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  1. Slight update: Cycle 1500 on Arboria (and a 'funny' notification about pet 'rats'). The biggest issue so far: lack of clay/ceramics (using deodorizers to generate clay). Between, pips, ridiculous amount of water/pwater/salt water, huge amount of Lead and liberal usage' of steam generator the game was disappointingly easy. Pips - way to powerful, I use zero farms, a lot of food goes to waste. At least in previous games I needed to maintain farms, make sure I don't overheat those by accident e t c, in this game, even if some plants don't grow, I simply don care with how many I got without even trying... Liquids - I have a ridiculous amount of various liquids in form of multimple geysers/vents. Access to oxygen as result is not an issues. Lead - I'm not sure what to feel about this one. From one point, I like not having to process a lot of resources, from another I lost all restrains in terms of building cables and tiles... Lack of germs - in previous games at least slimelung was posing some challenge. I had two zombie spore sources, but those are trivial to avoid.
  2. Automated Vent

    I mostly agree, but mechanical vent that can be closed (preferably via automation, but even manual one will do) will be really convenient. The only way to disable vents currently is either to have shutoff/valve before them or to deconstruct vents completely, neither are convenient even if they can be made to work for most cases. Most machines can be disables, vents can not.
  3. Cooling.

    Nice setup, never considered that we can force hatches to cook themselves... But I meant usage of shove voles for cooling... I did use hatches for 'cooling' at some point) And I'm not sure how hatches provide cooling in this case? Is their mass sufficient to truly provide cooling or do they eat output of the volcano before suiciding?
  4. Cooling.

    That's not entirely true. Critters usually halve mass they consume, so if you feed hot ore to hatch you don't only get rid of ore, you also get rid of heat. (I was feeding my volcano's output directly to hatches and they were perfectly fine consuming 1000C+ ore) Critters output their 'products' at their body temperature (coal from 'volcano' processing was cool enough for me to use, also I was feeding molten slickers 30C CO2 and got 120C petroleum as result... a noticeable heating) Some critters have significant mass input and output (hatches can consume 140kg/cycle), which is enough of a difference (70 tiles worth of oxygen can be cooled) It is entirely possible to set up a loop where a single critter will consume hot ore and will provide cooled output. The problem is - how to use it. You will have to carefully measure what, where and when you are feeding to your critters to not raise their internal temperature and get cooled output. P.S. Shove vole can consume 4.8t/cycle, so in theory they are extremely efficient for cooling or heating purposes (i.e, feed it 10t at 200C, get 5t at 100C, or whatever body temperature it has). But I doubt anyone will use Shove voles for cooling since you need both the critter and the mass for it to consume, both might need to wait till player reaches surface and by that time player has steel and likely plastic to build a turbine.
  5. Suggestion: Automated Vent that can be disabled by logic and can be set to any 'max pressure' value up to 5Kg. Reasons: Normal vents do not work reliably in certain environments, for example my normal 2kg vent overpressured my base to 3kg, because small packets of carbon dioxide were passing by very often (at least I think it was the cause, oxyferns don't produce that much oxygen and neglectable amount of polluted oxygen was converted). Having externally controlled vent will fix the issue We obviously can use controlable valves, but they are not ideal for a number of situations (a bit of gas will get to vent either way and they need infrastructure to work and I had to deconstruct vents quite a few times because they can't be turned off) There are situations where player needs finer control or/and reaction speed. Or at least player can come up with such situations) I'm fairly sure this is easy to implement for noticeable benefit (flexibility). 2Kg vents to 20Kg vents is too much of a jump
  6. Actually 2kg, however it still has couple benefits over a room with normal vent (like not needing walls or power), so it acts as very decent buffer. There is second vent with 20kg max pressure, it wins ~2 times over tanks in terms of capacity per tile, but you still can place tank in gas storage room and room still needs walls. And door pump wins over everything else (I have a nat gas room door-pumped from geo-vent with over 50kg of gas per tile and it keeps growing). From my point of view current tank is fine as is. However I won't mind smaller version with smaller capacity and a 'full' signal). Or tanks' capacity being depended onto material. P.S. There are ways to trick vents to get higher pressure, but personally I find that to be too cheaty, at least door pumps work roughly like they would in real world (sans having pressure limit) That's one huge snake) Not really practical, you can set up door pump with 'unlimited' storage in much smaller space. Having such high capacity is not practical, it takes way too long to empty. 150t will take 40 in-game cycles to fill or empty. On top of that, if you decide to move 150kg tank you will get an 'ear popping' area, if you decide to move 150t tank you whole base might get over pressurized. Not safe for new players and not easy to move in this regard.
  7. P.S. In OPs post there is a bug report, in there user posted basic compactor system (second comment): high priority compactor, low priority dispenser, and it doesn't work, however that system use 'accessible' storage, so its a bit different case.
  8. Potential workaround: 1. Place a low priority smart compactor that blocks door to storage-hole when half-full. 2. Another high priority one to block dispenser when compactor half-empty. This way dispenser won't empty storages, unless they are full, and dupes won't top storages off.
  9. 1. Dispenser won't stop until storage is empty which is the problem, this system stops it. Dispenser does not respect storage priority, so even if storage is of higher priority than dispenser, dispenser still empties storage. OP asked for a system that leaves 20t inside storage and rest goes to dispenser. Do you have a better suggestion of stopping dispenser before it consumes all ore? Normal storage bit+dispenser will result in storage bin being completely emptied leaving no sandstone for dupes to build with. 2. I might have misunderstood this part when I read it first time. According to OPs requirements, dispenser won't be dropping ore to be 'swept again', ore will be dropped into hole where dupes can't access it. Aka: early quantum storage. Dupes will just collect tons and tons of ore under dispenser and ore will stay there. (not that this part is important… there are a number of ways to implement this system) How is this related to dupe logic? The problem remains even with sweeper - dispenser does not respect storage priority, thus empties everything.
  10. 1. Compared to dispenser by itself: - Dupe that moves 1t of sandstone to dispenser from area 500 tiles away will have to travel 5000 tiles, because dupe will have to do job 5 times (5*(2 directions*500)). - Dupes that moves 1t of sandstone to compactor 500 tiles away and than from compactor to dispenser travels 1000 tiles of first trip + 30-100 tiles of 5 trips from compactor to dispenser. So having a compactor is more efficient time wise and dupes rarely mine less than 1t of material (usually more), trained dupes lift 1t on average. That's a lot of a bonus and the more material your dupe can carry in one setting the more of a bonus you will get. 2. This suggestion was not about efficiency but about solving issue OP is having (aka no sweepers, but I need a buffer). P.S. If you happen to have 153kg of sandstone somewhere, dupe will still deliver 200kg to dispenser from compactor, but this part can be improved, like: disable dispenser when storage is at 15t, enable at 20t, so that dupes will be encouraged to optimize.
  11. Dispenser will be full, so dupe won't see the "Sweep item into dispenser" job, only "sweep to compactor" job. Example: we have a compactors with 9.9t of sandstone, and dispenser which is full, but not dropping (because compactor is blocking dispenser). Now, you mark 1t of sandstone for sweeping (or pick it up automatically), dupe goes long way to the mining area, picks up 1t, goes long way to compactors, delivers sandstone. Now compactors are at 10.9t. Compactor changes state of dispenser, dispenser starts dropping, dupes go to compactor and deliver from compactor to dispenser, which is a very small journey. Eventually compactor drops below 10t and blocks dispenser again. There still will be a chance for a dupe to try delivering 200kg from afar to unblocked dispenser, but it can be avoided as well (like locking a dupe with compactor and dispenser or by confining your cook to base and forbidding anyone else but cook access to dispenser), but it might work right as is with right priorities (if job of delivering to compactor is higher than job to delivering to dispenser, dupes should first deliver to compactor and then from compactor to dispenser).
  12. If I remember correctly, there are mini-pumps, they have same 'pump area' as normal pump and as result you can pump out all gases, install a mini-pump over liquid and mini-pump will pump liquid without touching liquid. On the down side, it will eventually overheat from own heat generation, but it will last much longer than normal pump (not important if setup is temporary and there might be ways around that implement 'cooling cycles' where you isolate mini/normal pump from liquid in some way, pump gas in, cool liquid-pump, pump gas out)
  13. Dispenser drops only once it has signal, so: place smart compactor, connect signal output of smart compactor to automatic dispenser (through And gate? depends onto you system), set smart compactor to emit signal when full (or better - half-full, see below). Result: when compactor is full sandstone will be dropped, when compactor is not full dupes will store sandstone in dispenser first, but dispenser won't be emptied and as result the rest of the sandstone will go to compactor. The biggest issue with such system is that it moves ore by 200Kg, yet trained dupes can move a lot more mass around, so: 1. I wouldn't recommend setting compactor to emit at full, better to use some low value, like 10t and low priority and set up a secondary normal compactor nearby with lower priority and rest of the mass, this way if dupes decide to transport 1t of sandstone, they will be able to (because second compactor still has 10t to go), instead of moving only 200Kg to top it. 2. Compactor to dispenser still is limited to 200kg, which means more running for dupes, this will need sweeper earlier or later, but having sweeper means that you can build more energy efficient system, so this suggestion is temporary at best. But since there is no more permanent thing than temporary, use at your own discretion) P.S. to clarify, do you mean a hole as 'not accessible to dupes' or 1-2 tile deep one, that will still be accessible? Second case probably will need two compactors. I assume it is the first, since otherwise you won't need a 20t storage nearby.
  14. That list can use a bit more uses, personally I barely use it. Howhever having favorites or some kind or adaptive list (i.e. shows materials that decreased over last period and/or are at risk of being consumed within some peroid) sound like nice idea.