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  1. It'd be strange for him to know about charlie, at least enough for a story or two anyways. Maybe he could make one up to spook others, I guess? I can imagine he likes doing that to the younger survivors like Webber or Wendy (who may or may not be afraid of horror) or don'tmentionherdon'tmentionherdon'tmentionher Wurt.
  2. I'm not a webber main but all of his quotes are endearing to me. I also like Wig's "Grow, or do not" line when taking care of plants. Idk why but it sounds relly funny to me.
  3. Hello. I have only heard of the puzzles recently and it'd be great if anyone could help me complete it (or if you haven't done so as well we could solve it together) Let me know if you're interested and we can exchange steam ID.
  4. forgive me but I haven't been able to find this info anywhere else (or maybe I 've been incorrectly phrasing my searches?) but why does timeless rarity matter more than loyal? I've played DST since 2017 but never paid much attention to skins (until now that is) which means I've got only a few timeless skins and missed quite a lot over the years.