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What would you want to see in a webber rework?

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A some more indicators when spiders are about to end friendship and leave alone Webber and more easy way to get spiders during day... Without "life hacks" with rabbit etc.

Maybe some special tamed spiders who stays neutral to other players? Because when my friend play Webber and "wild" spiders are about end "friendship" they sometimes start fighting with me/Abigail. 

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3 minutes ago, Zeklo said:

Non-specific, but the big thing for me is to make Webber & Wurt distinctly different. Wurt's introduction kind of treaded into Webber's domain, so I hope they further distinguish them.

Yes I approve of this message, I don't want wurt and webber to be too similar if he gets a rework I hope he has a few things added to make him different from wurt while being still useful to the game. I think the main problem rn for him from what people tell me is he works better when you're playing alone but this is DST so he should have some things to let him work with other players. 

Just now, Canis said:

(The preview image scares me)


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Dragonball Z monkey aside- I only want Every character in the entire game to get more TEAM Oriented perks.

People cry that Wendy is “Too Good now” thanks to the petal Bestowment damage buff she gets from attacking with Abigail, meanwhile here I am sitting and thinking that same petal Bestowment buff stacks with Warlys food dish buff and Wolfgang’s damage buff.... making Wolfgang still the most OP thing ever.... and not Wendy.

But to each their own I suppose.

With Webber I want him to have a PVE setting that makes his spiders neutral to non Webber players.. (for pvp they can still be hostile..) the general point is to let Webber actually BE IN BASE without having to go off to some obscure corner of the map somewhere off by his little lonesome.

I would also prefer it if Webber’s spider dens has a unique look to them and don’t just look like natural spawning spider nests, like how Wurts shacks look different from regular Merm huts found in game..

Maybe make Webber’s nests look poorly built with sticks and twigs sticking out of it or something? Lol

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Giving him more monster-like attributes would probably be the way to go. Webber was the first and only monster character for years, and it's sorta what made him special to play, and now we have three(?) playable characters with the tag, and Wurt even sorta outshines Webber in follower potential. 

A reworking of the spiders would be really nice, too. Some sort of buff when Webber recruits them would be nice, since all they're used for it seems is inner species genocide for spider loot. When you think of befriending your own kind, does... that come to mind? :shock:


(?) - Does Wurt count? I think only Pigs are the only neutral mobs hostile to her.

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4 hours ago, FeagleSnorf said:

please god let us have rideable spider queens

I've read this a lot of times through the years, and I still don't understand the point.

I mean, yes, I do get that it would be super funny for the first 15 minutes or so, but it looks like something not useful at all in the long term: Spider queens are very short lived, and extremely slow to move around. It'd be like riding a snurtle, you wouldn't get anywhere, and it will turn to a nest sooner or later. And changing them to be fast as a beefalo sound really awkward, to say the least.

If spider queens could be befriended, that's another thing. Because you could plan ahead when they will spawn and then use a couple of them to kill enemies in a small area. Although it sound like a bit OP and not really "fun"

3 hours ago, KeshS said:

Command a spider platoon where the beafy spiders would be at the front and cave spitters at the back.

4 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

web turf and being able to craft more kind of nest

This is the way I'd like him to evolve. Being able to summon different types of spiders (even the cave spiders, on the outside) and being able to command them as needed. 

Still that doesn't move him too further away from the way Wurt works. Spiders are still a super weak, and I guess in the end it would be just creating an army of spitters to enhance your DPS. I have made a lot of tests with the console, and keeping 10 or so spitters by your side all the time makes you really powerful, as its like carrying portable turrets. You can then fight normally, while they add a lot of DPS.

I've also been thinking that maybe he could mutate spiders into the specific kind that he wants, but changing the role of a minion by giving it something, sounds more like a mix of the current Abigail, and maybe future Maxwell rework. 

He could also craft new types of spidery stuff, like a type of webbing anyone can toss around and instantly creates an area that gets enemies stuck for a few seconds, creating temporary bridges of silk to connect two pieces of land across small water or void gaps, like many types of real spiders do, or introduce the concept of poison damage into DST casting new weird effects onto enemies, besides damage over time (paralyzing, confusion, friendly spiders popping instantly from the corpse of dead enemies, etc)

Honestly I'm not quite sure how to make him original on the "minion" side though, now that Wurt is a thing.:indecisiveness:

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11 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

Sorry but i cant stop myself 

How weebers rework should be


This is 100% getting removed and you are 100% getting warned for this, but it's still really funny.

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hmmm. Theres a lot that i'd want for webber to have in a rework, but here are some highlights

1. A way to easily drag spiders out of the next without having to punch it or wait till night

Maybe webber could just shake around the nest a little bit to get a few spiders to come out it. I always found it really annoying to have to use chester or a spider war just to get spiders out and about.

2. maybe a way for him to make spiders different kinds of spiders?

For example, maybe he could coat a spider in some sorta goop to make them spider warriors, or maybe he could give them some other item and suddenly they can chop or mine or carry stuff. Spiders are not very versatile in terms of actually being minions, so many webbers just end up using them as a food source and not much else. It'd be nice if we could make them better at x or y task in some way.

Now for the less useful more just personal hopes and dreams...

3. a lunge sort of attack

I've always thought it'd be neat if webber could put his spidery body to work and do something with those extra limbs, and the most common idea I've had in that respect is lunging at enemies. Maybe it'd do spear damage or something and it'd be a neat sort of side perk for him.

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