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[Automation Preview Update] - 240903

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  • Developer
  • New building in testing: Creature Lure! Used to attract airborne creatures
  • Upgraded wire art
  • Pressure plate sounds added
  • Work on metal tile art
  • Dupes now consider going up a fire pole a worse choice than going up a ladder
  • Upgraded pressure plate art
  • Automation inputs/outputs rotate correctly
  • Deconstructed sensors no longer leave a phantom "on" signal.
  • Fix crash in decor overlay
  • Mopping animation works once again
  • Hydroponic farm tiles flip correctly once again
  • Fix graphical layering issues with tiles and buried objects
  • Fix upside down overlays on OSX
  • Temperature switch no longer requires/controls power wires
  • Duplicants will face the correct direction when using their multitool
  • Automation Switch UI/preview art matches the default 'on' state
  • Temperatures of stored items is correctly merged, which should make coolers and other temperature management buildings work more reliably
  • Aquatuner has a more limited storage capacity
  • Fixed miscellaneous save/load issues and crashes
  • Heaviwatt tile layers correctly and breaks correctly under pressure
  • Fix issues with building rotations and the build tool
  • Fixed some issues with the placement of the helmet when a duplicant is wearing an atmo suit
  • Duplicants will only remove their helmet instead of the whole suit when recovering breath
  • Hatches no longer jump through pitcher pumps to their deaths
  • Upgraded metal refinery art
  • Thermal Shift Plates can no longer be stacked infinitely


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CTD saves internet resources over typing out the entire word "crash". Granted, there's the effort expended by holding down the shift key, but the reduction in communicative clarity is more than worth it.

Meanwhile, we still don't have our battery charge sensor. )-:

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