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  1. Commandeer means to take over something. If you build merms around pk anyone who goes close to pk will be attacked. This is a very light form of griefing I suppose. I tried it once because i had the fantasy of wurt being a war princess and had a scale vs. scaleless thing going but after i set it up it just got torched. The swamp is not the best place to live. Because wurt is vegetarian there is no food for her there. You will constantly have to go out to find food to bring back unless you rushed the farms and berry bushes. Use the swamp to set up your item farms and check on it occasionally. My favourite place to live is in the green forest biome (the one with natural berries and carrots) plenty of food. You can set up merm friends easily by digging up one plot of flooring, placing marsh turf, placing merm hut then removing the marsh turf. Rinse and repeat. You only ever need one marsh turf, unless you want it more visually appealing to create your own little swamp.Sometimes the world spawns 2 swamps, a huge giant one and a baby brother one. The small one has 1-2 swamp ponds and natural reeds. This is always a good spot to live as wurt because its easy to leave and search for food if you haven't set up farms. Remember the mosquito farm? Each sack used heals 8 hp. You will be swimming in it eventually. Infinite hp. The most important thing is to find out where the swamp is. Wurt is a late bloomer so she becomes cheese much later in the game. Winter is a very big hindrance that ensures this I find. Once you find reeds start mass producing merm huts to get the farms going on that's it.
  2. I do agree in a way pub servers are flawed, but there is literally no way I can think to fix it, it is what it is. New players are treated with sus, and if you play for 10-12 hours over the weekend, you can pretty much expect it to be gone by monday. So the frame of mind needs to be "short term, light hearted fun". People who get into name calling matches on pub servers crack me up you can tell their age right away you need to look in the resources some friendly forum users provided for you, cuz i tell you, you kill bee queen, you kill df heck, you kill any boss you raid the caves, you have fun with randoms that aren't stupid come monday some random will reset the server i promise you like the sun rising tomorrow its not worth long term fun. Just mess around for 4-5 hours a week on there and kiss that goodbye.
  3. PLAYSTYLE: i generally play offensive wurt where i tend to live among merms only and visit other players rarely. I like to make merm outposts which consist of 5-6 merm houses in general close proximity around something of interest like a handmade field of grass or a pond. (don't bother trying to commandeer a target like Oasis pond or pk, more talented players will just torch it and all your hard work wasted.) If i think my personal camp is well hidden only then will i make and support a king. (I tend not to though) FARMING: When living in the swamp with merms, building handmade merm huts next to swamp ponds makes it very likely that the merm will get into a fight with mosquitoes. You can build a steady farm of mosquito sacks and thus more importantly, water balloons. (fill sacks at a pond). as a cheaper way to deal with wildfires/ grief fires. Alternatively, place a few merms near a spider nest to have a steady stream of webs, spider organs, and monster meat flowing.Now with zero effort on your part besides picking them up you have yourself a mosquito and spider farm. Add more merms for more speed. FOOD: Wurt is in my opinion one of the easiest survivors to deal with when it comes to hunger. Her 33% bonus on veggies makes it so you don't have to look for food as often as the rest and if you get certain foods you are gucci pretty much forever. Early game: COOKED berries, carrots. This is your cheese food. Cooked berries and carrots when consumed grant 12.5 hunger which is boosted to 16 each from the bonus. 6 cooked berries will fill wurt up. Mid game: Fist full of jam. Even cheesier than your cheese food. 1 berry/cooked berry and 3 ice to make this one. Feeds wurt for 50 hunger! 4 berries and 12 ice for full hunger, if you can farm ice during winter and have a berry farm of just 10 bushes, you'll live all year just on this. If you decide not to use ice, the second best thing is monster meat. Remember the farm you hopefully created? Use all that monster meat to make eggs. Eggs are an acceptable filler for fist full of jam and voila. End game: Dragon pie. This is wurts best dish. if you can manage to get a dragon fruit from a farm, feed it to a bird to farm seeds. Once you've acquired 6 dragon fruit seeds, plant them. Harvest 2 and feed 4. Congratulations you've defeated the need for food and can now live forever. 2 dragon pies is 100 hunger each. Merm uses: I tend not to use the merms for anything but they're very good at clearing manmade wood fields. I tend to grow plots of 25 pinecones and when matured hire 3-5 merms to clear it in just a mere moments. Wurt is a wood DEVOURER.... Everything needs processed wood so keeping up a wood stockpile is a must. Because I don't bother with merm king that doesn't mean he's useless. You can live quite well peacefully if you have him, set him up near a pond and just keep giving him fish you catch. He gives seeds (not needed once you have DP farm) and more importantly, tentacle spots and kelp. Just more cheese food. The warrior merms are kinda useless for defending against other people because they do not aggro unless attacked and without the king they get super debuffed, worse than average merm. So i tend to not make them. But enlisting merm warriors is a good way to protect yourself from hounds (make sure you have a bushhat and 3-5 hired warriors before hand. just don't go too far because hired merms suck at finding their way back home. Anda yeah, I really want klei to tweak a few things such as the follower system in general and maybe more stuff related to wurt but she's pretty good to use.
  4. I love this guide but I find it funny how it assumes land isn't a thing. For if the food situation gets very bad I just dock at a shore and forage. If sanity gets hairy I spend a day/night on lunar isles xD It is a nice personal challenge at least and you are safer on sea than on land from other players, etc
  5. I think wurt's playstyle is very give and take. She is able to produce a lot of meat passively from cleaning up swamp from merm/spider/tentacle wars as well as farm fish by actually fishing or merm on merm wars but she can't eat any of it, and others have a hard time living with her because merms are aggressive without king. So if you play with a worm wood there is great opportunity for synergy. Merm army is definitely worth it. It's one step away from anti grief robber ward the merm king is worth it, but situationally. If you can get your hands on a handful of farms, stone fruit and bullkelp fronds wurt can live forever. If things are peaceful you can support the king and trade fish for goodies, any seeds you'd just grow and use rot to force-grow them fast. If things are dangerous, do not support the king and collect water balloons from mosquitoes to soak any intruders while merms attack them
  6. Agree with your points about merms attacking anything that attacks you while the king is alive and wurt gaining sanity when a little wet but not too wet. I'd also like to see wurt able to craft reed roots or it be a drop from the merm king. Wurt being able to completely spawn her own marshland is something i look forward to as I'm starting to use her more often. My only request to add to wurt is if a merm king is alive and there is a fire in the marshes the merms can kick/throw dirt/mud on the fire to put it out. By doing this, the merms can effectively be an unstoppable force from griefing because trying to destroy their homes aggros them but you can get away with setting one on fire or making a fire trail.
  7. I would agree, but I feel like they're still a work in progress and it might be too soon to make a call. Personally I like the idea of being immune to dog waves, boss spawns and ant lion bs all year round. The biggest threat is sanity loss and maybe hunger but both can easily be managed by a couple trips in lunar island for passive sanity increase and leafy recipes that just dropped.
  8. I like this, or have the ability to upgrade the nitre one to have a lightning rod attachment like they did with the masts it could cost the same as regular lightning rod too
  9. A tweak to the follower system. Make it visually clearer with ui or text how ur followers are doing, if they're hurt or getting tired of following and are about to ditch you. Maybe have followers able to wear body items or hold tools or weapons. Anything really
  10. I have some points that I found helpful regarding being courteous (if it's repeated I apologize, just some things I keep to heart) When someone new joins and says hello, say hi back! I've been on both sides of this and it doesn't work well to working together by ignoring someone who says hi or being ignored when you say hi Try to help someone who's struggling. If someone needs help, if you can help them. Don't just let them die because you don't think they're good enough. If someone is dead for a while, make an effort to help them revive. I've seen so many times people ignoring dead players because they can't be bothered or they can deal with the sanity drain so it's "not there problem". Not very courteous! Sharing is caring. Leave useful tools lying around near spawn to help new players get started, or signs leading to resources if you know the location. When eating from other people's fridge, don't take everything. Just fill your stomach. 2 meatballs will do and it's very cheap. And that's all I can think of for now. Oh! No one likes the person who takes things so seriously especially on the impermanent public servers, so try to keep things light, friendly and fun!
  11. Oh she's over 18? wow that's a big difference, heh. If I ever draw her again I'll make note of that ty
  12. I didn't know how old she was, after I watched her new trailer I figured she was like 11-13
  13. I love winona so anytime I draw her I'll post it in this thread