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Unofficial Achievement List (Revisited)

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Awhile ago I posted an "Achievement" List for Don't Starve based on doing various mundane things in games to earn "points" just to see how many I could do and how many points I can rack up. The link to the original discussion is apparently missing, Idk if it was just so old it got deleted, or what happened but oh well. It was last worked on in 2016 anyway. Some Items on this list were suggested by players previously, I'm sorry I won't be able to properly credit your ideas. (New suggestions will be credited)

I was working with another user to make it into a "mod" but that idea quickly died as we moved onto other things and I lost interest in this game. I still enjoy it and come back occasionally though, and this is one of those times. I found my original list in a word document on my PC and decided to update this concept for the current version of the game, including DST.

This is going to be a long post, and will be edited as new ideas and concepts come to me. People are allowed to suggest ideas for Achievements and if they seem reasonable I will add them! 

General Information: I am doing this for something fun to do. The points are meaningless except for personal accomplishment, and nearly EVERYTHING in game can earn points, that's the whole point of this. Seeing how many things you can do in game. They are organized by Building, Fighting, etc, and even Character Specific categories. There is separate sections for the stand alone game, including it's expansions, as well as DST exclusive content. I am posting in the DST section because of that and also because based on my experience, most people are playing the DST version of the game nowadays anyway. If this should be moved to the base game form, I request to be notified so I can do so without loosing everything I have written.


Welcome to Magicphobic's unofficial achievement list for Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together!

**This list is still a work in progress and thus some suggestions/ideas may not be added and or finished yet, and some categories and characters may be missing! Please keep this in mind, and rest assured EVERYTHING will be added by the end goal.**
Last updated: 2019-08-02

Difficulty Key:
♥ - Easy, 1 point.
♥♥ - Medium, 3 points.
♥♥♥ - Hard, 5 points.

-> Completion Bonuses for completing all Achievements in a single section can be added if the player so desires.

How to Tally your score:
For each achievement on the list you complete, add the score to your total based on the difficulty key tacked onto the title of the Achievement.

* It is suggested you do these in Vanilla without mods. Difficulty is based on experience in vanilla and some task may become harder or easier depending on mods used. Some scores may be subject to change based on user feedback. Some players may find the tasks harder or easier based personal skill and experience.


Basic Gameplay:

Achievements For Building the Machines:


Sticks and Stones: ♥

  • Built a Science Machine. 

Knowledgeable: ♥

  • Constructed an Alchemy Engine.

May I have a Volunteer?: ♥

  • Created a Prestihatitator.

Forbidden Knowledge: ♥♥

  • Developed the Shadow Manipulator.
    "You toy with powers you do not yet understand."

Suggested Completion Bonus: 5 points.

Achievements for discovering mobs and civilizations:


They're a bit shy: ♥

  • Made contact with a Pig. 

Royalty: ♥

  • Found the Pig King.
    "So that's where the smell's coming from..."

Finally, civilization...?: ♥

  • Found a Pig Village

Real Civilization... Kinda.: ♥

  • Found the Hamlet. (Hamlet Exclusive)

He's so Fluffy!: ♥♥

  • Summoned Glommer.

Fish are NOT friends: ♥

  • Encountered the Merm

Eye for an eye: ♥

  • Found some Tallbirds.

Hickory Dickory Dock:♥

  • Discovered the Clockworks.

Why's it always got to be spiders?: ♥

  • Found the spiders.

Birds of a feather...: ♥

  • Ran into some Pengulls.

Sometimes Pigs are also NOT friends...: ♥

  • Found some Guardian Pigs.

Halt, you've violated the law: ♥

  • Encountered Guardsmen Pigs (Hamlet Exclusive)

Vigilante: ♥

  • Got attacked by the Masked Pig. (Hamlet Exclusive)

Time to fill my pockets! ♥

  • Found a herd of Beefalo.

What's up, doc?: ♥

  • Found rabbits.

Maybe you should go see the doctor..: ♥♥

  • Found a Bunnymen village.

Escargot: ♥

  • Found the cave snails.

Otto Von Chesterfield, Esq.: ♥

  • Obtained Chester's Eyebone.

Hutch Denglefish, PI: ♥

  • Adopted Star-Sky.

Has anyone seen a ring? ♥

  • Found the Fishbone and summoned Packim Baggims.

Still a nope. ♥

  • Encountered the Spider Apes. ( Hamlet Exclusive )

You've been naughty.: ♥

  • Caused Krampus to show up.

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.

Exploration Achievements:


First Steps: ♥

  • Started a new game. 

This isn't so bad: ♥

  • Discovered a forest or meadow.

Could be worse: ♥

  • Found a Grass Plain.

I'm Rich! ♥

  • Find a Rock Biome.

It Burns...: ♥

  • Found the Desert.

Everyone knows where this is going...: ♥

  • Discovered the Swamp.

Spelunker: ♥

  • Entered the Caves

Archaeology: ♥♥

  • Found the Ancient Ruins.

Wilson in Wonderland: ♥

  • Found the Mushroom Forests.

Finest way to Travel: ♥

  • Build a Boat. (Shipwreck, Hamlet, or DST)

Didn't they film that one movie here?: ♥ 

  • Find a Jungle. (Hamlet or Shipwrecked)

Worse than Nuerotoxin:♥

  •  Find a Poisoned Jungle. ( Hamlet )

Treasure Hunter: ♥

  • Explore an Ancient Pig Ruin. (Hamlet Exclusive)

Why's it so hot here?: ♥

  • Find a Volcano.

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.

Combat Based Achievements:


Exterminator: ♥

  • Killed 250 Spiders.

Mmm... Bacon: ♥♥

  • Killed 50 Pigmen.

I'm Howling at the Moon ♥♥

  • Killed 20 Were Pigs.

Fish Sticks: ♥♥

  • Killed 50 Merm 

That isn't where I thought that was going: ♥♥

  • Killed 25 Tentacles 

Bug Spray: ♥

  • Killed 20 Misquotes.

Bad Dog: ♥♥

  • Killed 50 Hounds. 

Cold Dog: ♥♥

  • Killed 5 Blue Hounds

Hot Dog: ♥♥

  • Killed 5 Red Hounds 

Do You Like Science?: ♥

  • Killed 100 Rabbits 

What's Your Beef?: ♥

  • Killed 50 Beefalos

Get Off My Lawn!: ♥

  • Killed 50 Birds

Grinding my gears: ♥♥

  • Killed 25 Clockwork 

It's a Delicacy: ♥

  • Killed 50 Frogs 

Thanks Giving: ♥

  • Killed 25 Gobblers 

Hunter: ♥

  • Killed 5 Koalefants

Plucked Feathers: ♥♥

  • Killed 25 Pengulls

Lumberjack: ♥

  • Killed 10 Tree Guards 

Tree Feller: ♥♥

  • Killed 10 Poison Birchnut Trees.

Monkey See, Monkey Kill: ♥ 

  • Killed 25 Monkeys.

This is why I hate Vegans: ♥♥

  • Kill 25 Bunnymen

Then pay with your blood!: ♥♥

  • Kill 25 Pig Guardsmen. (Hamlet Exclusive)


Boss Rush:


Sucker for Pain: ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Somehow, you killed Enraged Klaus.
    "You absolute madman. Give yourself 30 points."

You're Getting Coal...: ♥♥♥

  • Killed Klaus 

One Eyed, Two Horned...: ♥♥

  • Killed the Deerclopse

That's one weird looking Dragon:♥♥

  • Killed the Dragonfly.

It's a Goose... and a Goose!: ♥♥

  • Killed Goose/Goose 

Left, Right, Straight Ahead...: ♥♥

  • Killed the Ancient Guardian

That's a Big Bear!: ♥♥

  • Killed the Bearger 

What's the Buzz?: ♥♥

  • Killed the Bee Queen

Nope.: ♥♥

  • Killed the Spider Queen

Ain't No Princess...: ♥♥

  • Killed the Toadstool 

Suggested Completion Bonus: 50 Points.

Crafting Achievements:


Get to Work: ♥

  • Make one of every tool. (Pickaxe, Shovel, etc.) 

Fashionable: ♥

  • Make 5 different wearable items 

Ready for a Fight: ♥

  • Make a Spear and Log Armor 

It Won't Fit in My Pocket: ♥

  • Make a knapsack

What a Load Of...: ♥

Make a Bucket O' Poop 

Following the Title: ♥

  • Make a Crockpot 

Yer a Wizard, Wilson...: ♥

  • Make any one of the magical staffs.

Master of the Elements: ♥♥

  • Make 1 Ice Staff, 1 Fire Staff, and one Teleport Staff.

"hey guise where base": ♥

  • Placed a fire pit.

Cheat Death: ♥♥

  • Build a Meat Effigy and use it.
    "Just throw the moral code out the window. You won't need it where you're going."


Actives and Challenges:


Learning the Ropes: ♥ 

  • Died 25 times in total.

Practice: ♥

  • Played for 10 hours.

I Like This Game: ♥♥

  • Played for 24 hours

I Know My Stuff: ♥♥♥

  • Played for 80+ Hours

Oh, I say!: ♥♥

  • Equipped a Top Hat, Dapper Vest, and Walking Cane 

You had one job: ♥

  • Starved to Death

Sleeping Beauty: ♥

  • Pricked your finger on a rose and died

Environmentalist: ♥

  • Dug up 25 twig plants, 25 grass plants, and 25 berry bush plants 

Friend or Foe?: ♥

  • Killed a Pigman

You Monster: ♥

  • Forced a Pigman to turn into a Werepig

Fisherman: ♥

  • Killed a Merm 

Pied Piper: ♥♥

  • Had more than one Mandrake follow you at the same time

Hibernation: ♥♥♥

  • Slept through winter

Insomnia: ♥♥♥

  • Haven't slept in a full in game year 
    [You are ineligible for this if playing Wickerbottom.]

I'm Used to it: ♥♥♥

  • Remain Insane for 25 days in a row
    [Only worth 1 point if using Maxwell only if you summon more than 2 shadow minions.]

Clear Conscious: ♥<->♥♥♥

  • Don't drop below 25% max sanity for 45 days straight
    [Give yourself 1 point instead of 5 when playing characters with high/easy sanity gain, such as Maxwell or Wormwood.]

Survivor: ♥♥♥

  • Go a full Year without dying 

Grave Robber: ♥

  • Dig up 25 graves
    "You might be cursed now."

Better him than me: ♥

  • Find 10 Corpses 

Curiosity killed the Survivor: ♥♥

  • Inspect 100 different items 

Death Wish: ♥♥

  • Build your base in the Swamp!
    "You're either extremely skilled at this game, or you have no idea what you're doing."

Scavenger: ♥♥

  • Never set up a base.

It's High Noon: ♥

  • Picked 25 Tumble Weeds 

Tradesman: ♥

  • Traded 25 items to the Pig King

Suggested Completion Bonus: 100 points


Don't Starve Together:


Social: ♥

  • Joined a Klei server 

Party Crasher: ♥

  • Join a random Player Hosted server 
    "Hopefully you're here to make friends."

You're invited: ♥

  • Host a Server 

3's a Crowd: ♥

  • Play with 3 or more people on any given server 

Summer Fun: ♥

  • Soaked 5 different players with water balloons

Self Defense: ♥♥

  • Killed 5 players in a row in PvP

Gladiator: ♥♥♥

  • Killed 25 players in a row in PVP

Medic!: ♥♥

  • Revived 5 Players with a Telltale Heart

It's a Lot Easier With Friends: ♥♥

  • Survive a Year with 1 or more other players 

A Haunting Feeling...: ♥

  • Haunt 25 different items 

Possessed: ♥

  • Haunt 5 different mobs 

Fries With That?: ♥

  • Cook a unique crockpot meal for everyone in your server ♥

Twinning: ♥

  • Play a game with 2 of the same character

Fresh Threads: ♥

  • Build a closet and use it to change your clothes

Teamwork: ♥

  • Use 2 character skills together
    [EX: Wickerbottom to get food for Wolfgang so he can be a killing machine]


  • Play a game with  both Maxwell and William Carter In the same server.
    [This one is just for fun and hosts no real points as sometimes skins may be hard to obtain without paying real money.]

Setting Differences Aside: ♥

  • Play a game with Maxwell and Wilson in the same server.

Circus act: ♥

  • Play a game with Wes and Wolfgang

You are Here: ♥

  • Place a sign to help others find their way around.

Loner: ♥

  • Survive on your own, even with other players on the server.

Hunting Party: ♥

  • Bring a friend on a hunt, and successfully kill.

The gang's all here...: ♥♥

  • Play on a server with at least 6 different characters active at once

Suggested Completion Bonus: 20 Points.


Character Specific Challenges:



Scientist: ♥

  • Build a Science and Alchemy Engine as Wilson

You Shall Not Starve!: ♥

  • Grow your beard out to it's full majestic potential 

Clean Shaven: ♥

  • Don't grow a beard for a year.

Challenging Beliefs: ♥

  • Inspect a Ghost as Wilson

Egotistical: ♥♥

  • Build 5 Meat Effigies 

Survive a full Year as Wilson: ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points



Rehab: ♥♥

  • Go a full season without setting anything on fire

Smokey's Disappointed: ♥

  • Start 5 wildfires at low sanity 

Lump of Charcoal: ♥

  • Burn 100 trees

Cleansed in Fire: ♥

  • Burn 50 mobs to death

I didn't Know it Moved: ♥

  • Distracted a Shadow Monster with Burnie

Survive a full year as Willow: ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points



Well Fed: ♥♥

  • Keep a full belly for 25 days 

Going Hungry: ♥♥

  • survive 45 days on 105 hunger or less 

Concur Your Fear: ♥♥

  • Play 10 nights with low light sources 

Show-off: ♥

  • Kill 50 mobs in Mighty Form 

Gentle Giant: ♥♥

  • Don't kill anything for 45 days 

Survive a full year as Wolfgang: ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.



Fighting Girl: ♥♥

  • Kill at least 25 mobs without Abigail

Working Against the Tides: ♥

  • Be on the borderline of going insane for 15 days ♥

Downer: ♥

  • Inspect 25 items as Wendy

Mom said it's my turn on the mortal plane: ♥♥

  • Kill yourself to summon Abigail

Letting Go: ♥

  • Burn Abigail's Flower

Survive a full year as Wendy: ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.



Picky Eater: ♥♥

  • Don't eat any spoiled or rotten foods for 45 days

Downgrade: ♥

  • Don't upgrade with gears and survive for 45 days

Mobile Lightning Rod: ♥♥

  • Get hit by lighting 5 Times

Never Strikes Twice: ♥♥♥

  • Get hit by lighting in the same area twice

Rubber Conductor:

  • Avoid getting hit by lightning for 25 days

Survive a full year as WX-78: ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 Points.



Page Turner: ♥

  • Don't use any of her books for 45 days

Dunce: ♥

  • Don't craft without a Science Machine or Alchemy Engine for 25 days.

Bookworm: ♥♥

  • Abuse the books, try not to go insane. Last 25 Days 

Unhealthy: ♥♥

  • Eat only stale food for 30 days

Getting Desperate: ♥♥

  • Force Yourself to sleep with the pan flute or a mandrake

Survive a full year with Wickerbottom ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 Points.



Betrayal: ♥

  • Use a gold axe to cut down 30 trees instead of Lucy
    "I thought what we had was special!"

Self restraint: ♥♥

  • Go 25 days without cutting trees

Battle Axe: ♥

  • Fight with Lucy only. Kill 30 mobs.

Like a Corny Movie: ♥♥

  • Only Transform with the Full Moons. Do this for 5 cycles.

It's not a Phase: ♥♥

  • Stay as a Werebeaver for 5 days straight

Does this make you a furry?: ♥♥♥

  • Survive a full year as Werebeaver.

Survive a full year as Woodie ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.



Party Time!: ♥

  • Make 100 balloons in total

It's a Serious Profession: ♥♥

Use your Balloons to kill 25 mobs

Jump scare: ♥

  • Kill yourself with the balloons.

Keep Up: ♥♥

  • Try to keep your hunger and sanity full or almost full for 25 days.

Putting on a Show: ♥

  • Inspect 25 items as Wes

Overpowered: ♥♥♥

  • Kill all bosses listed in the "Boss Rush" Section with Wes!
    "Wes OP, please nerf."

Survive a full year as Wes ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 20 points.



You and What Army?: ♥

  • Spawn 2 Shadow Warriors at once

Manual Labor: ♥♥

  • Don't use an axe or pickaxe and have your minions do the work for you. Collect 150 logs and 150 rocks in total through your minions

Self Portrait: ♥

  • Inspect a Maxwell Statue as Maxwell

Never Again: ♥

  • Ditch the Codex

Haven't you learned your lesson?: ♥♥

  • Build a Shadow Manipulator as Maxwell

Survive a full year as Maxwell ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.



Improvising: ♥

  • Use a normal spear instead of the starting one

Tough Like a Warrior: ♥♥

  • Only eat monster meat for 15 days

For honor!: ♥♥

  • Cull an entire Beafalo herd

A True Actor: ♥

  • Make a Berry Hat and surprise a Gobbler

The Brotherhood: ♥

  • Lead a group of at least 3 pigmen into battle

Survive a full year as Wigfrid ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points



Silky Smooth: ♥

  • Grow you beard to it's full potential

True Outcast: ♥

  • Don't befriend the spiders

True to your nature: ♥♥

  • Only eat monster foods

Mother Dearest: ♥

  • Hang out with a Spider Queen.

Infested: ♥

Add the spider eggs to an existing spider nest.

Survive a year with Webber ♥♥

Suggested Completion Bonus: 10 points.



Mourning Wood: ♥♥

  • Cut 100 trees as Wormwood.

Naturopath: ♥

  • Heal over 3/4 of your health with only poop as Wormwood

Chew toy: ♥

  • Feed Woodie a living log created by Wormwood

Magic Masochist: ♥♥

  • Craft over 15 living logs in a single day

Il-log-ical: ♥

  • Burn a living log immediately after having created it.


This is all I have for now! Thanks for reading and if you do this let me know your scores so far! This is not yet completed, so there is plenty more to come!

Goals for next updates:

  • Shipwreck and Hamlet exclusive content.
  • Adding the other Survivors with personal challenges.

Change Log: 2019-08-02

  • Made some suggested balance changes.
  • Added Wormwood suggestions.
  • Added Woodie Suggestion.

Suggestions are always welcomed! I'll leave a like on your post if I added your suggestion and add your name to the end of this list!

Users who have contributed so far:

Alarsin - List suggestions
ButterStuffed - List Suggestions

Plushical - Challenge Correction.
Fill-Lips - Difficulty Correction.


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Mourning Wood ;)

- Cut a large amount of trees as Wormwood.


- Heal over 3/4 of your health with only poop as Wormwood

Chew toy

- Feed Woodie a living log created by Wormwood

Magic Masochist

-Craft over 15 living logs in a single day


- Burn a living log immediately after having created it.

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7 hours ago, Magicphobic said:

Clear Conscious: ♥♥♥

  • Don't drop below 25% max sanity for 45 days straight

Doesn't this seem incredibley easy with some characters, like maxwell and wormwood?

Actually, isn't it just easy?


Also nice list, perhaps a 30 point achievement for defeating ancient fuelweaver?

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4 hours ago, Plushical said:

Pretty sure you can only have 2? Sounds like ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ difficulty if you ask me.

Noted, forgot that they take a bit more sanity than the workers, will fix. Ty for pointing out!



4 hours ago, Fill-Lips said:

Doesn't this seem incredibley easy with some characters, like maxwell and wormwood?

Actually, isn't it just easy?


Also nice list, perhaps a 30 point achievement for defeating ancient fuelweaver?

That's true! I'll edit the conditions adding different points depending on which characters you play. I mostly just run default Wilson so I'm oblivious to how easy/hard some stuff can be.


1 hour ago, Easonade said:

Road kill:

Get killed by a moleworm

I'd love to add this but I need to fact check if they can damage you to make that possible. In my experience they just run away when you start combat.

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12 minutes ago, Magicphobic said:

I'd love to add this but I need to fact check if they can damage you to make that possible. In my experience they just run away when you start combat.

earthquake damage when a moleworm drops on you from the cave ceiling.

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1)The true end?

-Kill Ancient fuelweaver.


2)The false end.

-Kill Reanimated skeleton (cave)


3)Definitely not an end.

-Kill Reanimated skeleton (surface).


4)Do you like that tribute, base-destroyer?

-Kill Antlion.


5)Dog-snake-like guardian of eternal life.

-Kill Pugalisk (Hamlet).


That's all.

By the way, good work. I definitely like idea of adding achievements in DS.

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19 hours ago, Magicphobic said:

Smokey's Disappointed: ♥

  • Start 5 wildfires at low sanity 

You mean setting something on fire with the lighter or a torch? Because Willow doesn't make wildfires anymore. Also, nothing about BERNIE! ?

19 hours ago, Magicphobic said:

Letting Go: ♥

  • Burn Abigail's Flower

Afaik you can't burn Abigail's Flower.

20 hours ago, Magicphobic said:

You are Here: ♥

  • Place a sign to help others find their way around.


Does this count?

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Here are some character achievements I can think off off the top of my head:

Turn Up the Heat: [**]

As Webber, lure a Fire Hound to a spider den, have it killed, and then have an ice fling-o-matic put out the resulting fire(s).


The Gnaw of Nightmares: [**]

As Woodie, slay 3 terrorbeaks during a single Werebeaver transformation.


Improvised Kitchen: [**]

As Willow, stunlock a kolephant to death by setting it on fire, and then attacking it.

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Wortox specific :

Releaved demon :

▪Do not eat souls or any form of meat for 15 days (3 hearts)

Team healer :

▪Heal 5 teammates at the same time (1 heart)

Hopper :

▪Soul hop 100 times (1 heart)

Mental management :

▪Stay above 50% sanity while only eating souls for 10 days (2 hearts)

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That's a lovely list, thank you for your work. Especially i liked to titles; "Why's it always got to be spiders?", "What's up, doc?", "Nope..", "You had one job:"

I made a document for your list. I can keep track my achivements with this file. If anyone want to use it, of course you can download it. (You can examine pictures)

I also suggest below achievements (You can name it);

  1. Pets
  2. Shadow things (Marbles, Bosses)
  3. Making End Table for yourself
  4. Taming Buffalo
  5. Killing boss with gunpowder
  6. Gaining Klaus backpack
  7. Craft all ancient items


DST Achviements.xlsx




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Ooh! I've got some ideas!


Hard Worker:

Speed craft 15 items


Brain Fog:

Slowly craft 10 items without refilling hunger


We can do it!:

Kill a giant with only your catapults


A Day in the spotlight:

Use nothing but your spotlight as a light source for a few days (not sure)


She could do better:

Examine and mine a Maxwell statue "So this is Maxy..."



Spice of Life:
Give yourself and 2 teammates 3 simultaneous buffs

C'est Magnifique!:

Cook a Warly only dish

C'est La Guerre:
Consume a Grim Galette while your sanity is really low.

Boil em, Mash em, Stick em in a stew:
Cook and consume all the potato dishes at once

An Accomplished Butcher:
Kill 15 mobs while powered up with chili flakes



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