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  1. Lets gooooo I've been so excited for this rework, I've wanted a Webber rework for so long and I'm so happy he is getting one now! That's probably my webber main speaking though
  2. I literally made a thread on this idea like months ago I think?? but either way I'm super happy! Sorry for my long hiatus <3
  3. I just sent a meme but seriously, thank you so much for this thread dude
  4. I had the idea for the hound character I am making, that he will have seasonal coats. Like how hounds normally have the ice and fire fur he would just get the ice in winter and the fire in summer, autumn and spring are the times he has the normal fur. This would be a way to get beard hair in game, as when he sheds his fur (most likely only happens when he is switching to a different fur from the black fur? because the beard hair is black and would match.) He would be a good character for getting it too because since it happens only 2 seasons when he loses the black fur, you will most likely get a number from 3 - 5 beard hair. He doesn't shed fur immediately when the season ends, it would most likely change fur after 2 - 4 days once the new season starts. The downside to his fur would be that he loses moisture slowly, so he is more likely to freeze due to rain or getting too wet, he doesn't lose moisture fast because of his fur keeping himself wet and he isn't able to dry off as easily as his fur keeps the moisture in it. Depending on his fur in the season, he is more likely to burn or freeze easier, like for example if he is in his fire fur and is getting cold, he will freeze much faster than if he were actually on his normal fur. ICE FUR PLANS When it comes to the ice fur, he would gain insulation and be less likely to freeze. I think I would need to look into how the beard mechanics work for this part because it would be keeping him warm but it would most likely be a bigger insulation than how the beards work since well.. he has a full coat of fur. With the ice fur as well, it would have a low chance to freeze enemies in battle like how ice hounds do it as well. Of course I don't want to make the thing over powered so he would most likely only be able to do this rarely. FIRE FUR PLANS Fire fur would basically be the opposite of how the ice fur works, he would be less likely to burn in the summer. Just like how the ice fur works, he has a chance to set enemies on fire, and depending on his sanity, he can also set things that can burn aflame if you do not put how the fire. I would need to look into the normal DS willow's code to see how I would need to make that work, of course you would need to be practically insane for it to start happening, so it is best to keep sanity up when you are in the summer unless you want to start accidentally setting fires to things. DO HOUNDS ATTACK HIM? Sadly, Wolfe does get attacked by hounds. Due to his title being ' The Runt ' it is no wonder the other hounds still dislike him, and after he became looking half human the hounds despise him more and will still attack him. Due to him being a monster still catcoons, pigs, and etc will all attack him. In situations where there is a hound attack happening, they are more likely to attack Wolfe than other characters. This would make it much easier when it comes to having a thing of tooth traps on the ground as Wolfe can lure the hounds with him to the traps while other characters don't have to deal with it. Of course its not 100% that they will attack him as of course they will aggro on another person if they decide to attack the hound. That is basically all when it comes to the ideas I have, I would love some criticism on how the ideas could play out because I want the character to be fun and useful to play while still being balanced as possible. ^ Not Wolfe but me as hound ^