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  1. I have posted an idea a few months ago about a automation computer that can run operations on the inputs and outputs with commands. I said it should have a logic gate ui that will convert the logic gates to code. I am going to repost it in some time plus a next tier of it
  2. I really like your memes

  3. Monoxide Memes

    I found a way to bypass meme generator's watermark
  4. That is a very cool idea
  5. I have already suggested 5 Lemme find it Ok can someone put it here?
  6. Probably not You will see what I mean in a short time...
  7. I totally agree with you
  8. About integers, I have something planned...
  9. So... It's kinda like a while loop?
  10. Microchip

    thx This gate is capable of variables and logic gates. I'm also working on an upgraded version...
  11. Microchip

    Suggested this already Search for "the ultimate logic gate."