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  1. Nice. Geoactive was my favorite trait. From the artwork I was expecting some dupe based radiation mutations or something.
  2. I had always imagined some sort of space hatch that ate regolith or something having sunglasses like that and maybe a cape.
  3. Hopefully we get some sweet sunglasses like that we can use.
  4. Still think there should be a microwave or something to unfreeze deep frozen food before it gets eaten.
  5. I don't mind the change but I'm sure a lot of people will lose bases when all their food they've been storing for years spoils.
  6. Very cool... But does this mean the curse of food spoiling has been passed on to the base game?
  7. That would be amazing. I imagine some "station module" that you could deploy anywhere in space and would act as a large buildable area. You would need to be able to go there without having to land or maybe you would need a "docking module" to dock with the station. Building a station in each empty space spot would be something else.
  8. Well that is cool but on the other hand having to start over again isn't. But once it is all properly fleshed out it will be.
  9. Well that looked like a rocket with some traditional parts. I guess it depends how fast suit durability goes down. You could play with the values too once you get radiation and whatever in so some places could degrade suits faster. Even further you could make suits of different materials more resistant to losing durability. Make it more interesting than some static constant thing.
  10. Does the increase in early game resources include the swamp start?
  11. Liquid sulfur geysers. Oh my. I'll have to see what the starting world gen is now. If there are volcanoes as well I might just have to start over.
  12. Upon returning back to normal and looking at the full zoom it appears to be about the same. I guess I was disorientated by having all the UI in the far corners.
  13. If it matters any you can't really zoom out when you have multi-monitors enabled. The screenshot was fully zoomed out. I just wanted to see what it looked like. I can't imagine playing it that way with everything in the far corners like that. I didn't think of looking for any ui scaling or whatnot options.