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  1. I saw something pretty cool awhile back. Someone had a freezing loop of super coolant running above a co2 area and that effectively kept all the gas from escaping. Should work just as well for rockets exhaust.
  2. Try building the rocket silos open at the top. Meteors do not damage the rocket. You’ll still want some radar to detect them so you can tell they are there if you want to do some full launch automation.
  3. The command capsule lists how much mass the target body has available. The information is so clean I wonder why they don’t just include that derived information in the other map screen.
  4. Has anyone made a mod where you can copy a dupe? You could simulate that end by making a new map using that/those dupe(s). All that is technically going to do is speed up early game with a super dupe and maybe mess with some early achievements. Actually. Those dupes would probably get super stressed.
  5. Sounds like something you would want to use to get those eating achievements.
  6. This is because you are burying it when you close the door. The game puts natural tiles of that doors metal there. Learned this from math. It explains a lot of how the door interacts with debris.
  7. I was considering something like this but I will be sending the hydrogen to rockets so I’m cooling it down as much as probable before it gets to the final liquidation area.
  8. What is that crackly texture for?
  9. [Game Update] - 371502

    Hmm. Does that mean you could have a single pump send out to more than one pipe? Like with bridges you can have the output going out to 4 different places. I've never been in a position to try sending more out. It should have more possible destinations and not block itself.
  10. [Game Update] - 371502

    Yikes. Still looks unstable. Guess I’m doing something else tonight.
  11. Early/midgame runs fine. The real performance hits are late game when you cross the actions per tick threshold and everything grinds to a halt. You can observe this sort of delay with critters. Things like grooming and really any action can take several seconds to queue up. I feel it is mostly all the temperature exchanges that go on with everything. Most late game revolves around exchanging heat in some way. It is unavoidable. That can also be observed with multiple peoples observations that cleaning up not just all the debris but also keeping debris in separate storage improves performance.
  12. Granite is great for pretty much everything under 600c
  13. Salt Water purpose

    The salt water geyser puts out like twice as much water as normal geysers so that is pretty great.
  14. Ive got miners well within the degradation range of a scanner and they are fine. I think it is the reason they are in the conveyor section. Specifically so they don’t mess with the scanners.
  15. Aluminum is way to overpowered compared to other early metals. Though I guess the balance is the rarity on the other maps. Care packages of it are only 100kg so they understand the value.