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  1. This. Many's the time I suddenly realize my Dupes are getting popped ear drums inside my base... It's always the Algae Terrariums... An atmo sensor is a great idea here.
  2. a 1650 what? New GSU? New Power supply?
  3. Thanks for posting, I'm impressed, there are two on my current map and I promptly walled them in and left them!
  4. @Ipsquiggle I love balloon artists but until you fix this bug ""Enable Proximity" setting DISABLES OVERJOY RESPONSES" It is very difficult to get balloons.....
  5. That's why I SO wish there was a way to designate where idle dupes go. Like the rec room please. It's so frustrating when they idle in one of the work areas with low decor.......
  6. THANK YOU @Maso ! I have tried everything to get my balloon artists to make balloons and nothing until this worked. It's a sucky work around as proximity setting is something I depend on but I turned it off to get the balloons which are great and so cute!
  7. Okay, been way too long since I've started a world. On the "Check the traits of a selected world" screen how would I enter this seed? It was one I had been playing forever and stopped playing ONI about a year ago and came back and realized I needed to start over. I got the seed number I was playing from the main screen FRST-A-14785-8 and entered that into the start screen and have played about 20 hours on it. Then I realized it was Not the same as it was before, geysers etc in different locations. So I thought before I get too far into this and hate the map, I would check it with the tool. What do I enter from FRST-A-14785-8 into the tool to check it? If I put all that in, I don't think it comes up right as the map for sure has large glaciers all over and entering all that doesn't bring that up. Do I enter just 14785? I'm playing Arboria if that makes a difference. thanks Denise
  8. I have this happen to me all the time and I HATE this error. The lights and tooltip show that the shut off is supposed to be one way, but it is not. I hope it is fixed soon.
  9. While I agree for the power plant, what about the others ? Massage clinic, hospital, great hall, recreation room, washroom, and so on... I'm not sure 15% benefit are working on them. Will the dup use toilet, sink, massage table, sick bay, arcade, etc... faster ? I saw someone say it was for grills, shower, lavatory, sink etc but what about research stations? manual generators? power control stations? Is it all buildings that can be operated except tables? I'm playing and can't figure out how to check this.
  10. Has anyone figured out the new rates? I must not be in the vocal majority but I loved picking a seed with a slushie when I wanted to make huge builds without as much stress. Actually, I'd like to see this tied into the "difficulty" settings on the game. If you choose to play on an easy setting, your geysers, vents, etc will output more, if you choose to play on a very hard setting, your geysers, vents etc will output less.
  11. Has anyone figured out the new rates? I must not be in the vocal majority but I loved picking a seed with a slushie when I wanted to make huge builds without as much stress. thanks
  12. Never know when they will see something and fix - so thanks for putting in a report!
  13. Doctor hat appears and disappears while the caregiver dupe is treating the sick dupe. When he is holding the stethoscope or the needle and is turned towards the sick dupe the hat disappears as in the photo, but when he turns back around, the Doctor hat reappears.