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  1. That is exactly what the tepidizer is designed to do. Not that I would suggest using it. Better to use waste heat. But anyway it is a clue on a way of getting rid of germs. If you want to deliver exact things you use automation like being sure regolith is used instead of sand.
  2. They better have a few steam steam achievements.
  3. Volcano is serious business. You'd need tons of AETN to counter the heat.
  4. I remember reading a theory on cancer being a mechanism to fight fungal infections. The idea being to outgrow and smother the fungus.
  5. I did say steel for walls. Gantries, at least the extended part of it, don’t take damage from meteors either.
  6. You need more steel for the walls but I don’t think you need bunker doors above the rocket at all. Miners to both sides will clear any regolith that makes it to the bottom. Rockets don’t take damage from meteors.
  7. Nice. I do have a petrol cooling loop that I'm getting some power out of. It is more efficient now that steam turbines run under 130c
  8. Fairly clean. But you can brute force it with more miners(thermium). They will cool themselves off by being covered in space rocks. They will eventually mine themselves free. One of them won't be covered. This lets you overlap your solar more. It is an older image but it checks out.
  9. May as well try and save them as quickly as possible. See if you are nimble enough to make a makeshift pond to hold them wherever they are going to end up. If they die they die. They will still drop meat. Even if they die you are now prepared for the next time you get 8 more pacu.
  10. I must be overly concerned about reusability enough for several other people. I wouldn’t just go out and kill something that is going to lay an egg and keep dropping meat for the rest of time.
  11. I thought they wore out over time?
  12. Egg growth appears to stop when wild critters are overcrowded. You are very likely to lose large populations of them if they are not all in sync(all laying at the same time so overcrowded doesn’t matter)
  13. Cooling these are an issue. Beware any images of them not being cooled in some way. They generate more heat the more power they are making. It is something on the order of 2+ worts per turbine at even a lower power output.
  14. A pool on either side of the platform the printer is on with a closed door on the opposite side will corral them to the pool of water. You want very large pool so the 8 new pacu don’t get overcrowded. Save trap material and just move eggs. You do want only one path. I’ve had them go the opposite direction of the water so they don’t always seem to make the right choice.