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  1. I think not, mutated plant just need 25 rad. but to get seed i think compress might be the best option.
  2. Here's how to get older version of any game, And I think it's legal (It's from Steam after all). But I do agree with you that having version control is good (Factorio have it) If you still confuse this one is more in depth
  3. I support the nuclear with it own category, And It shouldn't block the base game stuff (Many research feel like it just a gate). And well since we have Botanical research this make perfect sense for that. For me it's just feel wrong getting nuclear before solar.
  4. OMG the DLC is the idea from last year. It finally happen! I'll buy it for sure.
  5. So is this just use for temp calculation or If mass larger than that the extras will just vanish ?