[Game Update] - 289453

Release Date: 10/11/2018

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

Squeaking out one last update this week to fix some crashes. Enjoy the weekend everyone!


  • New art for Data Banks
  • Objects such as Egg Shells will stack correctly if they are created on a tile already containing that object
  • Ore temperature transfer with the ground has been reduced
  • Creature temperature transfer with the ground has been turned back off (no more freezing Dupes at the start!)
  • Vole no longer gets stuck if sand falls on it
  • Duplicant chatter won't get stuck talking about the same thing
  • Duplicants won't compliment each-other's work more than once per 100s
  • Duplicants won't comment on Oxygen every time a tile is dug
  • Fix a crash when opening the build menu in debug/sandbox mode
  • Disable codex notifications
  • Updated Solid Booster description to properly mention the use of iron
  • Restore polluted oxygen to its proper pukey color
  • Art revisions for most of the rocket modules
  • Adjusted research tuning of space tech
  • Adjusted space research speed
  • Research Modules generate 10 Data Banks per trip even if the destination has no more research items
  • Added another planet at the first distance
  • Distant unanalyzed planets are hidden until closer ones are discovered
  • Fix Solid Booster not actually generating thrust
  • Reduce fuel amount of Solid Booster
  • Solid Boosters are stackable for diminishing returns
  • Fix crash when enqueueing a recipe at a refinery building

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