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Roseate Wilson custom figure

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 This was surprisingly easier than I thought it’d be, I’ve never worked on a resin like this before. I actually had to cut off the outer chunks of his hair and reshape it with polymer, which is what I used to build the vest and shoes, then went over everything with acrylic ( including the face, because I sanded some of the seams down, which showed dark underneath ). 

 I’d definitely like to customize my regular Wes as well, I’m thinking roseate for him too but comment if you’d like to see a different skin! If I get enough of one I’ll do that instead. If anybody’d be interested in commissioning a customization of a Don’t Starve figure they have, feel free to message me!

 I’ll be auctioning Roseate Wilson on my Deviantart this Friday ( April 13th ) at noon, starting at $45 +shipping.

The auction is OPEN! Runs 12 PM today ( Friday, April 13th ) - 12 AM tomorrow ( Saturday, April 14th ) ( US central time ) !!

SB $45 USD +shipping, MI $1

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10 hours ago, 1bubbainpa said:

...I... I want it.....




I can pm you once I put the auction up on Friday if you like ;)

5 hours ago, ImDaMisterL said:

That looks incredible! Nice work!


4 hours ago, Lakurius said:

It's ...

B e a u t i f u l


2 hours ago, axxel said:

I appreciate your art skills. It should be included in the Figure Special Edition :o


2 hours ago, FreyaMaluk said:



1 hour ago, FuffledBeeQueen said:

So prettey, oh so prettey

And to avoid just spamming thank you over and over thank you so so much to everybody! Seeing people enjoy my work is what gives me most of my motivation. Also Klei hire me so I can build a prototype for WIgfrid and Shipwrecked figures.

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2 hours ago, minespatch said:

This should probably be in "art and Lore" but congrats for all the effort. Now I can see why you posted that thread previously on the cut hair.

Can't wait to see more of your work in the future.:wilson_smile:

So I've been a member here but never really used the site much for 3 years and totally forgot about the art section of the forum dfgh so I will keep that in mind for future reference, thank you lol

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3 minutes ago, minespatch said:

It should be a more common practice. ^^
I'd actually purchase extra limbs if Klei or a fan made extra arms/limbs to replace missing limbs.

I'm actually thinking I might start making molds of the base part of the heads so I can easily replicate them then sculpt different faces/ hair/ possibly accessories onto them, so I may very well look at making replacement arms if people have trouble keeping track of them : P I've also considered making arms in different poses and messing with the size of the feet ( repainting Wilson made me realize just how HUGE the figure's feet are compared to the in-game models ). They'd probably need bases but I've been working on designs for some sculptures I'm making anyway.

At this rate I may as well just prototype my own figures from the ground up fhgjk

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