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  1. Wurt is medium, you don't need to take advantage of merms and once you make a pumpkin farm or durian or dragon fruit farm you win. Making a tonne of merms to fight bosses is a too tedious a task. It's up to you but I wouldn't recommend Wurt for boss fights.
  2. If you position them just right you can fit 7 drying racks on a single boat.
  3. I was thinking that this event should be a beefalo beauty pageant I screamed out loud when I read it.
  4. Is it impossible for a planter box made from broken shells that can work for farming on boats? I think it might be a good idea for those that live on the water
  5. I would agree, but I feel like they're still a work in progress and it might be too soon to make a call. Personally I like the idea of being immune to dog waves, boss spawns and ant lion bs all year round. The biggest threat is sanity loss and maybe hunger but both can easily be managed by a couple trips in lunar island for passive sanity increase and leafy recipes that just dropped.
  6. I have some points that I found helpful regarding being courteous (if it's repeated I apologize, just some things I keep to heart) When someone new joins and says hello, say hi back! I've been on both sides of this and it doesn't work well to working together by ignoring someone who says hi or being ignored when you say hi Try to help someone who's struggling. If someone needs help, if you can help them. Don't just let them die because you don't think they're good enough. If someone is dead for a while, make an effort to help them revive. I've seen so many times people ignoring dead players because they can't be bothered or they can deal with the sanity drain so it's "not there problem". Not very courteous! Sharing is caring. Leave useful tools lying around near spawn to help new players get started, or signs leading to resources if you know the location. When eating from other people's fridge, don't take everything. Just fill your stomach. 2 meatballs will do and it's very cheap. And that's all I can think of for now. Oh! No one likes the person who takes things so seriously especially on the impermanent public servers, so try to keep things light, friendly and fun!
  7. Oh she's over 18? wow that's a big difference, heh. If I ever draw her again I'll make note of that ty
  8. I didn't know how old she was, after I watched her new trailer I figured she was like 11-13
  9. I love winona so anytime I draw her I'll post it in this thread
  10. Some possible drawbacks to Winona ( if it's possible she'll still be tweaked during the month of March) Being too close to 100% campfire or pit or wildfire quickly drains sanity (as she remembers the horrible flashbacks) She refuses to sleep in the summer sheds as it's still daylight out and it could be seen as lazy Winonas structures have a chance to malfunction/ stop working after some period of use ( much like disease in plants) requiring Winona to apply tape to make functional again