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  1. I am currently on preview branch 438694. Is it advisable to not update for now?
  2. Me too. I am daily moving between 2 places, so it is nice to have that option now instead of constantly using an usb stick.
  3. I second that. I think given it is still early days, it's not really an issue that we for instance have to play with unfinished art or unrefined game mechanics. If bug and crash fixing pushes that backwards, then I can definitely cope with that. Just want to be able to try stuff out and give decent feedback. That's what testing is all about.
  4. For the record, I always agreed to have the water sieve a variable output. I even fully agree with a standard rise in temperature. However, a flatline base of 40°C and from there a variable output is shifting the balance too much to the other side. Also, I always believed that even though this was needed, additional or improved ways of cooling were also needed to compensate. The icemaker does not cut it, and with wheezeworts also somewhat nerfed, this will make cooling much more difficult. I think most experience players will be handly this, maybe even comfortably. However, do know new players will fail at this and maybe get extremely frustrated. Given the QoL updates were to make things easier for those players, I do feel this is nullifying to a degree the efforts made in QoL.
  5. I agree that the fixed temp is too much. It should just add heat, and the other cooling solutions should he bumped up.
  6. Hmm. I don't know anything about modding, but am able to make art and probably frames for animations too. If anybody feels like doing a pilot project with me, hit me up!
  7. Yes. I'm just saying: you are effectively deleting heat, instead of displacing it like the aqua tuner.
  8. If I am correct, you are still deleting heat. It will just take more power per unit of heat deleted (or better said: it will take a fixed amount of power per deleted unit of heat).
  9. Pitchforks? That's so dark age. Nowadays we laser them
  10. You do get what I was saying, right? I hardly call sweepers not working a feature . And yes, the bunker door animation bug was quite annoying, but they would close and open eventually, just with a delay you could alteast build around fairly easy. Sweepers not working, that is game breaking for me. I am at the point where I want to automate my base as much as possible, including the food storage and supply. That's gone out of the window now.