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  1. It was a bug and should be fixed now. When dupes switch colony, they will search for a new bed again. In my bug report, i requested for one persisted bed/table assignment per asteroid, but unfortunately it didnt come through all the way.:/
  2. Wow! I did not see this entry before. That seems to be a new element property that indicates that stuff is mixed up. There is also one for Metal Alloys. Not sure if those were there in vanilla.
  3. Well, since you have not left your starting biome yet, i think i can relax you a bit. Dont wanna spoiler you too much. But if you dig up, you will find a nice crust of dirt at some point.;)
  4. Pretty sure, it will burn to coal or sand instead. It should say so in the database entries.
  5. Does anybody have the new values for the plug slugs after the recent update? I would love to update my OP. Also, did anybody already receive a plug slug care package?
  6. @Ipsquiggle: Are plug slugs / ps eggs already a possible care package item? I would love to welcome these critters in my colony again.;) P.S.: Amazing how many ways people came up with to break those rockets. *mind blown*
  7. Not saying that your problem isnt something to address. But where did you require so much dirt early on? I can only think of outhouses at the moment. Or did you use the micromusher as well? Is it just a feeling or are you really running out of these elements? Did you dig up most of the map already or are you sticking to your core territory? How many dupes are in your colony? I think in general the DLC world that you are starting in is already a slightly more difficult start than the vanilla world (which should also be available upon release). So maybe it is just that you had to skip one step of the experience ladder for this dlc. Having said this, i am in cycle ~200+ now and didnt even run close to being out of dirt without using the press ever. Same for sand (150+t, if my memory doesnt fail me. without crushers). I am more concerned about polluted dirt. But that is a loooong way ahead (and does not account for all the polluted mud i also didnt touch yet).
  8. Maybe the dupe couldnt decide whether he was part of The Core or Armageddon.
  9. There is already a renewable sulfur source, but it is not exactly low-tech. Cooking oil into petroleum into sour gas and then cooling it down into natural gas will give you plenty sulfur in that last step. It is also quite messy to use an outhouse in space. Just saying. I think your main problem is some dupes leaping behind other dupes. The gym/class room should allow a teacher to train another dupe. And the trainee should be able to progress faster in certain attributes. The higher the teacher attributes and science skill, the faster the trainee will learn. Trainees will not surpass their teacher through training, at some point it will yield diminishing returns. I really like the pips. Let them have their unique mechanic. It is already a bit too powerful. (but _psst_) Maybe it would be a funny attribute for defrosted dupes: [Suggestion] Defrosting Cryo Tanks
  10. I thought it was already fixed in vanilla. But in the DLC it seems to have come back.
  11. That is actually a good point. Come to think of it, the asteroids do already have some kind of fleeting atmosphere, by having a small area that is already unobstructed right below the space biome. That way it will be filled with gases (that are eventually escaping into the vacuum of space) for most of the time.
  12. Poor grubgrubs, soon they will go the way of the plug slugs.:(