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  1. Raising a tallbird egg. (I guess it's an item in that sense?) Why go thru all th trouble just so it grows up to either hate you and try to kill you or run off on its own never to be seen again. I think it should be a perma friend/follower or at least never aggro on you
  2. Intrepid art

    Oh she's over 18? wow that's a big difference, heh. If I ever draw her again I'll make note of that ty
  3. Intrepid art

    I didn't know how old she was, after I watched her new trailer I figured she was like 11-13
  4. Intrepid art

    I love winona so anytime I draw her I'll post it in this thread
  5. [Game Update] - 315751

    Some possible drawbacks to Winona ( if it's possible she'll still be tweaked during the month of March) Being too close to 100% campfire or pit or wildfire quickly drains sanity (as she remembers the horrible flashbacks) She refuses to sleep in the summer sheds as it's still daylight out and it could be seen as lazy Winonas structures have a chance to malfunction/ stop working after some period of use ( much like disease in plants) requiring Winona to apply tape to make functional again
  6. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    I mained Winona since she dropped so you know I gotta show some love