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  1. I really think mostly Webber does need a rework at some point soon, plus I want some lore on my spider boy
  2. I feel like if real swimming was in game it wouldn't be able to swim very far unless you wanted to be attacked by something in the ocean because there is a lot of dangerous things in there that can attack you, sea based character or not. All I really want in a character if they decide to add another (which won't be for a long while, the gap between wurt and walter was big and we have enough characters as it is mostly) character is something to help them work with other players. A few characters suffer from only benefits to themself and they can't really do much in terms of teamwork. I think what we really need is reworks on characters that actually need it (no offense wigfrid, I am still interested to see what you will have) There doesn't need to be a Wilson rework ever because he is basically fine as he is, he is supposed to be a basic character and that is what he already is.
  3. Seeing Walani in game would be awesome honestly, I would love to surf around in game. It sucks there isn't any waves in game for her
  4. I'm back to write a better message than I did last night lol Mostly I have the same opinion as most people already here commenting, I would like to see a cave based or an ocean based character. For the cave I would think we should have a bunnyman character so we have all pigmen, merms, and bunnymen based characters. I would say maybe with a bunnyman character they would be good with farming? I mean most bunnymen live in houses shaped like carrots and they hate meat but it would be a bit awkward to make the character vegetarian because that is Wurt's thing. If farming isn't a good option maybe the character could walk faster or something? Rabbits are usually compared with being pretty quick so if it had jussttt a tiny bit of a speed boost maybe that could be something interesting? With the ocean character idea I love the idea of having another crab character that is possibly related to pearl in some way? The crab of course would be the best character for people who like sailing on the ocean. I would suggest with an ocean character maybe more things added to the ocean? I have only really seen most people complain about the ocean and the crab king boss and I think it would be awesome if we could change people's minds by adding content they would much rather enjoy. We don't need to remove anything of course because I know a lot of people who also love the ocean and sailing. Sorry if thats a lot
  5. I posted a concept before that I actually still like a lot but,, I would be interested in an ocean based character (preferably a crab character??) As I've seen people don't like the ocean update at all and I think there should be more things added to it to make it more enjoyable and for people who like sailing they can have a character that is good at that kind of stuff. I dunno sorry if this seems like a lazy put together comment I am just about to sleep lol I will maybe come back and explain this better if thats okay
  6. I just sent a meme but seriously, thank you so much for this thread dude
  7. Hell yea man! I also kinda want to be able to put chests onto beefalo so that they can carry extra items for long distances without you just needing to be walter to use woby
  8. Yea beefalo aren't commonly tamed, I'm hoping if something like this is added people will possibly want to do it justttt a little more. of course not everyone has to do it but its for the people who like it and want a cool looking beef pet
  9. I thought of this idea slightly just last night but I was thinking with how you can tame beefalo and all and have them as pets what if there were beefalo skins in game you could get to change appearance of your beefalo? Of course to actually change it you'll need to have clean sweeper to change the skin. The skins would only work on a fully tamed beefalo, so just trying to change a beefalo you barely tamed wouldn't keep the skin. Neglecting a tamed beefalo until the point it isn't tamed anymore would make the beefalo lose the skin as well. Skins I mostly thought of were like war paint on the beefalo, color changes, etc. I mostly just want a skin to look like one of my guinea pigs who died today so I can have her in my DST world so I will maybe make a mod of it?? I dunno. Here is a photo of her it was heart breaking seeing her just laying in the cage and feeling so stiff, she was put into a shoe box and buried into the flower bed where we will plant some pretty flowers for her. I had this idea like exactly the day before she died and I'm still caught up on it.
  10. Honestly, I love him! As a webber main myself I enjoying playing the character a lot. But.. I do know he has some downsides to him and really does need a rework and hopefully soon! Since this is DST I would appreciate some more things to the character that would let him work better with other characters than just him being kind of a character that only has support for himself kinda if that makes sense at all? Most of the time I hear people just saying that when someone plays webber they just??? live off from everyone else?? I'm not 100% sure what would be good for a webber rework but I am hopeful for the future!
  11. thank you so much for the nice comments everyone!! I'm not too sure if I should bother to make him a modded character for DST or not yet
  12. That does seem like a good idea, I did have the idea that maybe when you play him he can have a custom boat thing of his own that is basically a stronger improved boat to help in situations where there are battles at sea I wouldn't know what kind of instrument he would be, so if there are any suggestions please do say them!!
  13. he is just littol crab man, I was thinking while in my greenhouse class about what if there were a character based of the ocean stuff? so here we are. Weldon is just a littol sailor boy, with pearl being his aunt or something idk SDFGBHJ he is just there and I don't know what to do with him. I don't think I would go far and make a mod but features for him would be that he just does sea equipment faster (such as lowering or raising an anchor, stuff like that yknow?) The sea in dst isn't the best rn as I've heard people not liking the bosses so far in it and I haven't even bothered with the ocean much sadly which I need to do more but I thought this was just a cute idea so sdfgbhnJM< here ya go
  14. With a Webber rework a cute idea could be them adding a spider pet into the critter den, anyone can get it I would think just like all the other critters.
  15. Throw the spiders at your foes and watch them scream as they're mauled by spiders