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  1. Is it a bug or is it normal that a world is sometimes generated with a mismatch number of cave exits and entrances? I generated my current world without any server-side mod and there are only 9 cave entrances on the surface, while there are 10 cave exits down in the caves, which means the odd one out leads me straight back to the postern on the surface.
  2. the direction of fence/wall also affects how your gates will be placed as well. The easiest way to see that is the ginger cookie skins for wood fence and gates. When you place a new wall/gate without any nearby wall/gate within a 1-wall radius, its outer side will always be the side facing your screen, like here So if you want your wall/gate to face/open in the proper direction, you have to rotate your screen when you place them. However, you also have to keep in mind that if there's a wall close enough to where you want to place your gate/wall (within a 1 wall radius), the new gate/wall's direction will be dependent to the existing wall. I do not recommend mix-and-match because the gates will become confused, but eh, at least destroying the gates won't waste you any resources if you don't like how they look.
  3. what's the mechanics behind this infestation of smallish tallbirds? There's only 1 nest in this area - a corner I hardly ever visit. They eventually died of starvation one by one though.
  4. I was so surprised I logged out to check the setting and yes, I did disable cookie cutters. This is just one of the two Salt Formations I've found so far in this world, and both have cookie cutters. also - this is unrelated to this bug but i'm not sure if it's a bug or an intended feature: if bee queen is set to none, her hive still appears although wasting 10 hammers on it did nothing except giving me 5 honey.
  5. PC - lastest version (455519) I was trying to make a nothing world to test out some stuff when this bug happened. I've tested out all options (set to none where applicable) in the forest tab with all my mods disabled and it seems only the sea weeds setting causes the game to be stuck on either the world generating screen or the "server is generating world" pop up. I had caves turned off during my test so I'm not sure if any cave setting suffers the same thing. P/s: out of curiosity, i've tried setting it to "tons" and the bug didn't occur. Only the "none" option is bugged afaik.
  6. I'm not a webber main but all of his quotes are endearing to me. I also like Wig's "Grow, or do not" line when taking care of plants. Idk why but it sounds relly funny to me.