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  1. This is a legacy gap. At the moment we do not have a sink for office mugs or other space souvenirs. We also have no way besides pedestals for moving them, which makes the theoretical existing destruction by melting them tedious as well. An easy win for this would be to add a recipe to the rock crusher and allow us to get clay/dirt/ceramics from office mugs:
  2. I loaded one of my old bases and it appears that neither my old pips nor my old pokeshells have any chance to lay eggs for the new morphs. Is this just a display bug or are the new critter morphs not available in old savegames? moverockets.sav
  3. Still an issue. ~1200 cycle game. my two main ranchers are on husbandry 10 (6+2+2) and 6 (4+2) respectively. Other dupes of similar age have ~20 base skill in their main chores.
  4. I would say, he was quite specific already. "Same version of the game" = "same code". "DLC features toggled on and off" = "certain parts of code locked out"
  5. Much appreciated (read with british pronounciation). So as a sidenote i take from it that there wont be more (at least not significantly more) planetoids than we are already seeing, but they will simply be spread further apart in the final dlc (maybe making room for something else? like a blackhole, a death star, a Dupe-build Space station (e.g. DS-9) or space weather:D).
  6. Wait! There is an SO feedback subforum? When did that appear?! At first glance "Bogwater Bayou" is certainly one of my favorites. Not a fan of all of them as some of them (e.g. "Pacu Fishtank") are a bit generic. But then again, i would mind encountering them ingame. What i am missing a bit in the long run (not that we have a good planetoid for it yet) are some names that either seem outlandish ("swisshhhhhhh", "ol'rak'tal", "├Ârss") or technological ("Fractal VII", "Technodrom Mark FFB12C" , Farbenreit 1984").
  7. My first game had a planet in it called "iv" or "ni". I take it you had a better suggestion?:)
  8. Alright. I was kinda hoping for one or two new things. But i guess stability is the better road to head towards the holidays. Could we maybe get some kind of illustration on what you are calling inner or outer, first or second, start or endgame cluster? Are the first 3 asteroids the inner cluster? Or the map as we see it right now? Are you thinking about it as tiered groups of asteroids (similar to the classic telescope map) or is it more like a circular ladder where each asteroid is the next step to progress further? You are using the term alot and you seem to have a quite definitive semantic for it, while for us (read: me) it seems to be a bit too fuzzy to get a more wholesome picture. Awesome! Those will spice up the game just fine.:D Thanks for listening. <3 Enjoy your vacation days! Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy and see you next year!:D P.S.: It might not be a big deal, but the update is marked as a hotfix: P.P.S.:
  9. I think, it is safe to asume that you only have to play once and from then on you own that content (on steam). It worked the same way for the early access purchase in the base game. What updates are you talking about? Remaining alpha patches? The early access launch? Forum posts? Patches in early access? For 1. & 4. you can browse the klei patch list for when they normally release patches: Early access launch will most likely be in a similar timeframe. Forum posts should be in their respective canadian timezone.
  10. @Ipsquiggle: Are plug slugs / ps eggs already a possible care package item? I would love to welcome these critters in my colony again.;) P.S.: Amazing how many ways people came up with to break those rockets. *mind blown*
  11. I can confirm the bug as well. Jobs are completed normally though. It is just a visual bug. For me it also happens with sedimentary rock. but i guess it is - as already mentioned - related to pending tasks on another asteroid.
  12. The power mark of the teleskope is solid, even when it is not in use and it appears to be draining power from batteries as well. As far as i can see it, it is not necessary to run it when it is not being used by a dupe and lesser so once the space around an asteroid is explored.
  13. i raised a yellow alert errand to carry an item out of my rocket capsule. The item was carried out, but the yellow alert was not released in my capsule. Also there was no alert on the asteroid.
  14. I build a rocket and set the oxidizer to a capacity of 200kg. Later on i changed that value, but the green filling bar was still operating on the original max (or a different low value).