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  1. Looking for modding partner

    So updated concept: Added a little graphic explanation of what my idea is, which is basically a valve inside the piston, connected with a hydraulic spring. When the piston is being pushed down by the crankshaft, the valve will close off inside the piston. Which is what you want for compression the liquid. When the piston is being pulled up, the valve will be released from the piston and so water will be able to flow into the cylinder chamber. I also made changes to the pipe connectors, which are now in a neutral position. This should allow the pipes to be connected from any direction in a good way. I haven't finished up the small detailing. I'll wait with it until we found a concensus.
  2. Looking for modding partner

    I got a sweat idea how to fix the realism regarding the water going into the cylinder. I'll look into changing a few things based on this concept.
  3. Looking for modding partner

    @NightinGale Yes it is with a crankshaft, meaning it will still use up some power. However, this is realistic. A piston can't just perpentually go up and down without something driving it. In a car engine this done through the combustion process, as the explosion of released energy makes the movement possible. There is no combustion happening here, so it has to be externally driven. I imagine the chain of event going like this: piston in top position allows water to flow underneath it, filling up the cilinder chamber. Once done, input closes and motion that is powered (say 5-10 watts) through the crankshaft, compression the liquid as the moving down piston closes off the edges. At the same moment, the output pipe opens up. Note that the orb structure above is filled as well during this process, to create pressure and help the piston drive down. I hope this is more what you are aiming at. It is a 2x1 rotable structure. I also think I will need to swap the in- and output pipes as the big one should be the output pipe.
  4. Looking for modding partner

    A piston compressor is greatly realistic for compressing gasses, not so much for liquids in high volumes. I will work something out though tomorrow. I do have a better idea now given you were very specific this time.
  5. Looking for modding partner

    Here is a concept of a liquid compressor: Trying to stick to the ONI art style. Still have some way to go before I really master this kind of style, but I think it's a relative good start. A liquid compressor would require roughly the same animation patterns as an aqua tuner. If someone was able down the road to extract those and hand them to me, I'd be able to study it in detail and base this liquid compressor on that.
  6. Looking for modding partner

    Interesting! I will try to make some concept sketches tomorrow based on this and from there we can see further.
  7. Hello, I would like to do some modifications for this mod regarding introducing new content (I am open for any ideas!). However, I don't really know how to codes, scripts, extraction, etc. I would personally like to solely focus on the art and frames of said new content. So if anybody feels like doing that side, allowing me to focus down on the art, hit me up!
  8. Hey since when can't one have unreasonable and/or naive dreams? It's an unofficial basic human right!
  9. It is not that I am worried about existing bugs. Most of it is rooted out through the QoL updates, and I am thankful for that. I think that anybody who has followed the game's development ever since Early Access, knows that literally every iteration came with bugs, glitches and issues. We literally had day one preview branches where the game would crash on start up. Now when the preview branch moved to the live branch, most of these problems where fixed by that point. Some issues kept on lingering and are now being handled through the QoL branches. Now we have a new, very large content upgrade coming. 3 biomes, new creatures, new plants, new buildings. I am sure the developers learned from the early access period and are much capable of preventing new issues to arise, and if not to better notice them and get them fixed on a much better rate. However, it is a given there will be bugs, glitches and issues. It's practically unavoidable. That's not criticism towards Klei because every game developers is faced with that. There is no perfect development line that avoids growing pains. Again, what I am worried about is that there is not enough testing done with the new content by the time of release. Rooting out problems requires testing. That has always been the case. If a developer comes in here and says "don't worry, we have freed up more than enough time to test the game out meticously in-house", I will be perfectly fine with that. My single worry is that things are not rushed and not properly tested. I wouldn't give a damn if this was Bethesda, because you know they will screw things up in that department. Klei however abides to a much higher standard, and unfortunaly with that comes higher expectations. If need be, I'd gladly accept a delay of even a couple of months if that ensures QA is done properly. Again, I don't mind of it is a private test or not, as long as it is tested. And yes, a proper professional QA team would of course be better. Maybe that's infact already done and we just don't know. Maybe it isn't due budget constraints. I do believe that if testing needs to be done, you can draw on this community and its vast knowledge of the game. Send some people around here a PM, arrange None Disclosure Agreements and roll them up in a private testing setting. You will get quite a bit of value out of that without having to spend vast amounts on professional QA!
  10. I am not claiming it will not cost time, but it should also be doable. Before the QoL updates, the time period between updates was 6 weeks, with 2 weeks of those running the preview branch. Again, the reason I am asking this, is to ensure the product is properly tested before release. It doesn't matter if I am personally involved in that or not, I can certainly wait those 2 weeks. But from limited developer personel right to full public release, I think we will hit a lot of day one bugs. I love this game. I don't want its reputation and future tarnished because of crippling issues at its launch. It has lately become a true problem in the gaming world.
  11. That depends actually. The latest content update has been under development for some time now, parallel to QoL3.
  12. I can understand it comes off like that, but I'm really worried there will be a lot of bugs when the game goes out of EA.
  13. As the title mentions. From what the developers have said, the update will be very substantial, perhaps even the largest content update since Early Access. Inevitably, that will come with bugs and issues. So the question will be if the community will be used again (the impression I get up until now is there isn't going to be a preview branch), if there are a select number of testers involved, or if the developer take the whole task of bug hunting on their own. We all have the same goal: to see ONI released in a pristine and polished state, so I'd say do a preview branch so we can help out.
  14. Modding System Now In Testing!

    Hmm. I don't know anything about modding, but am able to make art and probably frames for animations too. If anybody feels like doing a pilot project with me, hit me up!
  15. Rocket Engine heat

    Let's just help the poor fellow... First off, I wouldn't build bunker tiles below or around the rocket. They don't isolate very well and steel is very precious. Instead I use ceramic around it and of course bunker doors above it. That will insulate a lot better already. Next, I launch the rocket from a large pool of water. That will act as a huge heat sink. I have not launched rockets in a very long while, so my info above might be outdated. But this how I basically launched my rockets and that worked for me really well.