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  1. You can have all your pacu in a 1x1 tile of liquid. It cuts down on the lag A LOT since they don't do any pathing.
  2. Late game food production has usually ended up being free range ranching for me. Pacu don't need to eat anything and they will lay an egg so they continue. Hatches will also lay an egg before they die so you don't need to feed them either but you do need to groom them. Hatches are more lossy because if they lay a normal hatch egg you have to get rid of it because those hatches eat meat. Sometimes automation isn't fast enough to pick up the meat. Same sort of thing with dense pufts. They are very easy to ranch. They turn oxygen in to food. You end up with a lot of extra eggs which you ship off in to a pool of liquid and they die on birth. Same deal with excess slicksters but I don't do near as many of those with no co2 from asteroids to harvest. Meat all the way, no omelettes.
  3. I just keep them holed up somewhere till they lay an egg and then put that egg in a nice clean separated room that fits a few of them for free power.
  4. It isn't much of a problem. Don't mine out ore that they can ever access. If you are going to dig in to where they are to place wire put a door down before you dig in fully. Pretty similar stuff to dealing with hatches. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  5. I’ve never really used the skill. If you have a bridge anywhere you can deconstruct it to let the line drain and then remove the pipe. They made it even easier since pipes used to need to be connected on both ends to drain.
  6. Well that looked like a rocket with some traditional parts. I guess it depends how fast suit durability goes down. You could play with the values too once you get radiation and whatever in so some places could degrade suits faster. Even further you could make suits of different materials more resistant to losing durability. Make it more interesting than some static constant thing.
  7. Life has many doors ed-boy. Last I remembered when they fixed the flaking they didn't fix it properly.
  8. Very nice. I'd probably put the arm on a timer or try using weight plates or something.
  9. I have not tried it with niobium or tungsten but if it is true that iron has more total heat then some variation on Brothgars design works just fine[at least for tungsten]. They work very well. I'm thinking I don't need the pool of liquid at the bottom since I convey the metal through the metal tiles to get them down to ~20c. Moving the triggering thermometer to inside the steam room makes setup very easy. The logic on the tuner keeps it from running while the metal is being cooled. Those were built from gold if I remember right.
  10. To their defense sulfur was just a byproduct to reduce the effectiveness of making natural gas from oil. They could still give it to us now from other chemical processes but that might hurt the base game that still doesn't have any use for it.
  11. Send it in to oil reservoirs and other things that don't really mind the temperature. I usually boil the salt water so I use that in steam applications instead of hot water. Electrolyzers like Gurgel said is very nice since you can burn that hydrogen right off.
  12. Hmm. Maybe they moved things again, I didn't have mine on my teleport location. That moves it up in availability a lot.