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  1. What are you dying to the most? Maybe we can help you out if we know what's killing you.
  2. I can attest to it being two gnaws for stumps in the past as well, and now it's 1 gnaw, yey!
  3. If it leads to the Lunar Grotto, then it was the retrofit plan for adding the Lunar Grotto and Ancient Archives into pre-update worlds. All old worlds were non-compatible for linking directly with the grotto and archives, so a wormhole was added to bridge as a retrofit.
  4. I've seen a mod in the Steam workshop that supported floating icebergs in the ocean. And yes, I think icebergs in the ocean should be added, I love the idea! Edit: Like a Pengull city could be added out there.
  5. I really like this "Wagstaff as supervillain" theory. He always seemed to dabble in nightmare fuel and dark magic/science, and now that you mention it, he does seem too neurotically inclined towards death, destruction, and the control of power.
  6. I also don't want this fix to go through, Festive Lights infinite light has been in the game for a long time, it won't hurt anyone if this feature is left unchanged, and it's mainly used for base decorating.
  7. The more I think about it, the more I predict that the next new DLC character has to be related to the sea. Now from the perspective of new players, they likely have roamed the map a lot, and encountered both the caves and the ocean, but more so the caves. Sea exploration is hard for new players because it isn't as simple as traveling into a sinkhole. We have had many updates in the ocean, but a proper sea exploration character has not been made to explore these updates. Warly/Wormwood were added to promote cooking/farming, Winona was added for bosses (and also Trusty Tape), Wortox/Walter for exploration on mainland and caves, and Wurt was added for a little bit of sea exploration for kelp to help build merm kingdom. The only "real" character for exploring the sea is Woodie's Weregoose transformation, so it's very sad that we don't have a real aficionado explorer of the sea. Now, Woodlegs is a great pirate but doesn't seem like the right character to add, since he loses sanity constantly on land (but it doesn't rule him out). Walani seems like a great candidate, since her surfboard allows picking things up along the coastline, and is probably my prediction for a good starter character for sea exploration. Now, an entirely new character could be possible, but then I'm talking about a deep ocean character. Someone who is capable of living off of fish for a long time. Someone like a fisherman who is very good at fishing (and eating) all kinds of fish, and has a benefit to eating fish crockpot foods. He'd be able to use the Tackle Receptacle and Crabby Hermit fishing items more effectively than others. He could craft his own special rod or fishing net, or his own special bait, and give Crabby Hermit a run for her money. The player would be able to learn that each fish is unique in its own special way, and would also learn about Wobsters, barnacles, sea flowers, Gnarwails, sharks, and much more going on in the sea. There are so many varieties of fish and sea life out there that I would predict a fisherman to be the next exploration character coming soon to DST. TLDR; I predict Walani as a sea exploration starter character, otherwise a new fisherman character capable of exploring the sea, sea creatures, and exotic fish in general. What are some of your own character predictions?
  8. I don't understand what I read from the first post, and the intent of this thread lol. Solution: If the pocket version is dead, it probably is. I would highly recommend switching over to DST, it's much more enjoyable. There are many apps on mobile which are no longer supported and/or no longer updated, and there's a date telling you when it was last updated, and reviews to help you out to determine if it's a good app.
  9. Ok, so I do remember dreaming about something Don't Starve Together-related (90% sure) but I forgot all about the dream, lol, but I think it was memorable because it had the Living Staff in it, which I'm 60% sure about. I think it was because I loved using the Living Staff and the idea of a healing staff and its artwork was so cool.
  10. The loophole was eliminated.
  11. Such an awesome post, thank you for the information on Beefalo taming.
  12. When did they say it's coming sometime this month?
  13. Short story, I was running around Deerclops as Wes with the walking cane in my hand, tammie on my head, without any armor. I was just casually dancing around him until he hit me. I did not know I could get one-shot by Deerclops. 75 damage vs 75-health Wes. Now I know.
  14. When chopping trees with an axe or mining boulders with a pickaxe, holding the mouse on the thing you want to chop/mine is now faster with the recent quality of life update, over spacebar chopping/mining. Spacebar chopping/mining should thus be changed to be as fast as mouse-click chopping/mining. Seeing new players chop trees and mine boulders slower than me does not sit right with me.