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  1. Cool build thanks for posting!
  2. Dupes are creating diamond from mafic rock

    @mathmanican this sounds like your kind of bug!
  3. I have built this one in multiple bases - thank you @mathmanican for the updated design that is shorter! also thank you @Saturnus for I learned this the hard way ::D that really helps as well!
  4. Can I just say i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you include this Construction Plan? It's awesome!!
  5. New Player Needs Direction

    If you want ideas of directions to go, just read old posts on the forum! They will give you a ton of ideas! For specific things, I learned a lot from Francis John ( cannot find his handle here but he is here and on Youtube) and @Lifegrow 's and @Mullematsch 's youtube videos. The others mentioned above are great too, every person learns best a little differently, check out a few different ones!
  6. @Lifegrow When you build this please post on forum, I have three in a row and I'm still dithering how best to approach them.....
  7. I thought Wheezies in farm blocks now require fertilization? Did I miss something?
  8. The corner dropping make me happy, haven't seen that before!
  9. Power shutoff automation gets stuck

    I have this happen to me all the time and I HATE this error. The lights and tooltip show that the shut off is supposed to be one way, but it is not. I hope it is fixed soon.
  10. Plant and Critter Idea Thread!

    I'd like a rust biome silk worm or spider - it could eat rust and produce silk strands that could be made into luxury clothing that gives higher moral bonus, you could do a combo, where a mite eats the rust and the spider eats the mites and produces silk. the mite would be a nuisance, unless you were willing to ranch them with the spiders for the luxury clothing.
  11. Cooling.

    Don't under estimate the power of targeted ice temp shift plates. First check and see where the heat is coming from - all pipes gas & liquid that are carrying hot material into the base need to be insulated. All heat producing machines that are in fairly continuous use need to be moved outside your main base. After you fix that, using a combo of mesh tiles and ice temp shift plates, cool off your hottest areas. Just watch where the water will run when it melts. I normally use 0-10 degree C oxygen for my base which takes care of any base heat issue. I'm trying a new asteroid this time and that's a luxury I don't have at the moment. To put off the base heating issue until I have more time to deal with it, I installed a series of mesh tiles that let the water drain into my pond at the bottom of the main base. I'm using ice that was dug in various ice biomes while constructing ladders to get to the sleet wheat but if your asteroid doesn't have that, you could build an ice maker outside your main base and just let it heat up it's vicinity.
  12. Indecision loops

    Oh that is the best way I've seen, thanks so much! BTW, love your new graphics!
  13. Indecision loops

    I do this all the time. All.The.Time. I load the game thinking I've got an hour to play, I'm gonna get that XXX done! And then I start optimizing, noticing little issues that I want to fix etc and before I know it, my time is gone and I didn't even start my projects.
  14. End game goals

    I think this is spot on.