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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      UPDATE: Earlier this week, we discovered that the wrong content was printed on the PS4 retail version of Don’t Starve Mega Pack (the Xbox One version is not affected). It’s a really unfortunate situation and we’ve been working hard with 505 to resolve this as soon as possible. Below is the latest information: New copies are currently in print and will be on shelves ASAP, hopefully within a few weeks. When the new discs arrive in stores, players who already purchased misprinted discs will be able to exchange the disc for a new one in store. Details will follow as we figure out the exact timing, the procedures with specific retailers and what the exchange will entail.  Players who already purchased the faulty disc will also be able to contact Klei support for a voucher code that includes Don't Starve, Shipwrecked and the Reign of Giants DLC until the new disc is ready. Please specify your country as certain vouchers only work in certain regions.  We will have more details when they become available including details on contacting us and what information we might need.  Once again, thanks to everybody for their patience while we work this out. For questions or concerns, the forum discussion can be found below:   
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      Rhymes with Play - Creature Design Finalization LIVE!   04/26/2018

      Join the Oxygen Not Included team as we finalize new creature designs for the upcoming Ranching Upgrade Mark II. Catch us live on the Klei Twitch channel (April 26th) and watch our design process first-hand as we go from temp art to the final creature art that you'll see in the game. Don't forget to click the follow button on the Klei Twitch channel to get alerted whenever we go live. As always, the Rhymes with Play Dev Streams are live Thursdays at 3:30 PM PST (10:30 PM UTC) Where is it?
      https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment Use our handy widget below to see when the stream goes live in your area: Check out the stream announce thread for discussions!


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  1. They call it, a super dupe
  2. [Game Update] - 265646

    My ice biomes seem fine now, I went back to the cycle before patch and havnt had the same problems
  3. I chose another method, I agree that there needs to be some changes to how temperature works as i pretty much only use abysalite for room sensitive rooms.
  4. Same, in less than 1 cycle most of my test base literally pooped itself, even changed to insulated tiles and they were even worse than the abyssalite
  5. [Game Update] - 265438

    Didn't even take 1 cycle for my insulated tiles to go from 50 to 5 degrees XD
  6. [Game Update] - 265438

    Yeah my insulated tiles are letting temperature through like there is no tomorrow. Dno if I am doing it wrong.... Also @Cheerio I think the world state might go downhill pretty quick from the image posted above.
  7. Sorry I had meant from the wall to the hand sanitizer, I tend to put my slime along the walls to stop it from off gassing.
  8. I know, Chlorine now has a use.... I will feed it to my squeaky puft, and then submerge it XD unless a conveyor belt can transport it to the hand sanitizer without it off gassing
  9. [Game Update] - 265257

    Agreed with Turbonl64, they are there to help the devs, and help us help them.
  10. Check your Light tab, they like to be stuck behind walls, and if they are they cannot lay an egg and will still age.
  11. Well, its almost as if you are playing a preview branch. Dupes are currently invisible only on the preview branch Performance is a drag on preview branch because of software and they alerted us to that Priority issues? seems fine to me, if you cannot use the new one you can pretty much use it as if it were the older system. List goes on, in the preview branch where things are going to be changing because...well its a preview. Also you have 30 years of experience, unfortunately your 30 years does not mean you can determine a game to be doomed, so far it has been going pretty well and will probably continue to do so, sure there are things they can do that would be good, but if its anything like other EA games I have played they will probably do an update at some point to squash bugs once they have added enough content, because I am pretty sure someone out there would complain that they have not released new content for 6 weeks because all they did was "Squash bugs which didn't affect them or ruined their game play" I really hope they make it if you have an incubator you can use it to "Set" a limit on critters in a room, if it falls below it incubate the critter etc it really needs to be done or something similar
  12. If your batteries are full and the generator still keeps working then that is overproduction. Same goes for is you have a coal Gen 600W directly hooked up to things such as two massage benches which is 480W thats a 120W overproduction per second essentially if there are no batteries or automation to stop the generator
  13. Well....all i can say is.....that IS GENIUS! then all you need to do is store the eggs you wanna hatch in the room or another room that the chef also cannot access. I will be doing that so....YOINK
  14. I can also Confirm this is still the case in Mk2
  15. [Game Update] - 265092

    This is a pretty normal thing seen during the testing at least