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  1. Is there a list somewhere of what is counted as this?
  2. I generally don't use AETNs. They burn (small amounts of) H2, which is rather useful late-game. They have too high a min temp to be directly useful in any of the more exotic builds. Their actual output is relatively underwhelming. They are often in really weird locations...especially as cold biomes tend not to be near the starting location. Their very existence implies that there's a cold biome... in which case I can use the cold biome directly while bootstrapping, and later on set up an aquatuner/steam turbine combo. As such, I tend to view them as a situational bootstrapping measure at best. The keys here are: "same as any other geyser" -> they aren't; they need an input. Not much of an input, but still annoying. "if they're in a good spot" -> cold biomes tend not to be in a good spot. If they are, and if you've got spare H2 handy? Sure. If.
  3. You should probably try with insulated pipes in the insulated tiles.
  4. If this was just a bridge, we'd be having a different discussion: filters block until all outputs are built. This means that you can't insert them seamlessly inline either. If that was the intent, the current behavior does not satisfy that intent.
  5. Interesting idea. Turn your generator room into a steam chamber. That's one way to deal with PW outputs, I guess.
  6. What temperature is that water going into the aquatuner?
  7. The old behavior was effectively "disabled by default". This behavior was great from a gameplay perspective. It had other bugs (namely displaying that it had something selected even though it was effectively disabled), but the underlying behavior was good. Now setting up filters has an extra step that's really annoying if you forget about it. Not the end of the world, but a step backwards even as they are trying to polish the game.
  8. I actually got it before the latest patch.
  9. Oxygen not Occluded and Not 0K But Pretty Cool both seem to be mildly bugged. I got the first one semi-randomly while loading my save. I suppose I could have just saved at exactly the right time, but I don't think so. And I got the latter from a broken diamond window. I think I ended up with a conveyor rail melting inside of it or something? Very similar to the old "tile that no longer actually exists" bug, if not the same thing.
  10. And gameplay trumps realism for realism's sake. If I wanted realism, I'd go outside.
  11. What I've been doing lately is taking my main water line and doubling it back on itself through the water reservoir and priority-looped. I then use it as a heat sump. This allows me to punt the things that used to require early-game cooling (notably electrolyser). The first steam turbine I get up and running then is used with an aquatuner to cool down the main water tank (as usually by this time it's getting a bit toasty). I'm really not a fan of the heat changes as-is. All it's done for me is replace a lot of different builds with... steam turbine + aquatuner. (There are some rare cases where I can get away with just an aquatuner (mainly mass deletion).)
  12. It may be worth testing with overpressurized supercoolant, just to see where the failure point is.
  13. One other question: how large of an exhaust plume tunnel are you using? And is it Dewar-insulated? Normal insulated? Or just normal tiles?
  14. I wouldn't go so far as to call it an outright bug, but yes, the coal generator not getting deliveries when disabled is... suboptimal. My view on it is this: as-is, you have less options than if it still delivered when disabled. If it still delivered when disabled, you could emulate the current behavior with doors / checkpoints / automation on the sweeper arm if you really wanted to.