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  1. Wow, that's great news. My biggest fear was that klei would wrap the EA phase after the QoL updates. Which would have been justified, but still pretty anticlimactic. Instead they choose to end the EA with a bang. New biomes, new creatures, etc (maybe even doctors *cough*). That's awesome! We even got the confirmation on DLCs following. Sure, its monetization, but the game-time i have gotten out of ONI already, has surely amortized the purchase costs. Now i only hope that we will have some more balancing/changes to the late-game-waiting-game, which is unfortunately still a bit unfulfilling. @Ipsquiggle: You still need to pin this thread.
  2. That was my guess as well, but why does it change phase? The aquatuner heats it up, but how is it cooled down?
  3. @socooo: sweet design, as always. but could you kindly elaborate on what happens in the aquatuner chamber? I dont see why the atmosphere changes phase.
  4. Next Update - 5 weeks ????

    Well, Introversion Software did something very similar with Prison Architect. But you are right. Klei is very reliable and provides good quality!
  5. Combined it makes a difference. If it's to slow for you, there is a sandbox mode at your disposal.
  6. You can print steel. You can print lime. You can print eggs. Where is the problem?
  8. Oh, you are correct. There is a conveyor output to the storage module. My bad.
  9. So instead of chosing an arbitrary number, you propose to chose another arbitrary number.
  10. If the last ~20 updates of ONI hast shown us something, then that Klei delivers improvements continously. So far from a (pre-)election speech, in which often false promises are made. I agree, but the problem is that rockets still need alot of user interaction: opening/closing the bunker doors, emptying the tank, (maybe) exchanging the pilot. Some of them might be solveable with automation, but not all of them. So you still need to look at your rocket silo every ~12 cycles, which is very different to all the other systems in the game, which usually do run fully automated. hilarious!
  11. So the solution would be as simple as: !! cancels the current assignment and instead places itself to the front of the errands queue.
  12. But you do not set "!!" for a dupe, you set it for a task. You dont know which dupe performs the task, until the dupe is selected. At which point there is no need for red alert anymore (apart from overriding breaks), because the dupe already has the task. It's like saying, we should only buy stocks, which will rise in value. Which is obvious, yet impossible.;)
  13. That is a separate problem. Many times the dupe who delivers material to a construction site, will simply leave and another dupe will be dispatched for the job. I consider this highly unintuitive myself, but i did not yet take a closer look at the stats of the dupes. Maybe the delivering dupe actually has very low construction skill and would have taken longer to finish the construction than the commute of the other dupe.