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      [UPDATED] Physical Megapack Disc Issues   04/16/2018

      We are now ready to accept claims for PS4 Megapack replacements.  Once again, our deepest appologies for this entire situation. We understand that your purchase of the Megapack was a show of support by our fans, many of which already owned the game. Please know that we have done our best to push as hard as we can for a quick and fair resolution to this issue. This has taken WAY too long to be resolved but we have done everything in our power to make sure our fans get what they purchased.   We are going to use the voucher codes we have been using to provide the digital version to claim the physical replacement discs. For North America, we are handling these requests directly through our own store with help from our friends at IndieBox. Claims will be handled at no cost to you. For claims outside of North America, 505 will be taking your information and processing your claims.  Those who purchased the Megapack after 4/26/2018 should have been given a voucher at the time of purchase on your receipt.  Those who purchased before 4/26/2018 or did not get a code otherwise can contact us for a voucher code that will entitle them to the digital megapack and can be used to claim the physical replacement discs. We have been handing those out for a while now, but if you are in this category and have not requested a code, you can do so here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2935839-physical-mega-pack-disc-support-information Once you have a voucher code:
      For purchasers in Europe (SIEE). To make a claim you will need to make file a claim through 505 here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSckru65CWkXH5RZ_3j2f5_h1djNiAyrl8R0PCvdKPmGwItyvA/viewform For purchasers in North America (SIEA). To make a claim you will use our support site and use the voucher code to claim a replacement here: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/2952265-ps4-faulty-disc-claim If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know here on this thread or contact us at livesupport@kleientertainment.com Thank you.   
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      Rhymes with Play - Hot Lava Update Dev Stream   09/19/2018

      Episode 207 - Join the Hot Lava dev team on Twitch this Thursday, September 20th as we play and discuss new content, mechanics, and other cool stuff included in the recently released Buzz and Translation updates for the game. Don't forget to click the follow button on the Klei Twitch channel to get alerted whenever we go live. As always, the Rhymes with Play Dev Streams are live Thursdays at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC) Where is it?
      https://www.twitch.tv/kleientertainment Use our handy widget below to see when the stream goes live in your area: Check out the stream announce thread for discussions!  


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  1. Ahh ok I didnt know that, well then as suggested above, put a critter drop off in and away they go!
  2. That is really unusual, I wonder why that happens, does the same happen if it were normal tiles on the left and right and just two or more vertical doors? Can dupes even climb on top of a vertical door usually? I have never tried.
  3. How to get easy meat

    If the infinite pacu farm works use that, if not then pufts or hatches. Hatches are easier than pufts as you don't have to worry about the puft prince
  4. Also i completely agree with your points above, but yeah lime is important but you can get a quick boost later in the game once you are able to mine it in the oil biome.
  5. So.... how many cycles until you start getting your first bit of plastic? Also sorry but dreckos output wins by a long shot, I have 1 rancher, 16 Glossy dreckos, I have no random heat to deal with, or hot plastic, or complicated setups, no pumping systems to the oil biome. Yes they have a slow reproduction rate which means it might take you like 20 cycles to get a full stable, but once its full it doesnt matter XD Doing both is fine, and as Ron said it is down to your playstyle, but i also prefer ranching, so much quicker IMO, plus free meat and lime
  6. How to get easy meat

    Kill all your critters. But obviously you want it to be sustainable, then it's kinda dependant on what you wanna do, If the infinite pacu farm still works you can breed a few pacus and then after you have a large amount you stop feeding your breeding ones and they will naturally lay an egg and die etc. and this will just keep happening. If it doesn't work then just ranching is your option, shine bugs don't give anything and dreckos take too long so you either need to farm pacu (Difficult to feed in the long run) Hatches (Easy to maintain and gives you coal) Pufts (I usually go for these if i have a chlorine geyser) But ranching is the way to go if thats all you want!
  7. It is a lure not a trap. It lures them to the place you want to trap them.
  8. There are lots of things that are easy coding, but right now they don't cause any problems to playing the game so they don't need to fix them. The devs already said they will be going back and revisiting the updates and fixing all the problems etc.
  9. I forgot they introduced actual metal tiles, I meant airflow ones XD but yeah you got the ones i meant.
  10. Dreckos eat the plant, not the stuff from the plant. I think it is just there for now as a placeholder so that dreckos "Think" they have a food source
  11. Chances are doors will still displace gasses, but I think they will change tile pressure damage etc and same goes for doors. Right now metal tiles and doors take no pressure damage. i reckon it will change
  12. For a laugh you could always just change he world gen files to spawn abyssalite as Neutronium. But I have a feeling the POI will be fixed in the upcoming updates to prevent it breaching the abyssalite veins.
  13. Confused Fluids?

    I dont remember the exact cause, i think its two inputs and more than one output that causes it. If you post a screenshot it would help though
  14. Confused Fluids?

    Use some bridges, what is happening is you have too many inputs/output on a pipe so it doesn't know which way to go.
  15. If you have one the best thing to do is feed it to pufts if you ask me. cooling it isn't exactly hard, a few wheezseworts and a high enough pressure should be enough to keep it cool?