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  1. We just need a convenient search/filter function. no need to limit users to a subset of resources.
  2. I have heard that the Switches Traditional Function Union opposes this suggestion.
  3. I think this is the important part. It is absolutely obvious that the quality of the game will improve, when we can test it for bugs in a preview period. But this update is something special. It will be the last milestone of the early access period and therefore mark a highlight for both, the new players, who encounter the game for the first time, and also us early accessors, who will have a huge junk of new content one final time. It would be very anticlimactic for all of us, if we would simply have one last update, then 3 weeks of previewing and then a final release. After those 3 weeks, many of us will already have lost interest. It would be unfair for the new players to not experience the great community in one of its brightest moments (when an update is released). So instead of splitting the community into two parts: EA and New Customers, this update is a chance to merge the two groups and have us all experience the update in the same timeframe. That way New Customers can already contribute in the making of guides and design feedback. And when it comes to bugs: It was said on the livestream that there has been a separate branch for several months already. And klei surely has some inhouse testers (or friends and family) who can also help with that. I dont consider it unlikely, that we wont have a preview this time (not that i wouldnt like to have one). There are definitely some arguments for not previewing the final release.
  4. Slime leaks water!

    Walls with the sickness of 1 tile (or even 2 tiles) can break from overpressure regardless of material (note: doors behave differently). The normal water pressure of pWater is ~8001000kg tile. If the pWater in the tile above the crack is significantly higher than 800 kg, then the tile will begin to take damage and at a certain point (depending on material, i guess) it will break. This is not unique to pWater and happens with any liquid. Walls a thick as 3 tiles will not take pressure damage.
  5. Pyrochemistry

    Many elements in oni are already marked as flamable. This seems to be a (at least at the moment) abandoned feature however. If i understood the reasoning correctly, then flamable elements would be very hard to manage at the moment and could lead to catastrophic results. So it is rather unlikely that we will see it in ONI-vanilla edition. There would be alot of potential in it, so i guess the option is still on the table when it comes to future DLCs.
  6. The old system served your needs well, but it had no penalties for players, who decided to go for super-dupes (all professions). The new system fills this gap. But i dont see a way of restricting lategame without dropping some of the requirements in early game (unless you add even more skill points for a "mastery" as already suggested #titanquest).
  7. That is your playstyle then. I have several dupes, who only have lvl 1 or lvl 2 mining/building/etc. to allow them to chip in with the workforce. And i have around 8 skillpoints still sitting on those dupes unassigned, so the lategame tradeoff does work in my games. I'd imagine players doing something similar in midgame, the difference being that the bottleneck is the number of skillpoints.
  8. I dont get your point. What do you mean with "right away"? I am assuming that dupes start with 0 (first 3)/1 skill points. Every further skillpoint requires a more or less constant number of cycles to aquire. So if you mean 9 cycles of aquiring skillpoints when you are saying "right away". Then i understand what you are trying to say, but i still dont see the difference in comparison to "mastering a job in 3 cycles". So is your point merely that aquiring skillpoints takes too short? Yes, we could. But i doubt it would be well received. It further increases the time until certain professions are usable. Delaying ranching, farming, mining hard materials, etc. It already took quite a while to get a rancher in the old system. This is an excellent suggestion. Let's hope crate doesnt hold the copyright on their skill system.;P
  9. We all liked that idea (the devs said it on their livestream as well). But the problem is that it never worked that way. When i was training a miner, he would immediately gain the benefits of being a miner. No learning required. As soon as my courier perfected his courier job, he could immediately benefit from the exosuit trait even though he just had put his helmet on. This is one of the reasons why it was changed to a skill system, because it actually was a skill system before. The representation just gave you the idea that it worked differently. And even in the skill system you will have the "learning on the job" part, since you need to gather experience to aquire another profession. This part is almost exactly the same as in the old system. The only difference is that you receive experience over time instead of experience for certain tasks of your current "job" (assuming that's how it worked before). The only part where it gets a bit weird is the respecing, because you can morph a master artist into a master cook or a master researched into a master miner. But respecing takes alot of time and given the (allegedly low) morale penalty it might not be used too often.
  10. Anyway, the current system serves lategame slightly better, because now it is not as easy to have "superdupes" as before. My dupes are running at around ~30-35 morale, so i can comfortably pick most of the skills that i want, but when it comes to astronauts, mechatronic-engineers, ranchers or doctors, i actually have to make a choice. Which is good. Maybe a logarithmic progression in morale requirements will make choices a bit harder in early game as well, making both of us happy. But i wouldnt go as far as labeling the new system as a step backwards. Regarding illness, there still are some severe illnesses to arrive, so i am fine with the frequent, minor illnesses having only minor effects on productivity.
  11. Or simply build a massage table.
  12. Which costs you a dupe, who could be a miner, farmer, builder instead and therefore increases your resource-footprint. It's a valid strategy, but it doesnt come without cost. As they were when you could spam artworks everywhere. So what is your point?
  13. Your assumptions are incorrect. Required morale is now increased for every skill you aquire. It is no longer a tiered system as the job tree in the last version. There are huge benefits in learning more skills than simply "one profession": courier, increased carry-capacity exosuits, no runspeed penalty plumbing, increased carry-capacity research, faster stats gain
  14. Playtime record

    when you are posting numbers in the thousands of hours. Are we talking about thousands of hours sitting in front of the screen or your machine running overnight with you sleeping in your bed? Please add an approximate amount of afk-time to your values, guys. 471 hours, almost no afk-time (<10%).