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  1. And now the woodie mains is like pokemon fandom with #bringbacknationaldex. Please #makewoodiegreatagain .
  2. Well until I realise myself that i have no comp in Georgia(country , not state) and I will be in Moscow right in friday.
  3. When you realize that you cannot take that skin cause you're still in other country.
  4. 1)The true end? -Kill Ancient fuelweaver. 2)The false end. -Kill Reanimated skeleton (cave) 3)Definitely not an end. -Kill Reanimated skeleton (surface). 4)Do you like that tribute, base-destroyer? -Kill Antlion. 5)Dog-snake-like guardian of eternal life. -Kill Pugalisk (Hamlet). ... That's all. By the way, good work. I definitely like idea of adding achievements in DS.
  5. [Poll] On Annoyances

    Imagine a beautiful big farm of 8 beboxes,who can produce 46 honey a day. And then imagine that one guy ,who just sits in a base, just pick goddam flowers ,that located in that farm, despite the warning from me,who built that farm. Like my credo says:'If you pick another flower from my honey farm I'm gonna take my Abigail and just kick or kill you'.
  6. Failed to retrieve your quests.

    I have the same bug too/ Can help? client_log.txt