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  1. OMG the DLC is the idea from last year. It finally happen! I'll buy it for sure.
  2. A lot of stuff at 36.6C ?? Thermal balance for solid? Or coincidence.
  3. Steam cloud offer you a limited space to store save files. Maybe devs doesn't wanted to do, or they didn't check the API. And there's file size limit at 256MB (Source I think ONI save file might exceed that at some point. Edit: And there's also a bunch picture of your base which will eat up even more space. (Well just don't upload the picture and let it lost if you change the PC/ maybe manual copy? IDK)
  4. Well, I thought about that too and I wonder what the reason for 4k transformer. Since we have a lot of automation now, how about adjustable transformer? This should fix every problem but create (player)manual labor instead.
  5. So is this just use for temp calculation or If mass larger than that the extras will just vanish ?
  6. I used to lock the door when liquid almost overflow,But now I was just ignore it .
  7. Any map that give you hatch / pacu / lot of wild non meat food. So the map with forest biome can help you with the early food requirement. I don't know what seed is good for that but most of the time I played tend to end up with about 10 hatches within starter biome. Set up a ranch, pacu, go get the shove val (each of them give 16000 kcal). Basically you get 8 dupe set up a stable meat farm before cycle 50 and live with the cooked meat/cooked fish entirely (disable other food type) since you will take another 50 cycle for dupe to eat 400000 kcal for the carnivore, locavore should be finish before that. If you're somehow can't setup a stable ranch before cycle 50, Throw your energy into incubator to speed things up at that point you may need to have a bit more dupe to eat the calories requirement.
  8. Whoa finally able to build toilet once more.
  9. At first the pwater in toilet try to move at the end of pipe (which is wrong way and blocked toilet output). I tried to deconstruct both pipe and toilet but nothing seem to change. But then I deconstruct toilet and save the game, I could play this save anymore loaded and few secound crashed also no black hole screen. Dangerous Bunker.sav
  10. In my save file pipe even move wrong way and caused a pipe blocked.