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[Game Update] - 289453

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Squeaking out one last update this week to fix some crashes. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  • New art for Data Banks
  • Objects such as Egg Shells will stack correctly if they are created on a tile already containing that object
  • Ore temperature transfer with the ground has been reduced
  • Creature temperature transfer with the ground has been turned back off (no more freezing Dupes at the start!)
  • Vole no longer gets stuck if sand falls on it
  • Duplicant chatter won't get stuck talking about the same thing
  • Duplicants won't compliment each-other's work more than once per 100s
  • Duplicants won't comment on Oxygen every time a tile is dug
  • Fix a crash when opening the build menu in debug/sandbox mode
  • Disable codex notifications
  • Updated Solid Booster description to properly mention the use of iron
  • Restore polluted oxygen to its proper pukey color
  • Art revisions for most of the rocket modules
  • Adjusted research tuning of space tech
  • Adjusted space research speed
  • Research Modules generate 10 Data Banks per trip even if the destination has no more research items
  • Added another planet at the first distance
  • Distant unanalyzed planets are hidden until closer ones are discovered
  • Fix Solid Booster not actually generating thrust
  • Reduce fuel amount of Solid Booster
  • Solid Boosters are stackable for diminishing returns
  • Fix crash when enqueueing a recipe at a refinery building

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1 minute ago, watermelen671 said:

Really?? I thought it looked too similar to liquid chlorine than PH20...

That's what I thought it was when I first saw it.  It's way too similar to liquid chlorine, and to a lesser extent too close to polluted water (for my tastes, anyway).

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It actually appears that a number of elements got a color pass in these last few hotfixes.  Top to bottom, left to right.  Not all changed, just giving a reference:

Molten glass, super-coolant, chlorine, petroleum,  sulfur, polluted water.  Copper, gold, iron, steel, tungsten, mercury




Glass, petroleum, mercury, and all of the liquid metals have apparently changed.  (..I guess mercury is technically a liquid metal, but whatever. :D  I just felt the need to point it out as I do recall it being more silvery in color some many moons ago.)

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The lime green pockets of petroleum in the oil biome looks so out of place ! I kinda hope the previous golden hue will be restored.


There is also new art for some of the mopped liquid bottles ! The see-through part is a bit distracting to the eye.


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Research Modules generate 10 Data Banks per trip even if the destination has no more research items

This can solve the missing interstellar research... so the solution is build more steam rockets

We have 2 planets now so 500 data banks = 50 research points...the rest 150 for the next engine is = 150 trips to the first 2 planets

Alternative solution... stack research module until the weight penalty can't send the rocket to the first 2 planets... The total mass must be at max 4900 kg to reach the first planet.. so your first rocket must have 1 steam engine, 1 command capsule and 9 research module, so in 1 trip you will get 9 interstellar research point, so 10 trips to the first 2 planets.

For me it's OK, a little absurd but it can be done. 



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I wonder should I be envious that someone has infinite amounts of 'creativity' or sympathize that it will never be put to use?

P.S. new mechanics for ore adding where excess appears at top is a not 'up to spec' or at least need some tinkering from player, on the same picture I tried to melt regolith in lava and rock on the floor got added to resulted tile, excess was pushed to the top and path got blocked.

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Grinding is not a substitute for gameplay.

Other than that, good update for the most part (from changelogs anyway - I don't even try to play the prereleases anymore).

(That petroleum color though. Not a fan. All things considered, color is minor though.)

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