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  1. Which of the above ideas do you think is feasible and likely to happen in the monkey update, and which ideas are not feasible and not likely? What kind of shenanigans can a monkey update bring to the Constant?
  2. Hi, there are currently some extremely dedicated players/griefers going around resetting dedicated servers, but there is a solution that you guys have made to disable non-admin players from voting (1) rollback, (2) kick, and (3) regenerate world. This is a great solution! But I also propose that there be a server setting to allow non-admin players to still vote for rollback and kick, but not for regenerate world. Thank you for reading!
  3. Oh my goodness, I did not know griefers had this much control. I will suggest this on the dedicated servers forum, to allow players to vote for rollback and kick, but not voting for regenerate world. Is this the correct setting? --> enable_vote_kick=false in cluster.ini @ShadowDuelist @JazzyGames
  4. Can you list the steps here for us on how to configure the option to turn off the "Regenerate World" button? Such as what file and what to put in it. Thank you @JazzyGames !
  5. WASD-style boats means small self-powered boats, or fish, which you can sail on the ocean using the WASD keys on your keyboard, or with a joystick. You may or may not need to fight a boss for a self-powered boat blueprint.
  6. A public Ender Chest means a chest similar to the one in Minecraft, which shares its inventory with all other Ender chests in the world, but the DST one would be public, available to you and everyone else. Each shard would have one unique Ender chest network.
  7. Yep, I'm talking about DST Endless servers in general. So, in summary, the "Regenerate World" button would only show up for server hosts/admins, and it's up to admins to decide/automate the periodicity of when a long-term Endless world will reset.
  8. What I'm suggesting is simply the removal of the Regenerate World button from Endless servers. I can elaborate: What I'm suggesting is that basically, through that removal, an Endless server can either (1) reset via server or admin decision, (2) reset after a certain time interval, (3) reset on certain dates in time, or (4) reset only on game updates. The process can be automated. This provides a consistent way to know when an Endless server is going to get reset, and increase the happiness of players since it increases the enjoyability of a long-term Endless world.
  9. Should Endless worlds change the way in which they regenerate? Should only server admins / the server itself be able to regenerate an Endless world? Vote in the poll above, and please place your thoughts and comments down below, thanks.
  10. Where in the world is Wagstaff? Can you find Wagstaff? Where do you think Wagstaff is right now? How much do you really know about Wagstaff?
  11. What do you think the Sealed Portal will do? Choose any of the above choices, and if you have your own ideas, please list them down below.
  12. Yea this is the same error report I got. But for me it's eating something while moving I think.
  13. I turned off all mods, crashing sometimes when I eat a Birchnut, a Seeds, etc. Something to do with a nil value.
  14. I was in the options window trying to increase the size of my HUD when I discovered that you can actually get more quick-craft slots than the default 3 that Klei gives you to start with. This gives a total of 9 tabs of quck-crafting that you can scroll through.
  15. Hey @fall211, just to let you know of a way to improve trackpad response: If you go to System Preferences > Trackpad and turn off a lot of the gestures there, you are very much guaranteed to improve your trackpad clicking / right-mouse trackpad clicking. Give it a try, it's worked for me over my years of using a Mac.