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  1. I'm trying to change dupe stat with save edit but I'm not good at saved file at Hex formatted It so hard to figured out where is dupe stat stored (If any veteran have done it pls tell me) So I retreat and will try cheat engine method hahaha
  2. debug mode

    This is only ways to summon creature by edit worldgen spawn in file "mobs.yaml" (open with notepad)
  3. debug mode

    Create empty txt file named "debug_enable.txt" in your ONI_data folder your location is depend on where you installed game (check via steam game property) once you do this get in game load colony or create new then hit "backspace" on your keyboard(by default) game will freeze for a couple secound if menu appear on right side then you are done if not you might do something wrong
  4. No my main wire not get any damage
  5. So i separate circuit like this my main circuit has no load but it still give power to all and not get any damage Is this a bug ?
  6. Carbon Lock

    chlorine is the best option if you prefer gas lock with temperature control btw why not change your tiles?
  7. And there is a debug mode
  8. save attached polluted O2 not used but dupe can breath? that interesting Actually i didn't test it my base is fully sustainable and if i don't use oxygen produced from water then i might need puff and get algae ? yup that steam won't condense if it was too much of them (It condense by touching water in the room) water will heat up and will glitched by toilet Solo.sav
  9. This concept is challenged by my friend so it came out like this This base is 15x15 (included wall)
  10. Why this game is lag ? answer is The more you play = more lag you will get Well It look like that because this game require a ton of calculation that will put to your both CPU/GPU. I will explain why Note : 1. I'm not dev of this game but as a programmer. This is what i think It may or may not correct 2. CPU will process all command in this game (like what gas is this , what need to change , all If command , how can i let GPU know what to display, etc) 3. GPU all numerical calculation will be done by this guy (mass , temperature ,etc) Cause of lag 1. Gas in each tile have a mass and temperature that need constant calculation (and weight too) 2. Storage compactor Yes it storage this guy is real deal if you have significant amount of this 3. More Dupe more Fun! 4. liquid/gas pipe 5. Germs in next update will add as attribute of gas and air(polluted) will help it spread around your base take a good care of that or your game will more lag 6. other stuff i don't think it affect much performance How to reduce lag 1. play small base 2. block off place u don't need 3. don't put storage too much