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  1. [Game Update] - 309354

    A new player would of course have less gripes with it. New players are always much more adaptable than us concerning gameplay mechanics. I do think if you put the choice of either having the convenience of double layering, so a new player has more ease in experimenting and constantling adapting his or her designs, or having to pay a (small) penalty for each change to a setup he or she is not immediately happy with and wants to improve, I think they'd also choose for convenience. Question remains of course: is double layering intuitive? I can't really answer that as a more experienced player stuck in his ways. My guess is if that if you are allowing double layering, it should be reflected in the tool tip which would help said new player understanding the capabilities of drywall. That was the original change, but that brought issues with doors and airflow/mesh tiles not being compatible anymore with drywall in space designs. That one change was very easy, but did not account for other gameplay mechanics. Changing those other mechanics was more difficult, and will be more difficult as again ladders proved surprisingly challenging in regards of inter replaceable. This has been a very time consuming experience for the developers and will consume time in the future. I agree with @Cairath when he says that time could have been spend for more pressing matters, like for instance the broken steam turbine.
  2. [Game Update] - 309354

    In my case it would be oxygen. Slightly more of an inconvenience, but ok: still just an inconvenience. It's something I can life with, but what it's more difficult to swallow is: why. Why did the change had to go this way. We talked about there's perhaps an exploit with more mass being able to absorb more heat. I think it was you who proposed a much better alternative by reducing the mass of the drywall tile. I am all for stopping exploits, but most people do not use that exploit and those people are also having to do a lot more work now. As it stands now, you'll manually have to deconstruct and construct when you want to adapt your setup of tiles and drywall. Now I assume this will change in the future where tile and drywall can just replace eachother. Doors too hopefully, and the issue will become minimized towards loosing gasses when replacing doors. I can life with that. But was it really necessary? It's possibly even a much bigger inconvenience towards the developers because having tiles replace other tiles is not straightforward (just look at the bugs that came with replacing ladders). New art had to be made for the doors. They had to code that open doors would not loose gasses anymore. They had to code that pneumatic doors let gasses through but not let it suck out into the vacuum. The had to do the same for mesh/airflow tiles,... . So yeah, again: why.
  3. [Game Update] - 309354

    Doors will be impossible to replace with leaking out some gas. As soon as one drywall is done, the door should be deconstructed, at which point the second tile will leak out gas. Not even mentioning the technical challenge this brings and all the bugs along.
  4. [Game Update] - 309354

    You don't have to. Cairath developed a mod a week or so ago: And yes, I will be using this mod. If there was a meaningful exploit that had to be fixed, it should have been done differently. I'm all for making the game more difficult. Hell, I would love for instance the drywall break and leak out gas if the internal pressure got too high of a pressurized room in a vacuum. But this change is just tedious and only leads to annoyance. I'm sorry developers, but this is the opposite of a QoL change. What also annoys me is that the developers never put out any reasoning for this. We can only guess based on the bug reports and what they have answered, but was that the true reason to go to such lengths just not to revert the changes? IMO, it looks more to be intellectual stubborness than anything else.
  5. reverse the drywall changes

    I will ask for a reasoning during the livestream. I also find it an inconvenience now, although I atleast can use doors and airflow tiles again. But for the time being, I'm just using @Cairath's reversal. Do check out his mod.
  6. [Game Update] - 308684

    @Ipsquiggle do not forget background art for the airflow/mesh tiles as well (should be pretty straightforward because of no animations).
  7. No. They specifically said next update, so it should be fixed the next update of the current preview branch. Only... function wise this will solve the problem, but unless the animation/textures are adapted, you'll basically will have pneumatic doors without a backwall looking into space. It will not leak gasses into space, but it will look kind of weird?
  8. Will the doors, which have opening animations, and the mesh/permeable tiles, which have textures you can "look though" have some sort of back wall texture? Functionally what you propose would definitely fix the problem, but aesthetically you will have a hole/opening to space. This might create the impression said doors and tiles do allow gasses to escape, while that isn't the case. Plus it simply gives an "unfinished" appearance.
  9. Yeah, I agree. We should be allowed to turn it off (please, do leave it enabled by default!). My current base is large and operation stretch across the whole depth of the asteroid. On top of that I harvest wil grown sleet wheat, which automatically brings long traveling times with it. But the dupes I need to stay near one spot -chefs, ranchers- have low traveling times. All the rest have to travel a lot due their roles in the colony.
  10. Multiplayer

    Up until now I only have seen modders doing new content. There was no attempt or as far as I know any discussion between modders to do any sort of multiplayer features. Never say never to modders and their creative minds. Again, modders did make it happen for Skyrim, but only after 8 years (and no, I don't want to insinuate the games are alike. Not at all infact). But, we'll be literally swimming in content by that time, probably complete overhauls where we start on the planet instead of the broken asteroid, with a cataclysmic event leading up to the vanilla game. Modders are far more interested in content, content, content. Which is a good thing!
  11. reverse the drywall changes

    Replacing ladders is also a straight forward question (not the same as a straight forward implemention, because apparently it isn't!). Properly fixing the steam turbine is a very complex question on the other hand.
  12. reverse the drywall changes

    I am sorry, but I am not able to get to rockets before cycle 550 unless I really rush things. And rockets are extremely late game. You will be using drywall and be needing doors a cycle or 100 before you get to viscogel, which is unreasonable demand gameplay wise. And I need a forward base close or up to the surface else my duplicants will spend 90% of their traveling. I repurpose the gravitas centre for this. If you want to disagree with me, fine, but just go through this topic to realise I'm far from the only one who thinks a rollback is far from an unreasonable request.
  13. reverse the drywall changes

    But viscogel is extremely late game. That's not a solution for most of us as you will most likely need a combination of doors and and drywall to get started with rockets nearer the surface. Yes, I know there are other fluid locks too. Again, it's not as good a solution as (partially) reversing the change.
  14. reverse the drywall changes

    That's not always the case: sometimes on bigger issues they do answer. Like one time we asked for a full breakdown on changes because an update had a lot of "ninja updates" in it, to which we got a reply. I even have a bit of personal messaging with one of the developers. They do answer from time to time. The thing I believe that is going in here, is they are looking for a solution, but it's complex as they might are looking into separating tile from door (which I think is not straightforward in the code), hence why we aren't seeing any update adressing this. I do want to verify that and not necessarily advocate false hope.
  15. reverse the drywall changes

    @Ipsquiggle I was hoping for some developer input on this. Is this something that will be changed back (even if partially), or are the developers of the opinion doors/airflow/mesh tiles and drywall should not overlap by any means?