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  1. Temperature filters

    It is a good idea, personally I would never use it but it doesn't mean it shouldn't be made, the more systems that there is the more interesting the designs can be!
  2. Temperature filters

    If it were me I would create a temporary reservoir for the water, this will make it all the same temperature eventually, and deconstruct your old pipe system and use the reservoir water to sustain your base whilst your dupes build the new piping. Heck I wouldn't really use a reservoir when you have enough dupes it takes like 1 or 2 cycles. Can survive without water for that length of time most times unless your really pushing your limits
  3. The checkpoint can be before or after the suits as long as it is connected to them from what i am aware
  4. 99% Exosuit Usage?

    I am pretty much the same, sort out living quarters and food, then exo suits and then power and everything else
  5. Poor slickster

    As soon as I have my exosuits up I start my dig down to the Oil Biome, Then begin my mass capture of Slicksters and then I am rarely down there.
  6. a brain and a morb

    From what I have seen morbs do not produce the disease just the medium, Pufts on the other hand do.
  7. 99% Exosuit Usage?

    Would you kindly
  8. It is a world gen error. Wherever Ruins or Points of Interest Spawn they destroy whatever is in their path. So abysallite and Neutronium layers are usually destroyed and or replaced with the relevant Point of interests materials.
  9. Custom Geyser

    And then you accidently break the wrong wall and end up with 50-100k tiles rapidly filling up with Lava haha RRUUUUNNNN!!!!
  10. I am not sure if he can use WASD on the fly as it is an on screen keyboard, he would also have no way to drag build walls etc as he cannot use the virtual keyboard to press D for instance and drag a wall to the right.
  11. Steam geyser

    This is a permanent spawn location for one of the steam geysers, IIRC the other will be in a caustic Biome. The same is true for Natural Gas Geysers. There is only two "Formations" for each of those geysers, and the formation will always be that and always in the slime biome. The easiest way to deal with those germs is to dig out the bare minimum, and store all of the material under water in a compactor, This will stop slimelung from spreading. The disease will not harm your dupes in smaller doses so doing this should be fine, Also the germs in a tile will not affect a dupe unless they; Pick it up with their hands Breath in the germs Eat them either because the food is infected or because the dupe is and they pick up the food. The solid un-dug tiles will not affect your dupes.
  12. You know if you had your dupes wear a exosuit they would stay there until they need to eat, or anoher job higher in priority comes, or they need sleep. Thats what I do anyway and I have never had the problems you mentioned, in the end the dupe will run for oxygen at a certain % and if they do and a job crops up they will probably go do that instead. Yes gas mechanics are weird, if you want oxygen in a room make sure the vent is at the bottom right. as it will travel up and to the left not sure if you know that.
  13. Another thing I have noticed during debug is if you are making a large area a vacuum it will sometimes pull a gas randomly through a wall, I have had it happen a bunch and if your lucky u can even see where.... only solution I found was to build tiles in the room and deconstruct them to form a vacuum as well
  14. Natural Gas Geysers

    I agree about the chlorine geyser being pointless, you can passively use chlorine to decontaminate items which means it will never get used up. But I also never need more than 1 Nat gas geyser for my current base designs. So i am not really missing it. but I think it would be good if every play-through was different, instead of it being the same amount of geysers etc everytime.
  15. the swisher

    I forgot germs even existed.... oops