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  1. . Yikes... So, it seems many people want Wagstaff to be added. Sorry, but that's a terrible idea, and Klei made the right call adding Wormwood and Warly instead of him. Well, almost the right call... Anyway, I guess we'll start with the most obvious problem- the revolutionary Thumper. You can plant 39 Pinecones around it, essentially meaning you can grow up to 39 Evergreens - and destroy them all plus their stumps in 6 seconds. That's faster than Maxwell and Woodie combined. Hey, you guys want that Woodie rework so bad, right? Imagine if he did get refreshed, but then he's still ultimately a bad wood gatherer thanks to the Thumper being available by everyone via Celestial Portal. Not only would the Thumper simply existing indirectly nerf Maxwell and Woodie, that in itself would discourage people from choosing Maxwell or Woodie. Is that what DST needs? More dead characters? Simple fix: just nerf the Thumper's range? Simple refute: you can make multiple Thumpers, and if it's a really strong nerf then the Thumper is just inferior now; vice versa. Better Woodie = discouraged Wagstaff. It goes past resources as well; the Thumper is the best griefing tool. Just drop it in the middle of a base and bam, it's all gone. Griefing exists... it happens all the time. Rollbacks don't do any good, especially since there is a set saving point. As long as progress is wasted, the griefer's job is done. Flingo-matics suppress fire and hammers are slow enough to get kicked before extreme damage, but what the hell are you going to do when Albert Einstein shows up and instantly destroys the entire base? Do we want to give griefers this opportunity? The Thumper is a manure sandwich no matter how you chew it, so it's best if the concept were left back in Don't Starve. And then we have a slightly less revolutionary thing... Telequipment. This gear was already arguably overpowered in Singleplayer, now get ready for: Teleporting to the Lunar Island (guess there's no reason for boats to exist anymore) Teleporting to the Atrium (because screw the little journey over there) Teleporting through Oasis' sandstorm (even less reason not to kill antlion now) Turn Of Tides? More like Turn Off the seafaring tab and just add Wagstaff. Great way to introduce new content. I guess those are the revolutionary items. The goggles aren't a problem of course, other than the fact that they make everyone else nearsighted so Wagstaff is just a character who partially only benefits himself in a game focused on survival together, but meh. A more concerning thing would be the Fuelweaver exploit... Just imagine that with 100 DPS Fryfocals... sheesh I can almost already hear counter-arguments. "Remove the revolutionary gear!" But, why? Why even call him Wagstaff anymore? Not even the same character at all. At that point, just slap the goggles, myopia and delicate stomach on Winona's dad and bam, same character. And I guess the better argument is "You don't have to play Wagstaff". I don't, but the DST community is not a hivemind. People would choose Wagstaff no matter what I do. Think of it like having a hacker on your team in an FPS game. Overall, I think I've said enough. If Wagstaff were added, he'd kill Woodie and most of Maxwell. If Wagstaff were added, boats and big tentacles would have no reason to exist past the first time you use them. If Wagstaff were added, then griefing would be easier and deadlier than ever before. If Wagstaff were added... then who'd like to buy all my skins? Not like I'd want them anymore. That is all.
  2. [Game Update] - 335195

    I am pleased.
  3. Goodbye best exploit in the game...
  4. Wicker ages like powdercake "Meanwhile, I'll be, killing a single butterfly for 88 health. Have fun making Pierogi." My main Wolgag outfit Biker outfit makes everyone cool
  5. Guess that explains this then uwu
  6. How old is Wigfrid???

    about like 19 - 22 hands
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Watching the dev stream, and this is all I could think about... Too bad he's not bearger size anymore.
  8. Theoretically, there is no reason not to rotate.
  9. Was watching the ANR cinematic. Noticed that these gargoyles don't seem to match anything I've seen in any of the games. So, back to the main question. Are these just purely decorative statues to match Charlie's aesthetic? Or are they actual statues in the game that I never noticed because I'm an idiot? I even checked the Wiki for unimplemented features. Didn't see anything that looked like these statues. As for the dragon and cupid things, they don't seem to match the art style nor any current biomes, so I doubt they are just easter eggs for upcoming content 3 years later. The terrorbeak bird thing would be cool to see in-game though. I'd like a magic related bird. Maybe used for some mask based around Plague Doctors, because Plague Doctors are hecka cool and that's simply a fact. ... Sorry if this thread was pointless. I didn't find any search results regarding these.
  10. Maxwell QOL Idea

    *Enemy is next to ocean when I target it *Duelists run around like idiots and do nothing but they did their best to form a radial symmetry *Gets eaten by hounds gg
  11. Why? It was just 4 Da lols anyway...