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  1. On Playing New Characters

    You’re a lumberjack and you’re okay!
  2. Here me out... Seals that squeal called “Squeals” or “Squeal Seals” I dunno. Point is they hunt penguins and squeal when they slide or swim away from stuff that attacks them.
  3. Recommended Mods?

    A little bit weird, but is there a gramophone/phonograph mod?
  4. skitter squid. they just have so many arms for hugging!
  5. FPS drops

    a lil rude, but i guess a confusing joke is still a joke.
  6. Fish trader / Fish Seller

    crab king please. unless he's a boss... that would be amazing. ...not to mention theres a good chance he’ll never be in the game...
  7. I think new cave stuff would be pretty cool.
  8. Recommended Mods?

    I used to play on console a lot so I already have some habits and know how to play, but thanks for the advice and the mods! I’m sorry if I came off rude.
  9. I finally switched to pc recently and would like to know if theres any specific mods i should get (already got geometric placement lol).
  10. mast. pleasiswitchedtopcandlostmyroseone. its cool if not though
  11. [Game Update] - 380995

    This is gonna sound dumb but what’s a leaky shack?