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  1. [Game Update] - 298981

    OMG temperature sensor I love
  2. Hey all, when you have multiole satellites up, it says that it has a detection time of 68 or so seconds. But does that apply to both or only one of the two satellites? If it only applies to one does that means its best to use an and gate to control bunker doors? I only use two satellites at the moment but simetimes i find that one doesnt detect meteors at the same time as the other so eventually one gets broken
  3. Toilet bug (maybe?)

    It is because your output pipe runs through another output pipe, if you make it the same way as your input pipes it will be fine. Sometimes there are problems but it is usually solved by reconstructing the item, but I have never had it happen with lavatories.
  4. Sunblock would be useful to have as well
  5. No preview branch today?

    He secretly knows how to grow more and is hoarding that sweet sweet vodka
  6. No preview branch today?

    Sometimes the best things are the rarest
  7. No preview branch today?

    Stinky never made it out of the compost bin XD
  8. No preview branch today?

    I would blame stinky instead Also Saturnus ehhh its friday! so DRINK! SLEET WHEAT BEER!!
  9. No preview branch today?

    wad yu tawkn bowt willis
  10. No preview branch today?

    You edited it because.... its FRIDAY! WEEKEND WOOO
  11. No preview branch today?

    2 weeks? But yeah this is the last 6 week cycle
  12. Steam Power Generators

    The devs will not reply to this so all we can do is guess. As for the builds the only legit way to use one "Permanently" is to be able to supply a heat source that can raise the temperature to equal that lost when it goes through the machine. For instance I Usually have two turbines which only run when my bases total energy hits 10%, so I do not use a lot of the heat energy that is available. But each steam generator reduces the heat which is heat lost, so the more insulated my build is the less heat is wasted. Unfortunately since I run my builds for short periods I am not fussed about the heat wastage. Example being I condense my steam after it has passed through two steam turbines, that water is then pumped back into the heating chamber and evaporates again repeating the cycle. All of my heat wastage at that point is from my aquatuner since I use an external build for it all the heat it removes from the turbine build is "Wasted" If the heat wasted from that was put back into the system it would extend the energy use from the volcano. I'm just not good enough to do the complex things like that
  13. Cooling Aquatuners

    Out of curiosity, is heat lost or generated when water becomes steam? If it is lost do you think that using hydrogen to condense 1 tonne per tile of steam is possible? As soon as it condenses it would have to go through the whole thing again. which mean it will evaporate, losing energy and then condense repeating it. Dno if it is possible or not.
  14. Status change Energy

    Yeah I know, but I was just stating how they can't put everything in unfortunately.
  15. outdated tooltip

    A bug is an unexpected result etc or error in the program. All it is is a string of text being wrong, it is not a bug. For instance if the name says Vamille instead of Camille, and the code says Camille then it is a bug, if the code says Vamille then it is not a bug because it is showing exactly what it is told to. Which means its just human error.