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  1. Release some squeaky pufts in the area and let them clean it up.
  2. You can do that with a set of mechanical filters only.
  3. Maybe it was Neotuck. It was some fine citizen.
  4. Yes, Gurgels design is much better. A design that uses no electricity is infinitely better than one that does. Pretty sure this is based on his design or the conversation that went on months back.
  5. Oh the water knocks the side branches off? Very nice.
  6. Very nice. I remember back before sour gas and steel making methane from oil with just gold amalgam pumps. Dark times.
  7. Very neat way to build up a tile. Though you are losing half of the material when you mine it. Still again... You can put all that useless abyssalite from off world to use.
  8. My main regret is calling it flaking instead of something cooler sounding like ablating.
  9. The whole space materials economy is changed with being able to go to destinations. What of the 3 main space materials? They were pretty scarce. I can't imagine there would be deposits of fullerene, isoresin, and niobium on remote destinations. But I guess there isn't any reason they wouldn't be there.
  10. Using corner debris generation makes dealing with lava very easy.
  11. While optimizing saves could you throw in the bunker door open/close % if you have not already? I hear that if you load a save that was mid-door animation it will lose that progress which would be the cause of random space failures.
  12. Automation on the vents is pretty nice from a qol standpoint. I imagine some people had to rewire some places to account for it.
  13. I guess I’m not a fan of the new logic gate art yet. Seems to make it harder to interpret at a glance.
  14. That is true but you do not need dupes that are trained in everything. 2-4 full lines is enough and that is including the research line.
  15. I guess a lot of people get overwhelmed by stress? How deep are these things in the tech tree? I mean can you even get access to these in the point of the game where stress usually wrecks new players bases?
  16. Uh oh. The Hamtaro nightmare spiral of every day being better than the last might happen.
  17. Hmm. Does that mean you could have a single pump send out to more than one pipe? Like with bridges you can have the output going out to 4 different places. I've never been in a position to try sending more out. It should have more possible destinations and not block itself.
  18. Yikes. Still looks unstable. Guess I’m doing something else tonight.
  19. Early/midgame runs fine. The real performance hits are late game when you cross the actions per tick threshold and everything grinds to a halt. You can observe this sort of delay with critters. Things like grooming and really any action can take several seconds to queue up. I feel it is mostly all the temperature exchanges that go on with everything. Most late game revolves around exchanging heat in some way. It is unavoidable. That can also be observed with multiple peoples observations that cleaning up not just all the debris but also keeping debris in separate storage improves performance.
  20. On the star map I’ve got several duplicate bodies. Like clicking on one selects 2. I thought maybe it was a bug but it happened on my current one too. Is it something with the screen resolution? I’m playing at like 2k
  21. I imagine that ethanol change is a nerf. I haven’t used it as a coolant yet so I don’t know what it used to be.