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  1. Now THIS is what i call a worthy meme format a fine addition to my collection
  2. i have questions, but i don't think i want answers
  3. I really like your memes

  4. I found a way to bypass meme generator's watermark
  5. YEY I'm finally a senior member here is a Lenny face: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and here is a picture of a cat: here is another one: and more: more!!!: K bye
  6. *player saving the game* *player exiting the game* *a massive gunfight while the game is not up and the player can't do anything* How does that make sense for ANY dupe?
  7. I think Liam is talking about the immunity system Dupes also does that for stress, moral and jobs
  8. My father once done something in a level of photoshopped using only paint He's a legend I donnu how he does that
  9. A nice picture of the new shovel vole: