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  1. Great short again! Thanks Klei! (Honestly i'd throw my money on you only for the shorts alone!They alone have been already more then worth it for me then many hollywood movies!) Might i can ask who is making them? The complete Team or some special artist ?
  2. Exactly, if something cannot exit the vent due overpressure/or not being used by the machine you're delivering or whatever else it starts building up in the pipe until past to the shutoff starting the the problems. You can minimize the risks up to a point where its really negligible that it goes wrong with a loop and if you look for no power outage. The difference my design to wachunga's would be i use 3 shutoffs and double check the filtered pipe where its important for me that nothing wrong is deliverd with the second sensor and build the loop there sending back anything wrong. It is as said very very unlikely that something wrong is deliverd with that filter and costs 30w power.
  3. Problem is with all designs the same: once it backs up and clogged one pipe, it will slip wrong elements through the other output. Reason is simple: If the first valve-pipe after the sensor is clogged, it will pass on in the same pipe to the next valve even if the sensor is OPEN the clogged valve and it should go through but cant-> it moves on-> there is the next valve which is now still closed BUT it will stay on the "in" of that shutoff until it will open due the element sensor is 2 tiles earlier and will as soon as it register one for that shutoff open it no matter whats currently waiting on the inline of it. Only solution to make it very safe is add an additional layer behind on the pipe where you want your desired gas/liquid with a check sending everything back into a loop with a priority in the pipe so the flow into the loop is stopped- if something slips through. Though there better is no power blackout or this could fail too however its very unlikely with that setup. Your power usage will be with that 30w (still a good less then 120w from the filter).