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  1. Really great game, too bad only the vanilla version is available for iPad. If the DLC was included I would buy it in a heartbeat.
  2. [Game Update] - 352488

    I love all the updates!
  3. I would love love love to see performance improvements, like reduced calculations or reduced procedural calls, anything that helps with performance will be tremendously helpful. Even a reduced graphics option. Love you Klei!
  4. I really want to play and enjoy this game, but the low performance really hurts me. I wish this game ran like Don't Starve or Invisible, Inc.
  5. I would just add some number of degrees to the water, decreasing with input temperature, and add a cap. For example, if we want water input and water output to be: (0C, 20C), (25C, 40C), (90C max temp, 90C), then equation could be a 2nd degree concave-downwards polynomial. I typed in "curve fit for (273, 293), (298, 313), (323,323)" using Wolfram Alpha, giving: 3509/75 + (2911 x)/2925 - x^2/2925 So then, input-output temperatures can be like: 10C --> 28C 20C --> 36C 50C --> 59C Something along the lines of this.
  6. Side question: When polluted water emits polluted oxygen, it loses mass?
  7. This is perhaps the largest issue I find with the game, and it's such a great game! Love you Klei!
  8. [MODS] Nightinggale's mods list

    Is there a link to the Black Hole Garbage Disposal? Thanks!
  9. What's the mod name that allows for more darkness in your out-of-base surrounding tiles?
  10. Wow I just realized the OP is right, Cl2 is heavier and therefore denser than CO2.
  11. Can you guys make an option in the game for 30 fps (frames per second)? Low-end computers run 30 fps games MUCH much more smoothly, and this will make the game much more playable on low-end computers (when the colony size becomes insanely large), and this will increase sales for the game, which increases profit. It's a definite win-win! Love you Klei.
  12. I CAN'T WAIT for this game to be fully released!! I am really excited, thank you everyone at Klei!!