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[Game Update] - 463073

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash with the moonstorm ground lightning.
  • Fixed invisible Gift Wrapped items.
  • Fixed Bundle Wraps from losing their skin information when cancelling the wrapping.
  • Fixed Chester’s Woolly Chester skin.
  • Fixed a crash caused by shaders not compiling for min spec hardware.
  • Bearger Vest, Dapper Vest and Rain Coat are tradeable now.
  • Deaths by bile will be recorded as the Misshapen Bird.

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Just now, Grim the said:

What does this mean?

You can probably trade them with Pearl now. Previously, she had rewards if you gave her them (for either the rain/snow requirement), but never were able to be given as they lacked the tradable component.

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1 minute ago, Dr.Medic said:

fixed chester skin? like what fix? what was fixed there?

Basically the back side had a mouth. So it was more de-cursed than fixed

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8 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Did someone record this?:wilson_sneaky:

Don't think I have any, yet what I have now is a bugged compatibility for a modded morph with the skin on after that fix, great :boxing:


0.png looking dapper rn

nice.gif(used to be like that before update)


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4 minutes ago, jantonio said:

only webber skull in DS.

Yeah, I know, but in DST context. For KLei to update them now I suppose they are/will be used at something? Or is just for possible mods/modders use?

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48 minutes ago, l0rdgumby said:

We got new skulls this patch. :beaten:eeeee.png

I remember seeing these unimplemented skulls in the wiki. Great to see them finally getting added.

Maybe we'll get a Dia de los muertos event after all.


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I loved the ripple effect when it activates the three altares at the first time. It is very well done to be active for once. I think it would be amazing the same every time the lunar storm changes places or when the full moon starts constantly. 

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2 hours ago, l0rdgumby said:

We got new skulls this patch. :beaten:


How does wormwood have a skull? He's a plant?

Also have no idea if its intentional of not, but the new boss has a tendency to agro onto random birds over the player fsr

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Also just to clarify I just posted all of the skulls, the new ones were added appear to be the DST characters like Wurt, Wormwood, Walter, Warly, and Winona from the looks of it. I think Maxwell was added as well? They were just added as inventoryimages so this may indicate they are gonna do something with them but nobody can really say. It could just be extra stuff for modders. 

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