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  1. I agree. I spent 150 days on a Klei endless server and come back to a day 1. Survival I can understand but endless?? The game updates once a month or more from hotfixes there is no incentive to plant stakes in them if they will just reset all the time.
  2. Man... Don't get me wrong the wx Winona synergy is the kind of thing I wanted for the longest. I'm happy for wx players all of the circuit board powers sound so cool and hell, even my girl wurt who was left in the cold for years finally got fixed up but... Can we hope to see Winona get a little love? Comparatively lackluster rework albeit the first. I think there is so much potential in her gimmick as a repair woman, tinkerer that she should get more structured creations helping out many aspects of life in the constant. Have her create her own flingomatic that (actually works) waters crops keeps people cool if they stand in the radius. Or a contraption on a lightning rod to harness the built up power stored. Every rework has gotten better and better so this isn't a complaint. I'd like to see seafaring contraptions like harpoons or canons, or deep-sea fishing where a giant net can be shot out to catch a group of fish. In any case I'll coast off the happiness of new and working wurt until anything is addressed, cheers.
  3. I'm not gunna lie I was going in this update biased, grumbling about it being unreasonable, unnecessary and forced. But it's not that black and white. After playing around with it I've concluded it's just something to get used to, it's better for Klei because the old system was restrictive, and this new system allows for more flexible growth in a way optional old mode cannot provide. I can't speak on console but I'm sure they will continue to tweak it better as it's not fully fleshed out yet and more is yet to come.
  4. Bees do not recognize me as queen while wearing the crown. Bee hat doesn't negate flinching. (How can they sting me thru the mesh, why have bee specific armour if it's just armour??) All meat can be dried except for leafy meat. (Why???) Even the redacted long pig has a dried version. Winona's useless spotlight device. Rockjaw's trash loot for a rather annoying and difficult encounter. Varg as well. Wurt. And moreso Klei avoiding the topic of wurt. Can refuel the light amulet and nothing else. (Why? Who knows) Walls are too brittle in general. So many kinds of fish, but they're all flavor for the most part. Wish there was something setting them a part.
  5. If anything this post just brought attention to the fact that you can hold down the right click button because I never knew that and I live on a boat xDD
  6. Man... The floating drone thing looks like either: A better version of winona's spotlight Or something for wx. Or even possibly unrelated. If it's for winona congrats you fixed her useless structure (Winona main and I never use it ever for any reason) If it's for wx, that's just shade on winona because this obviously looks better. Just my thoughts.
  7. I'm not mad at the anti hound cheese change.
  8. I'm very happy you took the feedback of increasing the seed it pack spoilage rate, now that it's a competitive with the fridge I will make use of this item more often as well as the corresponding skin!
  9. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you decided to revisit the seed it pack but 0.25 spoilage isn't enough to make me start using it over fridges and bundle wraps. Since seeds in the farm can really start overflowing if you're competent at farming, I honestly think salt box level spoilage rates or higher (because I can just make close by dedicated seed fridges) are the only way I see myself honestly using this item as it's intended purpose. Though I'm excited what other things you will address this update (perhaps our merm girl situation??)
  10. Will there ever be a purpose to spawning the varg? Seems his loot is the same as hounds so why go thru the trouble of killing him? Unless his he's meant to be a trap like stepping on a landmine, just sad that you can't get like a special tooth from him or his pelt for winter or something.
  11. It is for me xD I use them as tinder how often I get clogged up with malba feathers. After one fight I find I never need to fight it again.
  12. I'm impressed with the sheer speed Klei had at fixing very busted bugs, I hope the trend continues in the future.
  13. Thanks ya'll, turns out my anti virus randsomware was blocking it for some reason, when i turned it off it worked.
  14. So the game updated and then this happens. I tried uninstalling the game and re-installing it and it's the same thing, what can I do?
  15. It must be because of my job but I tuned it out rather quickly, what gets me is the transition from young to middle age always catches me off guard