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What would you wax if you could ?

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It's just a little question I got on my mind, one of the nicest quite recent feature in terms of decorating is the use of wax on giant crops so they stay here prettily to ornate so many constructions and places.

They're now a popular part of the player's architecture and so I wanted to know what you'd like to see in the game getting a similar treatment for decoration ooor, some gameplay changes if something could be waxed ?

Something basic to think of would be probably waxed Crock Pot foods and I know from some friends they'd like to decorate with food on pots directly but it's crazy to see we still don't have proper tables in the game so outside of ground decorative foods it will be less practical as decor, but just as it is, I think bundle-less not perishing foods could be interesting at such cost.

But we can get some other funky ideas... let's say waxed Ham Bats, which would not just stop spoiling but let's say 5 or so time slower ?

Beeswax was way too ignored before they can be actually used to wax stuff, which is still a very occasional item as very little players use it to craft Wax Paper as Klaus exists so... think it would be nice to see an item from the Refine tab being a little more useful, what do you have in mind and why ?

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Well there are skins many beautiful skins for several items that “spoil” to Quickly- one of the biggest guilty of this is Garlands, as a Wendy main I want to craft garlands and then just leave them laying at the foot of graves like I’m giving flowers to those who have passed to the other side. 
But as fast as they spoil.. it’s just a waste of flowers.

Being able to “Wax” certain things at the cost of them becoming un-useable for their intended method would be GREAT! For example you can “Wax” Garlands or the Pretty Parasol but then they would become purely for decorative purposes only and no longer actually useable.

The same can be applied to the many cool food dishes.. I love WintersFeast because of all the decorative food dishes that never spoil and last year: I made a quest to build all the food dishes that were available in the game for WF at that time-

I only missed ONE and that’s because it involved finding and fighting Ewecus to create a pie.


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Food is a great start for sure. But I feel we'd need a little display vitrine like there is some in the Hamlet shops. Leaving the waxed food doesn't seem good enough.

I'd also love to be able to preserve non giant crops in their respective state that you wax it in. 

Some of the crops like pomegranates would make for an excellent alternative to berry bushes if they'd just stay in a specific shape. 

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5 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

Wax creatures and turn them into living art.

I want them to be alive to so their eyes follow you around as you walk by them (this is non-negotiable). 

If we ever get decorative mobs I want them taxidermied and with steel wool for stuffing.

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End Tables and Mushroom Planters, so I can use them as year-round decor without tedious maintenance. And yes, I would like to retain the End Table's light-giving properties; the right is too small to be anything but decor and Beeswax is expensive as heck anyway.

Speaking of Beeswax, I hate how expensive waxed veggies are currently. I really hope Klei will give us a decor-oriented alternative to beeswax that is easier to produce renewably, but cannot be used to craft Bundling Wraps.

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