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  1. @Enzium I understand that people can just avoid spoiler by doing that, but for the people that regularly visit (OR new player) it is just unavoidable. And simple choice of word can lead to misleading for example I say this is "new stuff" but how do you know it's new for him(in-game for so long) or new contents added to the game. Which is why any spoiler should make it clear. And there's spoiler tag for the content. I think just move on since I want to get a detail about new contents anyways.
  2. Nah I'm not joking and I wasn't forced him to do "just a suggestion". To be clear it's more like a tradition or some sort that any spoiler should mark it clear as "spoiler" not like saying the same thing in different ways and expect everybody to know it's the same thing.
  3. Hmm maybe add SPOILER ALERT to the title would be nice. But I do love spoiler
  4. O2 appear when your O2 production is lower than consuming, I think it pretty accurate though. Since you (kinda) can't wait for a full cycle for stabilized value.
  5. Nice! I thought you were gonna talk about decor bit this is 360 turn!
  6. Maybe it wasn't a pause while saving, It just freeze!
  7. OMG the DLC is the idea from last year. It finally happen! I'll buy it for sure.
  8. So is this just use for temp calculation or If mass larger than that the extras will just vanish ?
  9. I used to lock the door when liquid almost overflow,But now I was just ignore it .
  10. Whoa finally able to build toilet once more.