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  1. That is why I said low priority. Like 1. The arms will deliver to it but the dupes won’t unless you’ve got everything in the base done and then congratulations.
  2. It is rather easy. You use automation. Deliver regolith only to a bin and use automation to deliver from there to whatever low priority building.
  3. You have to make it bigger, make more of them, or make smaller modular versions elsewhere to reduce the heat load on this single unit.
  4. That is true but you do not need dupes that are trained in everything. 2-4 full lines is enough and that is including the research line.
  5. I guess a lot of people get overwhelmed by stress? How deep are these things in the tech tree? I mean can you even get access to these in the point of the game where stress usually wrecks new players bases?
  6. The unibrow is love. The unibrow is life.
  7. Uh oh. The Hamtaro nightmare spiral of every day being better than the last might happen.
  8. What is that crackly texture for?
  9. [Game Update] - 371502

    Hmm. Does that mean you could have a single pump send out to more than one pipe? Like with bridges you can have the output going out to 4 different places. I've never been in a position to try sending more out. It should have more possible destinations and not block itself.
  10. [Game Update] - 371502

    Yikes. Still looks unstable. Guess I’m doing something else tonight.
  11. Early/midgame runs fine. The real performance hits are late game when you cross the actions per tick threshold and everything grinds to a halt. You can observe this sort of delay with critters. Things like grooming and really any action can take several seconds to queue up. I feel it is mostly all the temperature exchanges that go on with everything. Most late game revolves around exchanging heat in some way. It is unavoidable. That can also be observed with multiple peoples observations that cleaning up not just all the debris but also keeping debris in separate storage improves performance.
  12. The moos seem more like a challenge to do than something worth doing. Which pretty much sums up all aspects of the game. You make your own fun.
  13. Whew that is impressively prohibitively dense.
  14. That is a pretty good idea. Or maybe leave it on the rail in a long snake to offgass.