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Cosmic Upgrade Available Now! - 273433

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"Space" just got bigger--literally. Miner Duplicants have broken through the crust of the asteroid, revealing the entire big ol' cosmos beyond! This stellar discovery has spurred new material innovations as the Duplicants rush to exploit the frontier while defending themselves from the uncaring vacuum (and unsightly freezer burn) of space.

The truth is out there!

What's New in the Cosmic Upgrade?

Space Biome

"Look at me, Liam! I'm on top of the world!" The surface of the asteroid is a source of abundant natural resources along with new hazards for your Duplicants to navigate.

Key Features

  • Solar Light: The abundant energy of a nearby star can be harnessed for electricity with Solar Panels. Your poor cave-dwelling Duplicants will appreciate the warm natural light as well, provided they don't roast!
  • Meteor Showers: The good news: free resources! The bad news: they're traveling at 16 kilometers per second. Protect your surface infrastructure with meteor-proof walls and shutters, along with the new Meteor Detector.
  • New Elements: Improved material science has enabled the production of Steel, Ceramics, Glass, and other basic materials.
  • Windows and Walls: Now your Duplicants can build a room with a view. Transparent windows allow light and decor to pass through, while keeping your precious gasses and liquids right where you want them. Back walls offer protection against the greedy vacuum of space for those who dare to build on the surface.

Critter Additions

Like a swarm of Shine Bugs, the ranching opportunities continue to expand with new buildings and improvements.

Key Features

  • Updated Egg Economy: An Egg Cracker building makes planning your next omelet as easy as pie, which is a good thing because eggs have undergone some mass changes, as well as becoming unviable if left in storage for too long.
  • Updated Critter Artwork: Completed eggs, babies, wrangled, and trapped artwork for all critters. Hooray!
  • Automated Pen Management: Before, your Duplicants merely kept critters. Now, they're ranching them! Pen limits, as well as automatic wrangling and transfer, lets you build the coal-producing machine of your dreams.

And More!

  • Powered Door Finally Powered: It's nice and zippy when it's plugged in, but make sure you've got enough batteries charged to keep it working!
  • Power Production Rebalance: With the addition of solar power, numerous tweaks have been made to the electricity economy.
  • Performance Enhancements!
  • Tons of bug fixes, rebalances, QOL additions, and more!

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Cosmic Upgrade Test Branch, submitted your crash and bug reports, and gave your feedback in our Suggestions Forum. We're always grateful to hear your thoughts and thank you for the time spent playing our game.

Enjoy your time in space!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements?
Specs are likely to change, but currently these are the requirements we have. It is highly recommended that you do not purchase if you aren't over this spec as we may have to raise the spec in the future. 

Minimum System Requirements for Windows, Mac, and Linux

How often can we expect new updates while you're in EA?
All new content is being released as part of our regular game Upgrades every six weeks. Check the update timer in the main menu to see how long to go until the next update!

Is there OSX and Linux support for this game?
Yes there is! The game can be installed through Steam on either of these platforms.

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?
There are no plans to support any other platforms at this time.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?
Come let us know about it on the forums!

Will there be multiplayer?
There are currently no plans to add multiplayer.






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  • Developer
7 minutes ago, blash365 said:

@Ipsquiggle: is this build identical with the latest preview build (in terms of fixes) or is there a delta patchlog, that you can provide? I am asking because the entry


seems rather new to me.

Thanks for pointing this out. I've added the final preview patch notes to the bottom of the full patch notes. The item you mention seems to have been missed in previous patch notes, it should have been in the 272894 release.

56 minutes ago, _Q_ said:

Egg cracker still has no art or its looking all white cause i use save from preview branch?

This and and a few other art items are still incoming. :)

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16 minutes ago, Bobanaut said:

The new gas behavior is sure interesting... i did not expect hydrogen to form negative bulbs under walkways.


something like this or maybe just my imagination


The advantage of the left.right behavior was it would find a path easily through floors...seems it gets stuck more easily?

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Great short again! Thanks Klei!


(Honestly i'd throw my money on you only for the shorts alone!They alone have been already more then worth it for me then many hollywood movies!)

Might i can ask who is making them? The complete Team or some special artist ? :)

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1 hour ago, _Q_ said:

Egg cracker still has no art or its looking all white cause i use save from preview branch?

Looks like they didn't get all the art done in time. The egg cracker and solar panels haven't been updated at all, glass tiles still look like plastic tiles that are transparent in the middle, bunker tiles did get finished but the borders at the top of the tile don't always line up (build some and you'll see what I mean). Also steel still looks like a raw metal, glass still looks like algae and ceramic still looks like clay.
And the kiln still doesn't need power (the devs said it is supposed to on a stream).

Edited by Michi01
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12 minutes ago, chemie said:

The advantage of the left.right behavior was it would find a path easily through floors...seems it gets stuck more easily?

maybe. but i think it was easier to program it... anyway i am not against that behavior. that kind of bulbs will be formed by any liquid in reality. no idea if real gasses have something similar

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