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  1. Isnt pH2O 800kg/tile? Anyway, whats your point?
  2. Steam In Space

    This is the automation i used. The tempidizer is already deconstructed, but i think it is easy to guess where it was when the structure was still in use.;)
  3. Steam In Space

    You can also toggle the tepidizer on and off using automation. During the first phase of the tepidizers activation, the overheat temperature is not checked. So you are able to heat it above 80°C that way. No dripping required, just some automation latches.
  4. The problem is that your temp sensor and shutoff valves are not set-up ideally. First of all you do not need two shutdown valves (it doesnt hurt though). But the main problem is that your shutdown valves are placed behind a junction. That means that even when those valves are shut, the junction will still split packages of liquid on a 50/50 ratio. Additionally the shutdown valve is placed 2 tiles behind the sensor. Meaning that all shut downs are basically 1 tick too early. Stopping the package in front of the measured one, while the measured one is sent through the non-blocked path. It works as you expect if the pipe is full, but if the there is no blocked package in front, the measured package will simply be forwarded on a 50/50 ratio because it arrives at a junction. What you want to do is to place the shutdown valve on the pipe directly after the temp sensor. All white exits will have top priority, so as long as the shutdown valve is open, the liquid will be branched out there. If the temp sensor measures the disliked temperature, the valve will shut down and all liquid will go down the main path. Check this post for a proper setup and more inspiration: Sidenote: there is a even more atomic post on the shutdown valve by @Lifegrow, but i cant find it. Maybe he is able to provide it.
  5. This. And i agree that the current design choice is very irritating for new users. There should at least be a placeholder with some hint on missing ingredients.
  6. It depends on the material that you build the wires with. This is basically how the entire game works. Stuff will melt, evaporate, freeze and condense at certain temperatures. So for iron wires it is somewhere around 1534 °C and for steel somewhere around 2426 °C. Example screenshot of melting temperature: Since rockets output something around 1600°C, they will eventually overheat anything with a lower melting point than iron (including iron).There are a couple of materials with higher melting points that you can use the first that come to mind are steel, nobium and termium. All of which are pretty late on the tech tree (still not much later than rockets). Another workaround would be to build as few automation wires within the area of your rocket silo and to cool the automation down when no launch is going on.
  7. No need for insulation, if you ask me. Just expand your base to the right side. Research towards nat gas generators (maybe also gas reservoirs) and all the required infrastructure (pumps, filters, etc). Once you have finished researching, you basically have a free powersource and additional polluted water. Dealing with the CO2 might be a nuisance early on, but since you have free power, you can just use a skimmer. Some automation would also be good to not waste your natural gas when your batteries are fully charged. For that you will need refined metals. As you can see, most of your research path is already predetermined now.;)
  8. If i remember correctly those gases (chlorine in particular) used to be toxic in a previous build. Klei decided to tone down the effect because it was too hard to manage at the time. Maybe there will be a time in which this decision is revised, but at the moment (especially with the absense of doctors *cough*cough*), i dont mind the gases being less dangerous. You can still see those gas categories in old screenshots:
  9. Naphta locks were either an unintended bug when plastic was introduced or a sneak peak towards the later released visco-gel. Back then naphta had the property of stacking vertically instead of spreading horizontally like other liquids. This property was fixed quite some time ago, so naphta locks are no longer a possibility. If you are looking for a similar thing then the recently released visco-gel does exactly the same thing. However it is very late-tech (requires rocketry, petroleum, etc.). To make up for it it shows some improvement in certain areas (better insulation for example). However it also has some downsides. It freezes at -30°C and is (still) rather hard to gauge.The biggest downside however is that the lock will break as soon as it gets into contact with any other liquid (e.g. dripping condensation/melting). As mentioned by @Soulwind water (or any other liquid including naphta) locks are the short-term solution. It is essentially a small pond that your dupes have to dive through. Since gases cannot pass through liquid, it will completely lock in/out gases from one side to the other. Because of the properties of liquids in ONI, you will only need as much as ~3-4 tiles of water (only 1 being full) to create a lock. Downsides are slightly reduced runspeed when diving, soaked debuff (without exo-suit), moderate hassle to set up, might freeze/vaporize depending on temperatures and liquid used.
  10. Rocket Help

    Is the gantry extended so that the astronauts can reach the cm?
  11. That thread is exactly phrased as your question. Please use the forum search before you post questions that can easily be answered by the forum search...
  12. It has been mentioned before. Tungsten/Wolframite is currently not renewable, so it has a downside at least.
  13. This is a separate suggestion. "Events during Space missions". You should make a new thread about that.
  14. Which should I choose?

    You will get enough iron from meteors anyway. On the other hand, you might not need too much gold on the long run either. What i am trying to say is: just let your guts decide, it wont break your game.;)