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  1. "Diagonal deconstruct" put 3 tiles in the corner once finish deconstruct the middle one. How to get food in there? You can do it with conveyer loader.
  2. The problem start when having high tier skill, Say you got mech engineer(5 point) but get just 1 back, now you stuck with 1 point dupe that can't gain their own innate skill. I think leave it as is OR able to take their own skill while skipping all requisite skill.
  3. Seem like old save still works, clicking on patch note is crash though.
  4. I didn't test it in DLC yet (figuring out how to get meat). My food source in base game always be pacu/shovel, But in DLC shovel missing and I think less algae available it may become harder. But I feel like in DLC give more *free* food. With the recent POI changes not sure if free solar still a thing.
  5. OMG the DLC is the idea from last year. It finally happen! I'll buy it for sure.
  6. So is this just use for temp calculation or If mass larger than that the extras will just vanish ?
  7. I used to lock the door when liquid almost overflow,But now I was just ignore it .