connected to farming at all?). Oddly enough, if I want to farm and not loose seeds, my best pick is Wendy, not Wormwood, Warly or other characters, if I don't want to be glued to base 90% of the time. Anyway, was Warly really supposed to be basesitter with his portable devices? Same for Wormwood babysitting his seeds with 20% speed boost?

Edited by Pig Princess
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Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you decided to revisit the seed it pack but 0.25 spoilage isn't enough to make me start using it over fridges and bundle wraps. Since seeds in the farm can really start overflowing if you're competent at farming, I honestly think salt box level spoilage rates or higher (because I can just make close by dedicated seed fridges) are the only way I see myself honestly using this item as it's intended purpose. Though I'm excited what other things you will address this update (perhaps our merm girl situation??)

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So the same items showing up in multiple filters is here to stay then?

When I’m playing Wormwood I really don’t need bramble husk to be anywhere other than his green thumb crafting tab… just seems so unnecessary.

The only thing I’m gonna miss from the old system is the thematic grouping. Like darksword only being in magic tab and not fighting tab, magic items in general being scattered across different filters is really weird to me. 

The old thematic grouping imo helped to make sense of all the different kinds of crafts in the game separated by different crafting stations/tabs. now everything is just mixed up and there’s no real distinction. 

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