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  1. Potential workaround: 1. Place a low priority smart compactor that blocks door to storage-hole when half-full. 2. Another high priority one to block dispenser when compactor half-empty. This way dispenser won't empty storages, unless they are full, and dupes won't top storages off.
  2. Issue is not limited to 4k, I see the same issue at my '2560x1440' screen.
  3. [Game Update] - 357226

    I hope they won't start dying off now, like pacu do... Pacu in cold (6C-9C)/hot(30C-34C) water occasionally give birth to tropical/gulp and they freeze/overheat to death. Thus population slowly reduces. Wow! I'm going to assume that we no longer need to wonder, what that port on the cockpit do) Can we get couple more dupe names please?
  4. [Game Update] - 355385

    I meant this: This is medical bed (triage cot), so tooltip is clearly wrong - it doesn't assign skills. It should be something like "In perfect health" or "has no injuries". Also I feel like all those medicines should be applied while on the triage cot, not eaten personally, and shouldn't have immediate effect. P.S. Something is clearly wrong with sweep errands, I have sweep only free storage that accepts all seeds, seed with yellow alert sweep errand, and nobody picks the seed up.
  5. [Game Update] - 355385

    Bug with invisible sand (sorry, no time now to open new topic): Potential scenario: Have a ladder in salt water Have unexcavated sand above ladder Dig up until sand falls onto ladder Two more separate bugs: I built a medical bed and when I hover over dupes in the list tooltip says that dupe is "ineligible for this skill". That is absolutely unhelpful) When my dupes were ill with hypothermia, heat stroke and food poisoning, I could not assign them to medical bed (both in proper room with table and toilet and standalone). But not sure if it is a bug, mechanics might have changed without me noticing...
  6. [Game Update] - 354426

    Got some odd behavior with dupes refusing to sweep specific seed even under yellow alert (storage was available and had free space), I had to force storage to yellow alert to force the seed in, but behavior got fixed by itself later. Thanks for the info. Is it correct to assume that boiling is identical?
  7. When I loaded save half of rocket was landed and half was about to land in 0.6 cycles. When time to land came half of rocket attempted to land and game crashed. Biological module entirely missing, on load seconds before landing crash did not happen. Dystopia_vlc Cycle 1438.sav P.S. Compactors don't seem to have 'Solid' category, so can't move solid oxygen and carbon dioxide around...
  8. Pre-crash busted landing

    Happened again with new rocket on second trip. Only happens if game was saved&loaded 1 cycle before landing.
  9. Tank is 1/3 full, yet indicator shows that it is empty.
  10. Reservoir shows as full, yet there are only 4.4t of content.
  11. Oxydizer tank's text input field doesn't allow more then 3 digit input (999 max), yet slider allows up to 2700kg. Slider works fine, but setting limit with slider result in clipped/offset text. Oxydizer tank always requests 2700Kg of oxydizer regardless of limit set in the field.
  12. Devs forgot to mention that now we have a slider to set amount of tank fuel and we no longer need to wait for tank to become full. But 'fuel limit' option is exceptionally buggy, it is more reliable to stop fuel flow then to set 'limit'. P.S. And that now we have to craft replacement for abbysalite
  13. Regolith columns with Rocketry save

    Same issue. Likely cause: This makes digging regolith and sand very hard - it falls, buries and consumes what you already mined, now you are back to where you were, but with slightly less regolith. And regolith/sand suddenly dropping onto more regolith will immediately block your path. P.S.I have 60t of igneous rock under a volcano, if magma decides to solidify above this rock, there will be an 'igneous explosion')
  14. No second planet in 10,000km range on star map

    Probably expected behavior now:
  15. Bugs with rockets.

    I see a bit different behavior. With petroleum: I set limit of petroleum to 800Kg. Inspecting tank mid process does not result in issues. Once tank got full (to 800) it stopped filling in I disabled Liquid reservoir that was feeding the rocket When I checked rocket after reload fuel line from reservoir to rocket was half empty. I hovered mouse over tank and tank was complaining about 'empty pipe', pipe was not empty. I clicked at tank and it immediately dropped 900Kg (probably expected at this point). petroleum.webm With Oxylite: I set limit to 800Kg Was monitoring dupes and noticed a dupe hauling 900Kg of oxylite to rocket (obviously clicking on tank will drop content since it was over limit) Rocket indicates that it awaits 2700Kg. With steam rocket:I was checking on the rocket periodically while it fuels (500g/s) and notices that steam amount jumped down couple times. Rocket was set to 750, contained around 400Kg on one check and couple minutes later it contained 250Kg (I don't think it could have reached limit during time I wasn't looking). I saw no indication of where that steam went to, but short time later I noticed dupe hauling 200Kg steam bottle from rocket. Does rocket periodically drop 'invisible' steam bottles? Seems to be partially fixed, priorities are there, but field is still bugged and needs to be a little wider, limit is not enforced properly. Game version: 289971 P.S. I don't mind wasting some petroleum or water, but liquid oxygen and oxylite is another matter... P.P.S. Solid booster fails to consume fuel, at least it failed twice for me when it was on top of steam engine.
  16. Not sure if it is a bug. Personally I placed 'clock sensor' below telescope and telescope is disabled for short period when sun is most active. But it should be easy to make a dupe work at night.
  17. Astronaughts also don't retain their food permissions.
  18. [Game Update] - 289971

    Yes, no drywalls or plates. Temperature of rocket above 100C, steam is above 110C. Rocket periodically drops 200kg bottles while stationary and I have to refuel it. Also I'm unable to catch the moment when it drops, or the bottle by itself, all I see is that there is clearly less steam in thruster and some time later I see dupe moving from rocket with 200Kg bottle of steam. Also after steam+booster rocket returned there was no steam engine, reload did not help. I suspect i removed it when I was removing pipes while rocket was away Another issue during trip, after load Data bank in planetarium: Solid booster always full after trip Oxylite tank quantity control doesn't work right. Dupes deliver 2700Kg oxylite and rocket drops it all immediately Oxylite weight input field is not long enough, in some cases text is clipped somewhat. If petroleum tank is full to specified limit, it will drop content as soon as you increase required fuel capacity. After loading game petroleum tank somehow appeared to contain 900Kg of petroleum instead of 800Kg and as soon as I clicked on the tank it dropped content. tank was set to 800Kg on load. P.S. Instead of dropping liquids and gasses in bottles, can we please get output pipes? Or at least 'empty' button instead of automatic ejection.
  19. [Game Update] - 289971

    Steam rocket constantly loses steam( Rocket still complains when gantry is retracted. Are we supposed to retract it midlaunch? I noticed automation output on command module, but it activates only when destination and all other conditions, not directly during launch. And stays active whole flight. Also of note: steam rocket drops 200Kg steam bottles from time to time.
  20. [Game Update] - 289764

    First asteroid at 10Mm (I have only one) shows 3% Niobium after research with research modules. Sadly I can't build solid booster - game still crashes. So I can't check anything further, but I would expect that further asteroids provide greater rewards.
  21. [Game Update] - 289453

    Production of 10 research points per module even from researched asteroids seems a bit unbalanced. There is little point to send rocket to 9+ trip if you can send rocket away for only 3 cycles and instead of additional fuel use more research modules. Depending on distance and time getting research from closest asteroid might be more beneficial then getting full 50 point from analysis (it may be far faster to gain same amount from closest one then to wait for long trip one). May be research modules should generate 1 point databanks per cycle of trip not 10 points per trip? So 3 cycle trip will generate 3 point plus whatever you get from asteroid?
  22. [Game Update] - 289453

    Decided not to rick it and deconstructed then reconstructed all those modules without issues and reloading. And crashed again when I tried to add solid buster to new rocket... This build is really crashy.
  23. [Game Update] - 289453

    Thanks, it worked. But only command module had returned (and game crashed), other modules appeared but invisible after second try.
  24. [Game Update] - 289453

    Thanks, will try. So gate above needs to be wider as well? So does "50 research points = 50 data banks" or "10 data banks = 1 interstellar research point"?
  25. [Game Update] - 289453

    Rocket refuses to launch. Retracting gantry causes 'missing gantry' warning for some reason and does not fix flight path. There is also 'Unassigned' warning for some reason, but it does not seem to block the rocket (it was there before I pushed launch button). P.S. Constant 'express themselves' task blocks dupes to the point where they starve.