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  1. Very glad to hear that, And maybe you can make dupe skin or building skin and then sell us in bundle or something just like in DST.
  2. From the road map klei said (in term of gameplay) there will be performance improvements (Which is the latest Fast Friends patch) and bugs fix. Other than that nothings yet. Hopefully klei would update the roadmap soon (6 months old already) or a surprise beta branch :D
  3. And the lag whenever you clicked a door or a menu with dupe face too!
  4. I used to this too, But handling supplying chores have to be done in some way. So If you don't mind a mod here's a link.
  5. I bet the dupe is also stressful, They would freak out whenever they saw exit point of the base.
  6. You can copy/paste your existing geyser in debug mode. In case you don't know about debug mode then here's a link to my steam guide I wrote ages ago.
  7. The option to kill critter is just temperature, drowning, angry-pokeshell pick your poison and start making build from there.
  8. Critter screaming about "over crowded" when there's an eggs in the room. Meanwhile one-tile-fish and shove vole box said it's fine. Does it make sense to me? Absolutely no.
  9. That's true, performance is possibly last thing to look at. "If it work, it works!" is more fit these day.
  10. Out of curiosity, what would be the alternative? (I have no experience with this game engine.) - Hash (no predicting the order you find things in)? - Heap (priority queue)? Here is a different List.Contains(item) give Boolean as a return value as it name suggest. It can give you result of the "exact" item if use in generic type (List<T>) List.Find(predicate) it give you an item that you inserted as a return value (kind of query thingy) It can return a null if that item doesn't exist which you can use If() to check, So it can provide what Contains give and a bonus useful item if it found So based on insta question I would say NO. Because how you gonna have that exact item and throw into Contains function (a collection of all chores in the world can do it but it just plain bad). With List.Find is more matched to the question eg. List.Find(x=>x.choreType==sweep) something like this can be use afterward. Did klei use Find for chores ? IDK I didn't look into it.
  11. A buildable teleporter please (with huge power consumption as well)