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  1. I actually hope that he thrives in the rain due to being a plant, like maybe a small health regen, or maybe just a small speed boost. Maybe as a counter to that his slippery tools are extra slippery.
  2. Pretty much just an area to post what you hope WormWood will bring to the table. Personally I think he’ll bloom in spring, thrive in rain or when wet, and be able to bring certain plants to life (or some type of relationship with plants.) I haven’t thought of any good downsides yet though .
  3. That’s well thought out! Maybe the turtles warriors could be Merms that were heavily influenced by the moon causing them to be skinnier and have a grey-ish teal color to them. And ya can’t forget sunken eyes.
  4. Should water freeze

    Salt water wouldn’t freeze that rapid but I do think icebergs would be neat
  5. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    He could start of with some sort of boat or materials for boat stuff, considering it says he sails in from shipwrecked.
  6. Wormwood skins?

    Maybe that’s him as a seed.
  7. Holy Jesus. June 6th is exactly when summer vacation starts for me. I am gonna play the hell out of WormWood! SO MUCH HYPPEEE.
  8. Before I start talking I’d like to say that Wortox is good on both systems and that I don’t expect any of what I say to happen. So, console players kind of lack the benefit of being able to teleport anywhere on screen while pc players can teleport anywhere they please. My solution(?) to this is to be able to toggle from selecting items to teleporting by pressing down on the right joystick (or whatever it’s called I forgot) and you would be able to move around the teleport marker wherever you please (as long as it’s on screen) and instead of selecting items with the joystick the substitute would be with the thumb pad. So obviously you could press right to go right, left to go left instead yadda yadda But you would also be able to press up to equip items, consume them, or unequip (depending on if it’s already equipped) and you could press down to drop the item. So that’s my idea. Let me know if you have any suggestions too.
  10. I prefer winter for the only reason being that the summers high pitched audio annoys me. But other than that they’re both fine.
  11. I think it would be neat if he could craft a single robot buddy (hopefully it doesn’t look exactly like him) that he could upgrade with gears instead eventually reaching his maxed out stats. Plus it would do around 50 damage per hit. And it would be kewl if the robot got larger with more gears. P.S. Is WX’s only downside that he takes damage from rain?!?
  12. I like the whole spider farming idea. Instead of keeping goats like his father now he keeps spiders. Kinda reminds me of the goats that are farmed for silk in real life.
  13. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    That would be awesome considering the Wendy quote that mentions riding on his shoulders.
  14. On Examination Quotes

    I think the reason the telltale heart doesn’t work on Abigail is because it only works on people who’ve died in the constant.
  15. On Examination Quotes

    Imagine Wortox scrolling through memes and just saying,”Holy $&?@ here comes the Zucc.”