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  1. Huge RAM issue

    That's a good tip actually .
  2. Huge RAM issue

    I do think given the widespread issue on RAM we aren't talking about dodgy memory in general. Of course, that can still come on top of that, and probably reducing your game completely down to a crawl.
  3. Huge RAM issue

    I'll double down on that. When the time comes, I'll open up a topic where I'll ask people to send me their low fps save files. I'll test them on the same system, both on Windows and Linux (Mint?) and share the results.
  4. Huge RAM issue

    Yeah that's good, thanks a lot! I am honestly flabbergasted you are able to get that kind of performance with that ram. So basically if we run a Linux OS it is all fine and dandy? I was looking for an excuse to get a Linux install, so yay!
  5. Huge RAM issue

    Could you give a bit more info? Like amount of dupes, playspeed, ramspeed? 22fps doesn't sound bad on x3 speed, but kinda bad on 1x.
  6. Huge RAM issue

    I haven't played the game in a long while. Even though I want to, I am waiting for this to turn around. What I don't get is how we got to this situation. We had relative good performance after the QoL updates. Even though we got new biomes and different asteroids, surely this shouldn't weight in on the generated world? The game world's size and the things it has to calculate and whatever remained relative the same.
  7. [Game Update] - 352488

    Oh no, not borg cubes again!
  8. They are making work of further performance optimizations. Normally we'll get them this week; they had some setbacks to deal with last week, but we will get them.
  9. [Game Update] - 348980

    I second that. I think given it is still early days, it's not really an issue that we for instance have to play with unfinished art or unrefined game mechanics. If bug and crash fixing pushes that backwards, then I can definitely cope with that. Just want to be able to try stuff out and give decent feedback. That's what testing is all about.
  10. [Game Update] - 348553

    For the record, I always agreed to have the water sieve a variable output. I even fully agree with a standard rise in temperature. However, a flatline base of 40°C and from there a variable output is shifting the balance too much to the other side. Also, I always believed that even though this was needed, additional or improved ways of cooling were also needed to compensate. The icemaker does not cut it, and with wheezeworts also somewhat nerfed, this will make cooling much more difficult. I think most experience players will be handly this, maybe even comfortably. However, do know new players will fail at this and maybe get extremely frustrated. Given the QoL updates were to make things easier for those players, I do feel this is nullifying to a degree the efforts made in QoL.
  11. [Game Update] - 348553

    I agree that the fixed temp is too much. It should just add heat, and the other cooling solutions should he bumped up.
  12. @Bigfoot is there additional info to be given about the testing period?
  13. There is a difference however between for instance day 1 "assassin's creed odyssey" (which had a lot of small bugs) and day 1 "fallout 76" (which was full out unplayable). It's quite unevitable to have some bugs around at launch. However, that should only stretch to very minor inconviences at its worst.
  14. Indeed. I was holding off on starting a new game because of the May launch, but now with the delay I just started a new game on a mod mega map. Tons of fun! Also commercially Klei can get revenue for years to come through all sorts of DLC. The game is relative timeless as well. The choice of graphics makes sure the game will not feel outdated any time soon. Therefore it is so vital the game gets launched in a pristine state. That day 1 buzz is so vital as it will lay the customer base for years to come. They need to get it right from the get go to get high value out of this game.
  15. We should also dampen our expectations that the game will effectively launch at the end of July. It all depends on how well the testing phase at the end of next month goes. If the game has to be delayed again, they should and not try to rush to meet the deadline.