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  2. creativity bleed
  4. maybe it's changeable in the settings
  5. that's a bug. report this under the bug tracker
  6. there is a mod:
  7. Monoxide Memes

    i have questions, but i don't think i want answers
  8. translation (google translate): Add a new building that has the ability to explore the terrain to remove the fog. It is recommended that Level 3 technology, the building can remove the fog of the 15*15 area every 1 minute, showing the terrain. The location is manually selected by the player. This building can largely avoid the possibility of players rushing to explore the terrain and make the purpose more accurate.
  9. i think this suits more in the general discussion. but it's really a threat.
  10. this thread isn't about falling sand. that's a different problem. as long as duplicant movement doesn't lag, this shouldn't lag either
  11. just take the y position if a dupe. check if the tile in the y-1 position has an assigned digging, and tell the dupe to move. repeat every frame it won't lag the same reason snake doesn't lag when you eat an apple
  12. Scuba gear
  13. i like it! there is a mod for the clothing part btw:
  14. actually, to determinate whether or not a dupe is standing on a tile being dug is very simple. it doesn't require massive amounts of calculations at all
  15. if they add explosions, i think they should also add creepers