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  1. This status happens when a stressed binge eater steals food directly from another eating duplicant, thus preventing them from ever finishing their meal. Caught one on the act today. I've had difficulties to reliably get one to interrupt another duplicant though. They might need to eat while starving. Oasisse Cycle 8.sav
  2. Is it me or something was changed regarding travel time calculations for the supply errands? I no longer get the long commute notification since yesterday's update. Total travel time now stays around 35% whereas just before it would infuriatingly not go below 45%.
  3. The sieve is still unbalanced as it can create massive amounts of heat at no cost and for no reason. This is rather punishing. Heat is already a challenge to manage for some players, even more so with the wheezewort nerf. I'm happy to see some change but this doesn't completely address the issue, in my opinion.
  4. + 1 and maybe each asteroid could have a thematically relevant set of default traits, to further distinguish each from one another, with players having the choice to customize or randomize them. As a challenge, yeah. But I agree that rerolling to get a desired combination of traits might get tedious.
  5. I don't think the effects were implemented before the latest version. I now think the two animations are just two iterations of the same disease. Probably inspired by the « Zombie ant » fungus.
  6. Those germs are called Zombie spores, so maybe the mind-controlling animation was intended for something else? Also :
  7. Sneezing is similar to the slimelung symptoms so I would bet on some headache, dizziness and/or fainting effect, that doesn't last for very long. Edit : It could also work like sunlight. For example, Floral Scent could give a stress reduction bonus but prolonged exposure (exceeding a certain amount of particles absorbed) triggers a negative status. The « germs » particles are more analogous to a strong smell emitted by the plant, rather than pollen. Like perfume or essential oil.
  8. Maybe the Floral Scent main use will be to prevent the proliferation of other, more harmful germs but too much exposure to it might cause some minor side effect.
  9. One observation in an otherwise really great update : Those two mechanics are kinda contradictory.
  10. Its normal, because they have a longer lifespan (75 cycles instead of 25 cycles).
  11. Here comes the new bristle peppernut fusion poutine with melted gassy moo cheese curds : ... Yes this is honestly the first thing that came to my mind when I tried to figure out what this machine was about.
  12. I think these hats normally looks like that. The weird thing is they don't keep the dupes hair contained.
  13. This save file from QoL2 crashes when it is loaded into QoL3. Made_in_Space_III_c302.sav Seems like the culprits are the vitamin chew orders from the apothecary. I've been able to load the save file successfully in QoL3 after I cancelled them.
  14. Not sure, either Camille is transporting an egg or I paused the game at the precise moment when it was laid and was falling behind Camille. That's an odd detail to notice.