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  1. Yes! Not Don't Starve related, but I recently got the Genji and Hanzo nendoroids. ( it's an old pic but there's a sneak peak of a DS project in there! ) Nendoroids typically come with three interchangeable faces, but Hanzo came with only two, and Genji just has one solid head piece. I used a similar method ( both with interlocking clay parts rather than magnets, though this is tricky so I may change that ), and cut the front of Genji's head off and adjusted the separate parts as needed, so I now have the original head piece and a human face ( though I'm still fixing up the paint job before adding scars )! Hanzo I only picked up a few days ago but I definitely also wanna make a wider range for him than he came with. I plan to make several more for both. There are some New Year miniatures I wanted to make to go with them including an osechi and some kadomatsu they have sprays showing in the game, so I'd like to see if it would be possible to make them tiny kimono that aren't too ill-fitting ( small scale can make a fabric seem super bulky ), if not I may even try making extra bodies for them as such. I also have a D.va which I plan to keep but make more stuff for, but I got a Mercy and Tracer for a good price too, but since I don't care too much for either character I'd like to repaint and sell them ( I'd also love to do some Hanzo and D.va ones! But I'd like to keep the original just to look at as well ). Just not sure which skins yet. Either way, being so small and with so many neat little parts, they're a wonderful challenge as far as both repaints and miniature props. I haven't gotten any more DS figure commissions recently and I haven't had any of my own to paint, plus I do charge a little more for an extra face, but I'd absolutely love doing more innovative stuff with the DS figs. I did make some simple molds of the zombie Wes I have to experiment with, so I'll try out a few new Wes ideas when I have some time. I mentioned wanting to play with LEDs with the clockwork above, maybe I'll see if I can stick some in one. Something dynamic to make up for the lack of articulation on them. Face replacement is a huge component of stop motion animation! Laika ( Coraline, Boxtrolls, Paranorman, Kubo and the Two Strings ) actually has a system where their faces are split in two at the front, so they can mix and match different eyebrow and mouth pieces. I believe during Paranorman is when they actually started 3D printing the faces since there were so many- in Kubo there were over 48 million different facial combinations among the whole cast! It's grueling, but unparalleled work. Sorry I drone on so much in some of these responses, I just really love miniatures and stop motion I often run into people who think they're neat but have no idea where to start with them.
  2. Thank you so much! But yes, It's taken me years and I still hold myself to a very high standard despite being self-taught. But what got ME into most of the crafting I wanted to do was seeing what other people make too, so no shame in that! There are often even crafts that I used to do but dropped and got back into after seeing how people use them. Hate to sound like That Girl but sites like Pinterest can really be inspiring, especially if you're into stuff like sculpting and miniatures! Lots of ideas you'd never think of.
  3. Hey guys! Been a while. Been busy with college again ( stop motion and general animation is taking up most of my time right now but I'll have something good related to that in the near future ) ( you can follow Aesthdeadic on tumblr to get more regular art updates from me ). Even if I don't reply to every comment I read them all and they mean a lot to me! I was finishing this up around the time I started this topic but just realized I never posted it! Here's a Triumphant Wes custom done for @SDragonhead. I made a simple hot glue mold of the face to get the general shape then made a polymer clay cast, smoothing it out ( hot glue molds are a REALLY makeshift method and leaves lots of bumps on your cast ) and sculpting a distorted face akin to Maxwell's as you venture further into adventure mode. This was a little inspired by the 2017 Pennywise makeup as well, especially the cracking in the "makeup". The faces are held in place by magnets, and I also put teensy tiny magnets in the eyes so the plastic/ resin shades I made stay on too. EDIT: Apologies, I was a tiny bit tipsy last night ( which is what always prompts me to post stuff, ironically )... this one was commissioned by an Etsy user, Dragon commissioned the Rose Wes. Sorry Dragon!!
  4. Thank you! I always strive to make my stuff look like it would if the character came to life. I always love hearing it's working
  5. I'm not on a super duper lot with all the projects I'm working on right now but those also include a lot of custom figure orders, I figured since people were nice enough to point me to the art forum I should behave and make a post here Also the roseate Wilson post was archived so I don't know if that's because I did something bad lol I have a LOT of WIPs, I'm always starting things when I have a full plate like a big dummy. Feel free to ask me about customized figure or doodle commissions but due to the unpredictable amount of time I take to do plush and sculpts I'm not going to be taking commissions on those for some time ( I have no prob sculpting accessories like food or props etc but I take far too long on character sculptures and I always feel guilty making people wait even though I don't take payment til the end ). I usually do customs for $55 +the cost of the figure when I have to order it ( if you have one you'd like me to use I have no problem doing that ). I do these sales through Etsy. Customized figures Sculptures Plush Doodles
  6. Yeah I've got an old Wilson head I started for a sculpture now I'm like halfway through sculpting the fuelweaver fhgjghj
  7. To be honest? The breakdown of my shot is simpler than it looks and I had the thought of just making a fuelweaver puppet and stop motion animating this... He wouldn't be complex to make, Wilson doesn't move much and I wouldn't have to worry about his face, even the bg is pretty simple.... you might just catch me doing this traditionally afterall lol
  8. Hoooo I forgot about this too for a bit no lie... classes started again and dad had another surgery so I've had a lot on my plate but I'm still working on mine! I'd like to post a wip once I have lining done, though maybe I'll wait til I have flats. I don't get a chance to get on my computer everyday so if anybody ever wants to hmu you can email me at ankericksonia@gmail.com, I'm also on tumblr and twitter as aesthdeadic, my discord is aesthdeadic#4855. I'm definitely gonna see those faster than I'll see things here! If you joined the zine that started recently I'm in the discord chat there too. Also can I just say.... I really am hating animating with my mouse, sooo tempted to start saving for a cyntiq or iPad...
  9. My touchscreen pen went kaput and left me drawing using only my finger so I'm crossing my fingers that my new pen comes in soon lol Then I hope to finish the bg and show off a lil progress!
  10. I'd love to help! I't been years since my internship and I've gotten so little chance to animate since, I need to kick my butt into doing it on my own again. Username: MinniBat Website Link: https://aesthdeadic.tumblr.com/ https://aesthdeadlc.deviantart.com/ Any shot preferences?: I'd love any shots between 9 and 13, I'd especially love 15! I'm cool taking multiple shots if there aren't a lot of people, my job was background design and character animation so I'm versatile : P Email: ankericksonia@gmail.com
  11. Yeah both of them are still in progress as well as a bunch of DS sculpts, I've had a lot of obstacles lately unfortunately so for the past few years I haven't had much time to work on art stuff, but I finally have the time again now : )
  12. Thank you! I'm glad you think so. They design will be the same, I'm using the exact pieces to create the new ones, just in a better material- the problem with felt is that is can rip rather easily, it shrinks if it's introduced to water with enough pressure ( like if you were to wash it ), and it attracts hair and dust and stuff like CRAZY. I'm going to be making the dolls mainly with minky, so they'll be even softer, I should still be able to felt parts if needed ( I may go ahead and embroider on the faces ), and they'll be very easy to maintain and keep clean. Deerclops is already made out of pretty nice material so I'm not worried about him, but I certainly DO want to work on him when I have time. He'll be sold singularly, but if there's enough interest I may make more in the future. I do plan on doing more random creatures as one of a kind pieces too. Maxwell will be a little tricky. I never completed the felt version of him ( though I'll probably just use the same body pattern for all characters ), so I'm still working with it, but with all the arches and crevices his face has it'll be tricky to do his face, since his cheekbones, brows, lips, etc were primarily felted on. I definitely want to make him in better quality but he may take a few prototypes, and since the current voice module brand I'm using is sorta muffly so I'd like to find nicer alternatives for that too.
  13. hope you enjoyed him while he lasted So regarding this post. Yes I did take him apart. I'm going to use his original pieces as a pattern with better material and make multiple dolls that are better quality, POSSIBLY with multiple outfits, that I'll sell on etsy. It might be some time from now, but I'll update here when they're up for sale as well as create a new post with links.
  14. Yeah I can do pretty much any character! I'm planning on doing Guest of honor and hopefully sometime the survivor and shadow skins as their own dolls, and making skins as items they can change into and out of!
  15. Thank you! I use Sculpey! I've tried Fimo before and had a really hard time even just conditioning it : ? I even just use the kind you can get for $.98 at Walmart. I may very well make a monkey at some point! I see people make entire "felt kitchens" for kids and I think its really neat, I'd love to make all kinds of food and stuff from the world!
  16. Thanks! And absolutely! I actually just got some old stuffed animals the other day for him. I'll probably go ahead and finish deerclops first, though.
  17. Thank you! I actually am going to be keeping this specific one because of some personal reasons but I'll probably start taking commissions on dolls like these pretty soon. I've just got some sculpture commissions I need to finish and send out before I take on any more.
  18. I'm learning stop motion right now : P I'd love to go into puppet and prop/ costume design and construction at a studio like Laika. I love making big things small but still workable! So I'm hoping I can make a portfolio of projects that'll help me get that lol
  19. Thank you! That's pretty similar to what I've got going on! I'm using armature wire ( stop-motion grade ) and am covering it with kind of a "sock" of a black fabric with a vaguely skin-like texture, that will sew into the "leg holes of the underpants" in the body, and then using latex or silicone I'm going to do a process called "flocking", which is where you take a bunch of fluff you cut from synthetic hair and just stick it on with a tool to look like fur. I will do this with the arms as well, the difference being on the legs the fur will stop at the hooves, but I'll probably have short, thin hair running all the way down the fingers, probably leading to claws I'll cut from semi-translucent false nails. The legs, true to the game, will be very deer-like, but the arms are coming out marvelously claw-like. It really is an abomination : D
  20. Looking at it in a picture now I sorta wanna make Maxwell's eyes a bit smaller?
  21. Oh god, when was the last time I was even here Here's a Wes doll I've made since, sewn and felted with felt with a wire armature. Detailed with sharpie ( lines in his makeup etc, really thin stuff ) More pics here Currently in progress is a felt Maxwell, a wx-78 out of... some more metallic material ( not pleather or pvc, it's really not super duper shiny? Just a nice soft metallic bronzeish gold ), a deerclops from a recycled old teddy bear. All of these ones will have sound chips. I intend to make all the implemented characters plus hopefully all giants, as well as other versions of playables and some skin accessories and clothes. Still really figuring out Max for the most part, thinking I'm gonna redo his hair with gray and use a sharpie to give him the sketchy DS style. Still giving shape to his face here. I know it looks really buldgey right now, it'll look more normal once I've worked on it a bit and stuffed it. The eye is a half a blank plastic ornament I got at Joanns, the nose and teeth are polymer clay. To make the mouth part I used pastel tinted transparent polymer to sculpt gums onto pieces of cardboard, and gave them a coat of liquid latex. The cheeks of the mouth, not pictured here, are latex soaked pieces of felt. The tongue is a makeup wedge sponge cut into shape, tinted with pastel and coated with some silicone- has a really great, really tongue-esque texture. I've been collecting real deer hooves and carving them down to the right size for the feet and I'm also toying with the arms at the moment. Open to suggestions from any fellow crafters. I'm excited to work on them more when I have the time!