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  1. I like the optional full collapse but the scrollbar extending down half (and only half) the screen is just weird. Especially given that the current UI scale / screen size makes the scrollbar completely unnecessary. Does anyone have any numbers on this?
  2. I've got sound (Debian), but having random slowdowns... and 2nd crash in <20min of gametime. First crash was just after I tried to view the 512 cycle achievement, second was trying to open the pipe overlay. It's times like this I wish that you could set autosave to >1x / cycle.
  3. Another -1 to the green/red change. It makes the various sensors much less intuitive. "it's active so the output is active" is a whole lot saner than "it's active so the output is... green?".
  4. This still doesn't work for other outputs, by the way. For instance, if you have a gas reservoir with CO2 in it and you run partial packets of CO2 over the output, it'll never empty.
  5. I agree. This is one of the reasons why I've been against hard room requirements from the beginning. Give requirements that fail gradually as opposed to all at once.
  6. Grinding is not a substitute for gameplay. Other than that, good update for the most part (from changelogs anyway - I don't even try to play the prereleases anymore). (That petroleum color though. Not a fan. All things considered, color is minor though.)
  7. @LTLking - It's kind of hard to use PW->W conversion for cooling without a means of turning W->PW, and showers are up there in terms of how much PW they produce.
  8. No, considering fixed temperature output is one of the few 'official' methods of cooling.
  9. What was the heat capacity of sour gas raised to?
  10. As per my duplicate bug here - this happens for me, but only for the colony name. I have not tested the debug menu, however.
  11. Can you please reconsider this? It leads to a lot of micromanagement in the middle game. And I hope that ONI is not intending to be a game about grinding and micromanagement.
  12. The game rounds extremely small amounts of heat transfer down to zero. I suspect that's what you're seeing here. A simple workaround for now is to add a loopback with priority - that way if/when such a packet arrives it will merely loop, and sooner or later another gas packet at the input will combine with it and bump up the size.
  13. The frustration with this is mainly that it renders the notification system semi-useless.