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  1. I thought the tepidizer on/off pulse trick broke on reload? If so, I'm not following this one. and can't find documentation of this one? Can you elaborate on these two? <<You could use the bug related to stacking debris, where the mass of a debri pile doesn't drop when performing thermal computations, to either heat or cool your steam. >>
  2. @Ipsquiggle I love balloon artists but until you fix this bug ""Enable Proximity" setting DISABLES OVERJOY RESPONSES" It is very difficult to get balloons.....
  3. That's why I SO wish there was a way to designate where idle dupes go. Like the rec room please. It's so frustrating when they idle in one of the work areas with low decor.......
  4. I'm one of them. This is my fav early to late-mid game oxygen generator. I put a row of airflow tiles with deoxidizers above them and a light above them all you have to check is occasionally that you have algae and sand.
  5. Are you talking about flaking it? I thought that was fixed? Can you point to the thread on how to do it?
  6. THANK YOU @Maso ! I have tried everything to get my balloon artists to make balloons and nothing until this worked. It's a sucky work around as proximity setting is something I depend on but I turned it off to get the balloons which are great and so cute!
  7. Thank you so very much to @Maso who discovered this and wrote a bug report on it! I'm cross posting here because I know I haven't been the only one trying to understand WHY my balloon artist with a 52/15 morale will not make balloons!! Hopefully the Devs fix this ASAP
  8. That should be easy to test. No ONI access now. If it is true then venting water over a mesh tile where crude lies in the mesh and petro over the vent (one tile wide column) with two tiles of steam above petro should allow us to make massive amounts of heat. I think I missed some of the info - did this end up working? I need some extra heat in a salt water boiler that didn't work the way I was anticipating (my asteroid is cold. large glaciers, frozen core cold. Two iron volcanoes and a gold all in the frozen core still has not melted it in a couple hundred turns, which I can't figure out but whatever, I'm using the -17 oil to cool my generators and metal refinery)
  9. You guys amaze me. I have read this thread multiple times and am still not sure I'm following it. Meanwhile I thought I'd make a salt water boiler with turbines and two AT that would also cool my oxygen and can't even get that to work right! Kudos on all your hard work.
  10. So does the latest update that just hit 30 minutes ago "fix" this? <<Fix solid flaking temperature deletion. Uses the actual energy required for the melt, as well as the SHC of the transition element.>>
  11. I have two other rec rooms but he goes and hands out balloons by the printing pod not in the other rec rooms. (My print pod is in a rec room as well)
  12. I do not know exactly what all the tricks to it are, but I stuck an extra unit of downtime on my balloon guy, and occasionally he goes and stands by the printing pod for a short period of time, and as the dupes run by he gives them a balloon. I LOVE when they have balloons, such a great stat boost, I wish I knew more about the mechanism to get them to give them out. Like, do they have to pass the balloon artist at the printing pod or is there some kind of call out? How do I trigger that? My dupes are not in atmo suites inside the base, so maybe that's a factor that is different from your photo.