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  1. I'm running like 9-12 turbines off a volcano but I am doing the whole regolith thing.
  2. Using corner debris generation makes dealing with lava very easy.
  3. While optimizing saves could you throw in the bunker door open/close % if you have not already? I hear that if you load a save that was mid-door animation it will lose that progress which would be the cause of random space failures.
  4. To be fair the power orb has a limited lifespan and is very dangerous to deal with. The RTG's on the Voyager spacecrafts are about used up. I try and avoid unlimited liquid storage for the same reason @Steve8. I don't want to look up that power thing.
  5. Seems like sensors themselves report incorrectly right after loading. You'll notice a pump or whatnot not pumping for a moment.
  6. Slimelung used to actually be fatal and needed to be cured. But now there isn't really any reason to cure any diseases. I don't use many mods but I did find one that allows you to savescum the pod without needing to reload(since reloading can take 5+ minutes when you get an older base) called Refresh Selection(with an oriental title)
  7. You might have to slow down the cooker. I’ve had normal tiles of regolith be undiggable till I saved and reloaded. I imagine it spawned inside a falling piece or something like that.
  8. Aluminum would be better at that lower temperature yeah. I can't use aluminum in this one. If it makes unminable tiles I would imagine that would happen with any production method.
  9. I have not used ethanol for aquatuner cooling directly but the idea is to expose the stuff you are cooling to the room the aquatuner is in (a vacuum) above the ethanol so when it does turn to gas it will cool back down to liquid. I have used ethanol in steam generator rooms for the same thing. It takes less energy to keep the steam generator cool that way.
  10. Don't tell him you can delete heat with an aquatuner and ethanol too.
  11. I put a piece of dirt on my regolith rail and it did turn to sand at one of the heat exchanges.
  12. If you have that much thermium you can make your own heat source to make sand. You should be able to use rail to pass it through a double thick hot wall to melt it and it should pop out as sand. This works for things that transition to a liquid at least.
  13. Oh it goes up instead of down without pipes? Very nice. it is much larger than a single 10kg pipe version but not larger than 9 of them.
  14. Mechanical filters are great. If they cost karma I'd be at some Overlord -500 extreme evil karma rating since I also play on geoactive maps for MORE geysers. I remember back before they existed. Each one is a problem that needs to be solved and the reward is resources. I also use horrible water locks especially since visco-gel is made specifically for that purpose.