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  1. Me to Burger, me too. I love how much personality the monsters have.
  2. Don't worry! I'm not a doppleganger, I'm just using an alternate skin!
  3. WAAA HOO HOO! The beta is over, the new reign is official! And I absolutely love the idea of a new puzzle to try and solve. Ahh Klei, ya dun it again! Ooh I'm filled to the brim with hype now, someone help me!
  4. Evivo here, I'm coding a mod in which my character has multiple forms. I tried to use Wolfgang's code but I want to use sanity instead of hunger to trigger the transformations. How would I go about that?
  5. Hello peeps! Evivo here, I'm trying to make a custom character that transforms based on sanity. To be specific I want her to have a normal form, a horned form, a horns and skin form, and finally a horn, skin, and winged form. I also wanted each form to have different stats. Can someone help me?