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  1. Thank you for posting, I love it, and I really like this two tile column building idea, this is great! Thank you so much for posting all the overlays and how-tos as well! of course!!! I'm revising my five electrolizer get rid of this water some way build because I realized that it was generating very little hydrogen which is WHY I built the thing in the first place - well and to get rid of some of this water...... Love that this thread is so timely!
  2. Never know when they will see something and fix - so thanks for putting in a report!
  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOO I like this idea! I hope you submitted a suggestion for it, post the link and we can go upvote it. Or whatever it is here - like it?
  4. There is of course an exploity way of doing this, I have plenty of water, but am really considering building this for the electricity savings
  5. Why are meteors hot?

    Oh I would LOVE for the game to incorporate falling chunks of ice! Sudden catastrophic icy floods if you did not deal with it right away!
  6. Bwahahaha! Guilty! I have more water than I could ever use in current base, and yet I still jump through hoops to make sure the three slush geysers, water geyser etc do not overpressure and stop producing..... And this. I still love the pitcher pump cold one - It cracks me up to watch the oil drop in temp in the hot biome, when it's patched, I'll be sorry, but it will not materially affect my game. I'll do something else, which is also fun. In the links on this thread it reminded me that I really wanted to try to build @mathmanican 's water duplicator and/or @Saturnus petroleum version - not for the water, I really really do not need more water, but for the ice cold water at a minimal electricity cost. I dearly love building grand contraptions, which, honestly, are not needed. I could build a larger power plant and just spend the watts for many aquatuners and do the same thing, but I LIKE building the contraptions and getting the dang things to work! I'm running three aquatuners right now doing various cold experiments on generators and this reminded me I could do that a different way and I'm totally building it next time I fire up ONI. No wonder I haven't made it to space yet! I had really set my goal to hit space this game and realized I got interested instead in cooling and I literally could stop running all three and stop building out there and could maybe finally get to space and it would not affect anything in my game except the cooper volcano would melt the radiant pipes. Will still probably build a grand water/petroleum thing instead. LOL I could not figure out the bead mechanic until I was watching and my dupes would not use one four tile high section of ladder in the base, would instead crawl up the firepole there. Turned out, my slush pond was overflowing and beading down those four tiles. I left it as I'm trying to decide if I can do anything with that, LOL One person's I can't play this as it's too glitchy/exploity, is another person's fun. It's all good.
  7. not patched out so far
  8. worst duplicants

    It really depends on what you like about a game. I play ONI most days that I play games, I played Rimworld for a couple weeks before going back to ONI. I liked the crafting and trading aspect of Rimworld and building your base. I hated the raids, where you had to set up defenses etc. Nightinggale is correct in saying that when you build something in Rimworld it is one specific bldg or item that does a specific thing and everyone has to use it that way. In ONI, I can build an aquatuner and use it in multiple ways depending on how I design the system around it. I can build a system in ONI to accomplish many different things. The crafting in Rimworld is recipe based, so it gets boring quickly. The trading would have been my fav (I loved Port Royale for the trading) but I'm not big on the raiding aspect and you usually have to fight raiders to do much trading. If you like designing defenses and going on offense, the fighting aspects of a game, you might get more enjoyment out of it than I did. For me, it was okay, but ONI is much better as it fits my style of play better. If I was going to play a different game than ONI right now, I'd go back to Port Royale III or Tropico 5 or Civ6 or Patrician III or Children of the Nile to give you an idea of my style.
  9. too many critters

    This. I am very careful beginning a game to keep my base totally isolated from the hot biomes around it. I build vacuum walls where I can, insulated tiles where I cannot. I use algae terrariums early and keep that area as cool as possible, no hot buildings near. I put my coal generators two floors below my regular base with an empty floor between them and the next floor being my storage containers (lots of mass there) I use 3 door vacuum locks at the top and bottom exits of my base. When I build my electrolizers, I run the generated oxygen through five worts in hyrdogen with insulated pipes carrying the cold oxygen to the areas in my base. I put a granite statue under each of the cold air vents, it gets cold eventually and radiates that cold out. Once the base is cold, I usually get rid of the bottom air lock so that the CO2 can go down. Once your base is hot, it's harder to fix it. I'd grab some wheezies out of a cold biome and put them in your hottest areas ASAP, and start building insulated tiles all around your perimeter with vacuum walls if you are next to a hot biome, then get your oxygen very cold, then start moving all your hot buildings down to the bottom of your base. Good luck!
  10. I am not following how it would happen with deodorizers?
  11. I have a question on this, so I broke into the oil biome and saw one in vacuum, so carefully kept that vacuum until I could dig it up. I left the seed there but now notice there is a small amount of zombie spores in the oil in that area. Not in the vacuum but in the oil. Does it multiply in liquid like food poisoning does? Does it spread from oil to gas? Will it spread from the oil to pipes etc if I pipe it to burn? At what temp does it either freeze or boil dead?
  12. I didn't explain that well, THIS is the one I used that was so finicky, it was tough to get the right amount of oil to cover both while not flooding them. (someone else's photo, I googled images to find the one I used all the time) inevitably I'd flood them and then delete the tile and hope enough stuck in there to do the job without having to mop and try again.
  13. Yeah, I made a liquid lock out of water before I broke it open, but I'm thinking you are right, would want to get some crude in there just in case as it's gonna explode all over. I like @Neotuck 's storage design, I was using a gas pump over two vents with oil over them but it is so finicky to set up and get the right amount of oil, had much better luck with this one.
  14. This stinks as I'm not anywhere ready to go to space and I'm going to have to set up an awful lot of infrastructure if I want to deal with it.
  15. I have this problem all the time. The exit pipe breaks at the exit point. Pain in the behind.