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  1. [Game Update] - 274778

    this rant was not only directed at that one specific change, it was just one example. But yes, that happens for me all the time. if you dig these blocks you have an instant 50% penality on your cooling/freezing loop ... same as if you dug out oxylite at the beginning, instant starting penality of 50% less 'free' oxygen ... But there is also that: cherry pick bug reports that look very easy to fix, ignore the ones that have impact feeling, especially with that short and incomplete change log and changes that i could best describe as... i better not upload my save file and show the devs how i play the game, because next time i wont be able to do that without the game changing to be fun and i don't mean using exploits. /end of second rant
  2. [Game Update] - 274778

    Ore that gets entombed into the same element will now add itself to the world. i see, you really want to break any build that uses CO2 freezing or other stuff freezing, because if one of these turns into a solid and takes all the x gigatons of material at the same spot... but then i always have the feeling that most of your 'fixes' are stuff to annoy peoples current playstyle especially when you look at the current bug reports and what is ignored /rant
  3. can confirm dupes lost snazzy suits while going around in atmo suits in high temp area
  4. dupes ignore it at any priority possibly only when totally broken
  5. As title say. Dupes will spawn refined carbon when going close to a gold volcano with only air/hydrogen (1000°C)
  6. different set of conditions and rules there. like a hydrophob solution will not mix with water even if liquid. add some fitting tensides and your lamp will be all gone
  7. yes yes. but neither do liquids. a mixture of gasses may behave just like a mixture of liquids in reality. it may just need to be a big enough experiment to compensate for the gas molecule speeds
  8. maybe. but i think it was easier to program it... anyway i am not against that behavior. that kind of bulbs will be formed by any liquid in reality. no idea if real gasses have something similar
  9. The new gas behavior is sure interesting... i did not expect hydrogen to form negative bulbs under walkways. something like this or maybe just my imagination
  10. cant wait to update and see my current colony die due to all the changes, yay
  11. i poured over 600 tons of pol water onto magma, letting it condensate and it pretty much looks like 50% of the pol water vanished. steam amount looked ok. water amount is way too low edit: don't use cell painter... it seems to induce a different behavior from normal gameplay
  12. either build airflow tiles underwater or get steam to condensate inside airflow tile will result in tiles with water in it. all fine except: water does not simulate in these tiles and will never leave on it's own. will float in these.
  13. may happen due to checkpoint having no power for a sim frame while dupe goes through. even if the power is enough it sometimes sims not enough
  14. if you break an item with +50°C temp (gold amalgam) dupes will not repair it if it's above 75°C