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  1. There is a number of ways that plants can be affected: Through critters (bugs spreading pollen or something like that) Through tending (as long as plant is fertilized with specific things - just specify fertilizer in farm tile. Fertilizers can be locked behind some research, or may be just build a 2 tiles wide planting tile, place a plant, wait) Through environment and adaptation(gasses, liquids, temperature, light, may be by simply keeping plant in borderline harsh environment or by tending to plant with something like 'anti-freeze' mixtures in cold environment and plants adapting later) Through science (3-4 posts above, nice art!)
  2. Just in case: you can place both a checkpoint and a door in same place. Like: door in between checkpoint and destination. When you need a two-way passage, it will act as two-way passage. When you need it to auto-lock, checkpoint will block itself, but door will stay open as long as somebody is in the room. As soon as dupe leaves room, door will get locked (a number of ways to do that), dupes accumulated at checkpoint (you can unlock it now) will 'scatter' since there is no longer a way in. This means that there will be some dupe-time lose due to checkpoint pausing dupes, but it is more compact then two-door variant. In some cases you can also use transit tubes as 'exit' (one-way tube activates when door is closed).
  3. Unfortunately such solution increases build size, would have been nice to have a way to control door's directions with automation. Or have some alternate functions to checkpoints. Like checkpoint not allowing passage and checkpoints affecting priority past itself (if task involves passing checkpoint, checkpoint will affect priority: dupes will ignore content of the room as too low priority, will be harder for dupes to leave room as long as there are task there because if everything outside is low, dupes will escape room at earliest opportunity despite having more tasks in there e t c.)
  4. Sick dupes have (or had?) a similar issue - you can't truly isolate sick dupe without some door trickery. Toilets can be placed in med rooms (which is unhygienic), but sick dupe will still attempt to run for food (or other dupe will decide to steal food from medical fridge).
  5. Would have been nice to be able to provide said food and toilet without adding them to same room... It is unhygienic to do everything in same room. And in case of food, I'm pretty sure other dupes will still try to get food from 'medical fridge'
  6. +1. Simply having access to resources sounds a bit 'hollow' as a requirement, so research station probably should consume resources. But since some resources are rare it might be better to consume some 'initial resources' to start research and then go with normal research process.
  7. Sweep Filter

    As an option: by implementing/placing range-limited storage compactor.
  8. You accelerate by 10 minutes longer and simply spend not 30 days, but 30 days and 20 minutes (because same goes for deceleration). I don't really see a difference, except slower (de)acceleration is less stressful for equipment. I do agree that acceleration matters for landing(and launch). But unless we have unlimited amount of energy and are talking about (de)accelerating all the way, acceleration while in space doesn't matters as much. In case of continuous acceleration time spent on trip wouldn't be so linear as in ONI, neither would be fuel requirements.
  9. That will make much less sense than current system does. 1. Speed is not exactly limited (you can't go past speed of light), so more energy sometimes does mean faster travel (you can accelerate longer), but fuel type is not what determines maximum speed. Having more energy to accelerate longer and reach target faster makes sense. Reaching target faster simply because you changed fuel type, yet still have same amount of energy does not make sense. 2. In terms of space travel it rarely matters if you accelerate for a 10 minutes at 100% power or 20 minutes at 50%. Trip still goes to take same amount of days. So fuel or thruster that allows faster acceleration doesn't matter overall. 3. Fuel mostly determine how much(long) you can accelerate in space (how much energy you have aboard), not how fast you accelerate even if it partially affects thrusters. It is thruster and pilot what limits acceleration, because pilot can't take too many g (you can invent better thruster, durable pilot is more problematic). From my point of view travel speed should be dependent onto distance, fuel reserve over minimum required and maybe slightly onto thrust/mass ratio (I don't think it matters, since you don't burn fuel for whole trip)
  10. Pre-crash busted landing

    Happened again with new rocket on second trip. Only happens if game was saved&loaded 1 cycle before landing.
  11. Tank is 1/3 full, yet indicator shows that it is empty.
  12. Reservoir shows as full, yet there are only 4.4t of content.
  13. Oxydizer tank's text input field doesn't allow more then 3 digit input (999 max), yet slider allows up to 2700kg. Slider works fine, but setting limit with slider result in clipped/offset text. Oxydizer tank always requests 2700Kg of oxydizer regardless of limit set in the field.
  14. Devs forgot to mention that now we have a slider to set amount of tank fuel and we no longer need to wait for tank to become full. But 'fuel limit' option is exceptionally buggy, it is more reliable to stop fuel flow then to set 'limit'. P.S. And that now we have to craft replacement for abbysalite
  15. Same issue. Likely cause: This makes digging regolith and sand very hard - it falls, buries and consumes what you already mined, now you are back to where you were, but with slightly less regolith. And regolith/sand suddenly dropping onto more regolith will immediately block your path. P.S.I have 60t of igneous rock under a volcano, if magma decides to solidify above this rock, there will be an 'igneous explosion')