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  1. Doodle Time

    Me and @Swollson are just gonna slap down some Don't Starve doodles here. Don't mind us We've stalked the forums for a while but I think it's time to come outta the shadows. Time to give granny some love u o u
  2. i think that this is art

    I see you fam! Gimme all the good boys! Tysm for adding your Wilson he looks wonderful!! nqn I wonder if I could redraw all of them hmm hmm Hallowed Nights hype!
  3. Doodle Time

    Ty mines~ We like tormenting poor Albert :)c He's really in for some tense action soon. For Maxwell, I try to be as much of a butt as possible. He's definitely still clinging to the belief that he's still king. Drawing and rping grumpy grandpa is a blast. Hope to try other survivors out soon!
  4. Doodle Time

    It's been a little minute. @Swollson and I have been very active on Tumblrs with RPs. Might post them here but I thought I'd share some of my favorite panels from the RPs. Some of these are under spoilers for gore/violence so please be warned. If you'd like to take a look at the most updated RP it's available here but WARNING contains gore/violence: Murder Mystery (Victorian Wilson / Wickerbottom / Albert @Quoth143's OC) Part 1 || Part 2 And from our Forge RP with a bunch of other great artists on Tumblr! This time I'm taking on the role of token grandpa Maxy. Both parts are available here. We try to update as much as possible/when we have time: Part 1 || Part 2 Long post sorry!! Enjoy!
  5. Doodle Time

    Yeeeeaaaahhhh, we're going to probably start part 2 on another post. Thinking about posting it here as well under spoilers because of all the gore. I hope its not too bad of a scroll o(-( glad you think its funny tho lmao
  6. Auspice's Art

    I love seeing you fuse different skins together. Its such a nifty idea and always cool to see the final.
  7. Doodle Time

    Kill me they are so cute!! Its got a nice vintage feel to it! Tho excuse me, wheres my wickerson? Tall, dark, and banana needs to migrate.
  8. Doodle Time

    TAG ME IN COACH! IM SO READY!!! I should add my queen in too. I actually have yet to animate her hnnngh!! Loving these new skins. Bless you klei! U o U 1. Ill give it a try on mobile and pc! Fingers crossed! 2. Thank you mines. Yes it would stand out a bit more if the video preview was there. 3. I feel like if we get the same abilities as the crocs then it'd def be something Wilson would have since he's our support healer/res. Slapping down a banner would be sooo good!! (Another animation idea gdi mines!!) Id love for the signs in base DST to be reskinned to that banner.... (Please please please)
  9. CheeseNuggets' Cheesy Fan Art Thread

    Cheese your art is always so colorful i cry! These giants are super cute!
  10. Doodle Time

    Sdfadgs ty for browsing through our shenanigans Whimsi! I think we might be the only duo sharing an art thread?? *Shrug* Welcome to the forums my dear and we appreciate your kind words!! I'm def here to flood the fandom with animation so I'll continue working for all to enjoy! Hope to see your work too sometime Whimsi! 6(ovo)9
  11. Drawings and Drivel

    Oh these refs are good wow! And congrats on the Twitter rush! Your art is too fantastic to hide!
  12. Doodle Time

    *Smooch* affsdga ty again quoth! Im glad you liked it ; v ; Ty Resette! I had a billion ideas of what I wanted to do for the background but went with this. Should I post the background separate? Maybe a gif of the process? I'll def keep you and the fam posted as I churn out what minespatch called the Dont Starve Movie lmao! Afgadf glad I can be a source of inspiration for you!
  13. Doodle Time

    I promised I'd post the finish product so here it is! Big thanks to Voice Actress Foreverevee (http://foreverevee.tumblr.com/) and Sound Designer Cloud (http://savagecloudmusic.tumblr.com/) for making this amazing! uhh how do i make this show the actual video instead of just a link o(-( still trying to figure things out... https://youtu.be/J9zlu7vZW14
  14. Doodle Time

    Thank you Quoth! \n q n/ i feel like Charlie is more whispy when she's under control but when angered/threatened/agitated/etc. she bursts into flames! I'll be posting the finished product sometime tomorrow after i get some shut eye / v \ (it'll be on here, tumblr, and my new twitter account.)
  15. Doodle Time

    ; v ; thanks Mines! You and the other artists here on the klei forums are super supportive and I'll get something soon! As far as a movie, uhh I've got some side shenanigans going on that I hope to share soon! Just spending a lot of time making it look real nice o(-( Thank you so much friend! The art here on the klei forums is always growing and super well done! Lots of amazing artists and talent here. Easy inspiration! Hope you'll join us again sometime n v n
  16. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    They are ready to throw down! I'm loving the lighting and poses on this piece mines! Wigfrid's symbol really makes the piece pop too almost like having a one of those war banners. *slowly waits to the forge to return*
  17. Doodle Time

    The Charlie one im coloring and the chomping Wilson was from my test stream. The previous ones are going to be fully completed and colored as well. Im just a slow 1-man band o(-(
  18. Doodle Time

    / Q \ thank you so much resette! Just having your approval and hearing your thoughts is enough. I really wanted to play around with Charlie's design and anatomy. And i just really love animating hair o(-( Wilson is just wincing, no words. And ty for the nice words Ria!
  19. Doodle Time

    Last try, scientist~ Posted this on my tumblr so I thought I'd share it here as well! Here's some good ol' Charlie. Gonna color this one and put some vocals to it. The first one is the completed animation and the 2nd one is where it is so far.
  20. Doodle Time

    It's all good! Yes we do share this thread
  21. Doodle Time

    SPITS beloved red shrooms. Consume them all o Q o/ adfssh tysm mines <3. Im still trying to learn how to make it a bit more expressive so im glad its reading off that way ; v ; Ahh ty for the kind words o(-( Yes yes im hoarding so voice actors for little side projects atm. You voice act Dragon? T w T The DS Reanimate is still a thing. Just with school starting for most, shots have been getting delayed. We'll keep trucking tho.
  22. Drawings and Drivel

    Lmao that woodie statue looks like it could be the cover of the next woodie erotic novel T v T 7 resette always doing Woodie justice~
  23. Dank Art and Jokes [Dragonheadskilax]

    Panel 3 cracks me up so much!! Its just like Minespatch says, Winona in a horror movie. RIP my working gal
  24. Don't Starve fan arts

    Loving the coloring process so far. The shading on the face is so realistic and good wow! Makes me wanna re-delve into digital painting
  25. Doodle Time

    *rises from the grave only to sacrifice a WIP then jumps back into the depths of numerous projects* 'I wonder if these are safe to eat.' Me too Wilson. Try it and find out