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  1. I'm trying to follow this for DST, and have done everything correctly up to this point and even the highlighted step above, when trying to launch server to test mod, the server will not start, only happens when I turn on mod. Mod will load up with the description and such as expected but I can't see how the character looks in the select because I can't generate a world to get to it. Please help? Edit: fixed, note for everyone MAKE SURE YOU RENAME EVERY INSTANCE OF ESCTEMPLATE YOU CAN FIND. CHECK EVERY FOLDER.
  2. I don't mind his idle actually and found it funny, but everyone reacts to stuff differently so completely understand how it can be startling! I was surprised at first when I heard it, and had to sit around and see it happen to figure out what it was! (I find it interesting they also gave him an actual auditable gasp of air and not some sort of instrument sound...) Also YOU'RE RIGHT, I'm gonna keep that in mind when I show them the tools lol. I love that idea a lot! It is pretty cool it's a skin that any character can use! It also means I can craft them and hand them to my friends, so It's going to be funny with my joke mentioned above to also be like "here hold this." and it's an actual item haha.
  3. Yes!! It's been awhile actually since I sat down and played the game without friends and just by myself but I saw the short online a few days after it released, and decided to check out his rework! I've been playing for hours today and only just got off to doodle once I did a full year on him haha. I'm really enjoying the changes and speedy balloon is so good, Wes really actually OP now! I haven't had a need to play him for the longest while even though I do enjoy him because I'm normally having to carry the friends I play with so characters like Maxwell or Wormwood (I really adore Wormwood since he came out too!) are more my mains for resource reasons, but it's really nice to go back to playing Wes again! Also nice the play the game without the instruments playing from the characters sometimes! I love the phantomime tools too those are such a smart skin so you can do work as Wes in a more realistic manner haha. I haven't told my buddies about them yet, and waiting for them to get on because I'm sure they would get a laugh out of me saying I'm going to go mine or chop wood and then I take out literally 'nothing" and go do it and it works! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah, I try to avoid that snatching waist issue honestly but I seem to be cursed with it lmao. Gonna blame it on art styles and all that jazz :P
  4. He is the absolute best boi, always has, always will be! I always have a fun time drawing him too!
  5. Been almost 2 years huh? Sketch my fave boys, also how about that rework for everyone's favorite clown? I've had a username shift from Magicphobic to IxN0VA in my absence, so signatures will reflect that moving forward but I'm honestly too lazy to update my username here haha. (2 years and I still can't get Wilson's hair right either.)
  6. Sketched this when talking about AU's based on the Victorian Skins with a friend. Art style changed once again, I sound like a broken record on that subject lol.
  7. Hi, I went to go try out Wormwood in Hamlet base game since I played him in Together and liked him and discovered that he is locked for me. I googled how to unlock him and turns out it claims he's supposed to be unlocked from the start? I'm not really sure what's going on here. I have played Hamlet a bit with Wilson and died and received experience, but never had any mention of Wormwood being unlocked.
  8. Oh thats sad to hear! I havent witnessed any of that bc havent been into the game recently untill now. Idk holding up game stats wise but i like to think character based/lore wise they'd get along!!!
  9. Why yes, yes it is. Yes. I suggested to my friend if anyone found him it would of been Woodie and he made an original edit of the meme with just copy paste faces and thus ive drawn it. Woodie just sorta shows up with the plant child he now owns bc he found him when out scavenging Seems like a Woodie thing..
  10. I'm just gonna leave this here without context.
  11. Yeah lol I have a bit of a problem with making the legs too long but when im drawing it they feel too squished if they are shorter and i do catch myself like selecting and stretching out the legs bc they looked to short when i was drawing. Also a bit of a subconscious style choice maybe? I've also been doing a lot of MLP Equestria girls fanart on the side and they do have really long legs in that style, so maybe its just accidentally transferring to other arts hahah I'm glad you like em though! and yeah I had fun with the Wilson and Wes drawing because I like to think Wes is one of the tallest in the group, and Wilson's not like short short, but hes short compared to people like Wes and I liked that idea of them "squaring up" during a disagreement and Wes, the presumed whimpy stereotype, just towers over him lol.
  12. Hello 2019! My art style still changes, but my love for Wilson and Wes as my fave characters stays the same! I've started playing DST again to check out the year of the pig king, and then picked up Hamlet for the base game, of which I'm having a lot of fun with!
  13. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so how a about that new Gorge event?