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  1. Hello and goodbye! Today we met for the last time on our merm adventure. It was a long and good one. We defeated all bosses, includin' Misery Toadstool, enraged Klaus and even Lunar Champion with the help of glorious merm army! We fend off endless waves of non-merm survivors, trying to sneak into our lands and take our veggies. Raided ruins as a pack, leaving nothing behind us! Survived whole season in the middle of moonstorm. Grew stacks and stack of dragonfruit, durian, potatoes and who knows what else. Turned several biomes into swamp. And that all thanks to you. Thanks to all forumitees who joined, even for short time, because it moves us forward to the things we achieved. And I think I can conclude for all of us - Wurt buffs are GOOD!
  2. Everything you upload is property of company so why not
  3. Hey! Last session, where we prepare and defeat Loonar guardian will take time this saturday, 5-10pm CET. Hope to see ya! For this last special occasion, I'll enhance swamp with few reeds (because if you played with us, you know, that swamp is sort of underwhelming and trading for reeds is slow) - so you can unleash your building/swampyfing spirit at last! Have fun and don't starve! =)
  4. Sure you can, just care for lags as the server is europe-located. Next session will take time in tuesday 24. 5, from 3 to 10 pm CET and it may be the last. Its longer so we may attempt on the last two bosses (crab king and loonar champion). You are not obligated to fight tho, you can spend eternity swampyfing world like someone hah.
  5. Hello merms and merm-ladies! Next session (VII.) will take time tomorrow (18.5.; 5-10pm CET) . The main goal will be to defeat the old evil - Ancient Fuelwiever! From the last session we now posses the shadowy black heart. Prepare your weapons and armor and get ready to march deep to the caves! Newcomers are welcome, there will be enough time to get what you need at the beginning. Last VIII. session will be in tuesday, it will be longer and with little bit of luck (and maybe some cunning merm strategies? hehe) we could defeat the last two bosses - Crab King and Lunar Champion, and finish the circle. Have a nice day and I'm lookin' forward meetin' all of you! *Kudos to slasher 342 and his "OP Merm guide", where I shamelessly stole this meme. Watch his vids on YT lul.
  6. Dionysia tried to carry on, and added a lil swampturf. We defeated enraged Klaus with mermarmy. We killed misery Toadstool, but skiles beefalo Fluff was killed in the process. Camp was little bit upgraded with more gardens and glowcaps. And we ended up with creating shrine for Fluff, as a war hero he deserves one.
  7. Hello its Epic again! Next, sixth session will take place in sunday 15.5, same time. We may as well progress towards last of the undefeated bosses (Crab/FW/LunarChamp), or whatever you like to do! See ya.
  8. Thank you for today's game. =) Another session is going to be in thursday 12. 5., 5pm to 10pm CET. There is still room for newcomers willing to mermify the Constant to their swampy dream!
  9. I disagree, mechanic is fine. Summoning it brings a risk. It's especially funny when it spawns on someone who is sailing :D
  10. Thanks to all who came today, you were great! We still have some free slots for cooperative young merms! Fourth session will take time in tuesday 10.5 same time (5pm-10pm CET)
  11. Thank you all for participating! Really didn't expect so many people and so cooperative! It was really fun playing with you all! I will not plague formus with more posts, but If you want to continue in our adventures, we can meet at monday (2. 5.) at 5pm-10pm CET. GLORY TO THE MERMFOLK (and their brave great army of course haha)
  12. Hello fellow forumitees! Ignore the puny robot changes and stay tuned on whats really important - Wurt buffs! To celebrate that occasion, I thereby invite you to play tomorrow on our fresh server "Pighead on spike!" (located EU) Only requirement is to play Wurt. Unleash your inner beast and conquer the land of Constant in the name of mermfolk! MAKE MERMFOLK GREAT AGAIN! I wish to meet you all 3pm - 10 pm CET; 30. 4. 2022 in Saturday! Me, Epicurio, bears no responsibility for possible server crashes if you decide to join in bigger numbers. Have a good day!
  13. Me ready for round #3 after Guardian jump bug crashed my #2 run. Btw good job! These are some very nice changes you doin in a lil QoL update. Lot of work.
  14. I love new UI. Its so nice. Its even divided into categories of things I can do in game. Pinning crafting items is super comfortable. Sometimes I'm little bit lost when I try to find some items, but its matter of time. We did an Ancient Guardian rush and have so much fun with his new cool mechnics. Althouh he killed us so... maybe next round will do the trick Gj tho
  15. Eye mask is my new favourite item! If you're not dumb enough to break it, you can feed it meat and use it as infinite armor (great for my Wurt plays) So here is the mechanic: If you feed it glowberry, it glows. Even in inventory. Even on the ground.
  16. With all that "constructive criticism" posts lately im not enjoying visiting forums as I used to . Anyone else feels same? Like you know... some people should just... get over it?
  17. Pause is so much smoother than mod. And skins are beautiful - especially Worm and Wurt (which I got from chest). Than you Klei
  18. "Wanda ressurrection station" with multiple Second chance watches is kinda nice source of boneshards for hungry Warly (it truly takes piece of chef to make masterpiece haha)