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Okay please answer urgent

A dick move or no?  

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    • Yeah that was a **** move and the straw roll is mine
    • No she acted acordingly an its hers.

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Ok so me and my cousin were playing dst (day 3-4) . And i come across a dead guy and next to him lying a straw roll a fishing rod and a straw hat (she was behind me just out of my screen) i started to pick things up the hat and the fishing rod. Then when i was about to hecking pick up the straw roll i realised i dont have space for it and just when i was making space she came and took the straw roll right out of my nose. 

Question : is it or is it not a **** move? 

P.S she absolutely refuses to give it back

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37 minutes ago, truckero said:

she came and took the straw roll right out of my nose. 


Anyway, It kinda sounds like your new to the game, but a straw roll, as TemporaryMan has already said, is incredibly cheap, and not really useful.

Just move on, it won't matter at all in the long run.

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1 minute ago, CarlZalph said:

The only real useful part from that oasis bones pile is the straw hat just to save you the time from picking the grass.

I don't really think OP is at this point in the game :/

I'm not really sure how this post relates to DST actually, it's more ethical than gameplay-related

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I think they're talking about it in the context of if it was any item at all. And I have to say, I agree whenever I drop something and some hawk of a player instantly picks it up, it is pretty annoying. And by that I mean very, and being the petty person I am, I spend the rest of the game making them miserable.

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I offered some twigs and flints for 2 random guys on someone p-server (the Wilson thanked, but didn't shared with the Maxwell), after that they stalked and stole any mined and chopped thing I worked on. One guy even built a science machine just about 12 metres away from the science + alch machine... The host died once and I offered to revive him, killed some spiders and, of course the the glands were stolen... I dunno if it was my fault since I only wrote with the host guy but the world was fresh and there were enough resources around. These guys spent some time in DST to do basic stuff and yet they think anything not on a player could be taken.:?

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