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  1. Mushrooms are the way to go. sources of polluted oxygen are fed to puffs which produce both meat and slime. Very nice. Off gassing polluted water to polluted oxygen is better. Slime is too valuable for that.
  2. Disabling a background tile like drywall when you build a floor tile on it may have been easier than all these side accommodations.
  3. reverse the drywall changes

    Yeah, I agree but when they make a fix in this way it is them saying they are not even considering going back.
  4. Allow storage compactors to be only delivered to or only removed from. The idea came from wanting them to deliver sweeps to a further away compactor by increasing its priority. What happens instead is they start moving stuff from lower priority compactors.
  5. reverse the drywall changes

    Patch gave doors and some other tiles background now. So they fixed it in a different way.
  6. [Game Update] - 308684

    Dupes walking on top of ladders instead of slowly hopping across is very nice. I hope the pathfinding is doing some weighted calculations now like that ladder path should be more expensive than the path across the top since movement in that direction is much slower.
  7. Chlorine problem.

    Release some squeaky puft in problem areas and they will clean it up
  8. When you replace a ladder/tile do you get the previous material back? Didn't seem like it before though I didn't pay super close attention.
  9. reverse the drywall changes

    Oof. That sounds like a pretty bad oversight.
  10. Pathing being multithreaded and multi framed is pretty huge. Congrats.
  11. This is technically a quality of life update.
  12. Squeaky are net consumers of chlorine. You can put some eggs in spots you have some loose chlorine and they will eventually get rid of it.
  13. I’ve got a chlorine geyser on my checklist. I’ll skip a map without it even though I never get to where I’m consuming it since I quit breeding squeaky puffs.
  14. Coming to terms with needing 3 wall thick insulation takes awhile but when you get used to it the problem goes away. Once you start using a vacuum for perfect insulation you can use the walls as a heat buffer.
  15. Nice design. I’m trying to come up with a dry design myself. Using conveyors for heat transfer and whatnot but with all the new high temp metals it isn’t really important anymore. This will do the job.