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  1. Achievement Cheat Sheet

    Well, achievements are more like a challenge for you as a player. So if some people choose to eliminate that challenge for themselves, then it is their loss.
  2. Lack of Ideas.:/ Still searching for a reasonable regolith melter. There was a nice setup from @Sevio But maybe there is a better way in the current version with advanced materials and the changed steam turbine. Maybe with lead as cooling medium for the metal refinery?
  3. They are fast. So no worries. It's hard to make a promise for somebody else, but i'd expect the devs to include it in the next (hotfix) patch they will release. Ideally that would ship within the next week. So if you cannot wait for a week, then you should redesign.;)
  4. [Game Update] - 372041

    You might wanna sticky this.
  5. Oh, you can pick critters from incubators without wrangling? I wasnt aware of that.:D
  6. Excellent video, excellent build, excellent music, excellent cutting/direction. But i got one big question: How do you get the shove voles into your pens? It seems to me that you need to either wrangle them manually or to have one breeding room which is constantly overcrowded with autowrangling, which would result in alot of unnecessary wrangling.
  7. I agree with your approach, i concur with your findings. But making 2 measurements is hardly empirical. Of course the task to perform all the measurements shouldnt be on your shoulders alone (you provided the first step by revealing your methods and hopefully other users with different hardware and colonies will follow), but with just one colony, one computer and 2 measurements (1 day in the colony, if i understood correctly), it is still very prone to artefacts. Especially the finding "there are not many spikes".
  8. No real starting algae...

    Or gather polluted water, let it gas off and use deodizers to make clean oxygen out of it. The required sand will be in the (also new) ocean biomes.
  9. Could you elaborate on the heat deletion? Would this also work with super coolant? And how do you prevent the coolant from breaking your pipes?
  10. I have 4 Petroleum generators and they still overheat fairly quickly. My co2 is not that cold though. How do you get it to 40F? And how do you cool your steam turbine down?
  11. How do you keep your petroleum generators from overheating?
  12. In my latest savegame one of my dupe died directly after loading, even though he was in a place full of oxygen. It is most likely due to his exosuit being out of oxygen. But normally he would just continue breathing normal air. fournewguys.sav
  13. Please also note that these two buildings would just add convenience to the game, since the rooms can already be built in the space biome to have the aforementioned effects. Even though drywalls are usually used when setting up rooms in the space biome, to make them "normal" biome rooms instead. The background buildings would simply allow to use the space biome dynamics/visuals anywhere on the map. For a price.:D
  14. I'd like to suggest two new background buildings that will be unlocked somewhere in the same-area tech. Glasswall: Made out of glass (obviously). It acts as the visual opposite of a drywall, removing the background texture of the biome and giving vision to a space background. This would allow us to create some interesting aestetic builds such as a space-walkway or a space-roof. The effect would be purely aesthetic and provide some kind of decor bonus. Spacevent: Made out of refined material. The functional opposite of a drywall. Removes the backwall of the asteroid and creates a controlled vacuum, venting everyting that enters the tile into space. The main application would be to allow us to easily create vacuum rooms in later tech stages, without having to wait ages for our pumps to finish up or to water-lock-dig a vacuumed room only to dig out a bleachstone tile.... It would also safe us some venting/piping, if we decide to vent some elements into space. Effectively saving us some energy on a pump in those rare scenarios.
  15. Please also add a layout of your tree farm. And add some calculations about the temperature of your room. I dont see why it shouldnt overheat. Because lumber has a high heat capacity?