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  1. "bring glory back to mermkind!" "Scale less not understand we just like them." "Wurt little but strong!" "Show mermkind life beyond swamp!" "Hungry... May go home soon" "Not feel so good" "Fight! Defend princess Wurt!" "Chop trees easy for merms" "Will break rocks, easy!"
  2. Giant versions of weeds. Giant forget-me-lots becomes tree sized and has to be cut down with axe. Giant tillweed spawns boulders like antlion that will uproot nearby crops and has to be mined to remove. Can produce stone nitre or gold rarely. Giant fire nettle will cause fires if brushed against the player and will need a combo of axe to take down the plant and shovel to uproot. Giant spiny bundle weeds acts like a mini boss, aggressive if you approach it and if you tend/uproot any other plants near it.
  3. Use mods. I have a friend I play with and literally all I do is farm and cook food. We've made countless worlds but there's comfort in doing menial tasks (collecting full stacks of food, fresh fruit and veggies) that is very satisfying. Kinda in the same way ppl like animal Crossing type games.
  4. If you position them just right you can fit 7 drying racks on a single boat.
  5. I was thinking that this event should be a beefalo beauty pageant I screamed out loud when I read it.
  6. Can you explain this please? How do walls keep them from attacking you after harvesting?
  7. I'm surprised I haven't seen any comments to the effect of "if you don't like griefers make your own world play with friends only" I agree with everything said so far
  8. As a Wurt player who never makes the merm king in favor of aggressive merms, I'd take that trade and regarding original poster's question: Wurt is good if you're willing to invest in building a merm village/kingdom and unless you don't mind supporting a greedy king or handing out disguises it's a lonely playstyle. To each their own.
  9. Naked mole bat can be found in grotto biome underground, I don't think it goes bad if you're not using it so it's pretty useful to stockpile
  10. I think the seed bagpack would work better if it was a sack you can hold rather than backpack
  11. I feel bad when people may not speak their mind because the fear a negative reaction. Be proud as a nona main that you are not satisfied with things unapologetically. I am also a winona main and I'm not completely happy with her rework for reasons you have listed. I agree with most of your suggestions. Barring, maybe the duplication of items and the spotlight rework. I if I had my way it would look something like this. Advantages - Trusty tape is the bread and butter of winona. Fixes boat holes, repairs clothing, repairs non magic tools, can can give minor healing to WX. Can be used to heal walls, can heal catapults. - Spotlight turns off during the daytime and dusk automatically. Useless otherwise. -Catapults are fine the way they are I think - Winona's faster crafting should be a touch faster, half a second more. Disadvantages are fair with these advantages. Right now, she just gets hungry all the time for no real purpose. as regular playing racks up her -5 hunger penalty before you know it, you're starving often. I normally don't have an issue with this but I can easily see new players dying from it. Now in a wonderful wishful thinking world these are some ideas winona can one day get by modders or something. - Ability to dismantle generators and re-assemble elsewhere. - A new generator that harnesses the power of lightning bolts, or an attachment mod on a lightning rod to turn it into a generator. - An irrigation system that sprinkles water onto 4 tiles for farming purposes. - A fusebox mod that can attach to a structure individually and can be loaded with electric doodads for power - some kind of harpoon structure for fighting in the water. That's just some things I've thought of.
  12. I agree that objects with wetness should be fire immune until their wetness dries off. And furthermore applying wetness to objects with water balloons ( or a mud salve, think about it klei!) Keeps them safe for some time. This will make spring rain deadly to those who are not prepared with the only fire exception being lightning strikes