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  1. I wonder why not mention about tube in horizontal speed?
  2. [Game Update] - 395929

    I used to lock the door when liquid almost overflow,But now I was just ignore it .
  3. Here's my collection of mods I use, Most of them are QOL and you might like it. Spoiler "lot of mods" - Link included for each mod.
  4. [Game Update] - 395929

    @Saturnus Here's what you asked for right?
  5. Would be nice if tubes speed are behave like (speed + (athletic*multiplier)) not just default speed across the board.
  6. You can use this mod, it make you able to wrangle anything that auto-wrangle can (somehow) do, Without building a dropoff just to wrangle something.
  7. Any map that give you hatch / pacu / lot of wild non meat food. So the map with forest biome can help you with the early food requirement. I don't know what seed is good for that but most of the time I played tend to end up with about 10 hatches within starter biome. Set up a ranch, pacu, go get the shove val (each of them give 16000 kcal). Basically you get 8 dupe set up a stable meat farm before cycle 50 and live with the cooked meat/cooked fish entirely (disable other food type) since you will take another 50 cycle for dupe to eat 400000 kcal for the carnivore, locavore should be finish before that. If you're somehow can't setup a stable ranch before cycle 50, Throw your energy into incubator to speed things up at that point you may need to have a bit more dupe to eat the calories requirement.
  8. At cycle 2 I would decide whether I will go with the full achievement game or not and I mostly did go for it even if I've done it before, it require specific type of game play and build order and I mostly find myself destroying biome for food and have top play with 8 or less until food source is steady. If I decide to go full achievement that's mean I've to get rancher > SPOM(for power) > exosuit if found wild reed else wait for locavore > oil > turbine > space > do some achievement related stuff > wait for achievement to rolls in > game end. If I don't then I would go for meal wood > coal power automated > ranch > SPOM > full crew exosuit > seal off the base > go for oil and tap some geysers along the way > steel > oil boiler > space > game end. And a lot of the time I realize I should do this better than something, I delete my save file and go with the new idea I got in the new map. Additionally when I play on Rime I've a goal in mind is to heat up the entire map and did the opposite when playing the hot map. Maybe I should try to build a rocket within 100 cycles(should be possible) or make 70-80% of the map as a huge rocket silo(at that point the performance issue would kill be before I finish it).
  9. Preview branch today?

    1.32 AM here, expect to see the update after work hours end.
  10. Just put a door and critter sensor set to above 8 let all eggs and item drop to the ground. (no need for auto sweeper).
  11. Shutoff automation

    What to do is you stick "in-line blockage sensor which is the first part of the packet stacker" as @Saturnus said right "AFTER" gases filter and then bring that automation wire to a "not gate" and then connect to their pump. (Why after gases filter? it's because you have to know what gas will pass through the filtered pipe and select that gas in the element sensor) Well... once the pipe at the target is blocked the pump still turned on until all the pipes in the lines are full, Yes I got that now so the only way to solve that is to bring an automation wire from the target all the way to the pump as I mentioned above.
  12. Shutoff automation

    Alright its work now.
  13. Shutoff automation

    You can make a loop instead and expand it into sorting system. How do you get it to work? The temp sensor signal stay the same even after no packet in the pipe.
  14. Modular Reservoir

    I believe the gases will just evenly distributed to the tank, Is it not?