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  1. You can do that with a set of mechanical filters only.
  2. Maybe it was Neotuck. It was some fine citizen.
  3. Yes, Gurgels design is much better. A design that uses no electricity is infinitely better than one that does. Pretty sure this is based on his design or the conversation that went on months back.
  4. Oh the water knocks the side branches off? Very nice.
  5. Cooling it for anything other than using it as a coolant is a waste of energy. You use the oil hot. Keep the oil hot. Molten Slicksters like it hot. 100c+ hot. Gold amalgum works for moving it somewhere.
  6. I'll hold my breath for that level of extreme heat. That would be some major level meltdowns but I can't expect them to give us that level of heat.
  7. Absurd amounts of heat sounds good too. It should be a lot, running only 2-4 steam turbines wouldn't be enough. I imagine it will be a full base solution. Something you send to another asteroid to fully power it. Poisoned sounds too generic but I guess it is called "radiation poisoning". Is raw uranium really that bad or is it only really dangerous when it is refined?
  8. I've got quite a mess. I needed to come up with something that would let me open up the doors below the radars as well as not end up having something come online and mess the system up. The signal feeds back in to itself making sure. Still has a lot of debug connections with switch overrides left on.
  9. It is really weird that vacancy only isn't the default selection. I don't see any real reason the other one is both needed and default.
  10. Amazing. Reducing the liquid part to pretty much 1 tile. Amazing.
  11. Yeah that last part is unlikely. If they revamped pressure it might not be as complicated as it sounds. Using pressure to do stuff like that would let us do refrigeration like it is done in real life.
  12. I'm hoping nuclear is fairly accurate. Like the reactor just generates constant heat. Heat that you have to run through turbines to get power out of. That would be accurate. You would need more infrastructure in refining the material and making rods than using them.
  13. Very nice. I remember back before sour gas and steel making methane from oil with just gold amalgam pumps. Dark times.
  14. Not from a gameplay perspective. Wolframite is too valuable. Way too valuable. Even if you only got 5kg out of 100kg it would be too much. They turned abyssalite from a super easy early near perfect insulator to something excessive and useless till late game. I'm not saying I wouldn't like that, I really would. It just doesn't fit game rarity/scarcity.