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  1. This is exactly what I think. If you gonna clean it you might want to replace thermal compound on the CPU/GPU (It wasn't that hard).
  2. There's no too hot water any water will do quite the same thing (e.g. 85C water will produce 85C gases), You don't have to cool the water just condense the steam and done there's a few case that you need to cool it (pool for pacu, farm, toilet, research?) The point is liquid pipe wasn't insulated so it constantly drawing cooling potential from AETN and by routing it through metal door would make it draw faster so you're cooling a water and then send it to electrolyte Which is not a good thing. And BTW you don't have to cool hydrogen as it will get destroyed anyway. In short : Just slap all insulated liquid/gas pipe into your room except oxygen pipe inside AETN and isolate the room from outside by removing locked door and replace it with insulated tiles, Polluted water lock can be replaced by vacuum door.
  3. Sort duplicants by trait?

    No but you can sort them by stats.
  4. All building have their use and also nice to have it. Why ? Just think like this "You just bought the game ,You know nothing about it and never visit these forum before" Do you think you will discover all the better solution in one day ? I THINK NOT. Just look at them from a newbie perspective all of them are good stuff.
  5. RIP Jobs Board

    I would love to see "Auto prioritize job" coming back.
  6. are the plants really plants?

    Mealwood I think you're more fit to be critter.
  7. [Game Update] - 349444

    Whoa finally able to build toilet once more.
  8. At first the pwater in toilet try to move at the end of pipe (which is wrong way and blocked toilet output). I tried to deconstruct both pipe and toilet but nothing seem to change. But then I deconstruct toilet and save the game, I could play this save anymore loaded and few secound crashed also no black hole screen. Dangerous Bunker.sav
  9. toilet not usable

    In my save file pipe even move wrong way and caused a pipe blocked.
  10. Uranium

    Yup its already posted and its was there for ages. I wonder when we will be able to actually use it.
  11. New turbine ? HELL YES!!
  12. 2 years ? feels like last month.
  13. [Game Update] - 309354

    Game update right after valentine day. NICE
  14. [Game Update] - 299241

    But what is invalid locations ?