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  1. I completely agree, Either a different swirling effect for high pressure, or a darker colour would be perfect, I keep panicking thinking i am at 40g of oxygen whilst im at 800g
  2. Unreachable build

    This is not a bug, dupes can only travel 10 tiles through a liquid. I do not think the exo suit changes this, It protects against the air pressure, and gives them oxygen but I do not think it changes the water restriction.
  3. I have logged this as a bug report, but I do not know if it is intended as you can now get high pressure gas. If it is intended it is a poorly made choice.
  4. If it is anything like the OU update where they made it fast so people can use it I doubt they will slow it down now....the good news is I dont need dupes with high learning anymore.
  5. Plastic Balance

    Nope, it says they are one use only
  6. I would expect something that cleans the bad air and gives you good air would be classed as a good thing not a bad.
  7. I can't prove that but it could explain why my 3 cycle base had over a dozen tiles with 600g+ of Co2 in my base. I never checked to see if they consumed more, but I am pretty sure they are producing more Co2
  8. Plastic Balance

    It is an end game material, and you can have more than one working at a time. So it kinda makes sense for it being so small, its the consumption that is the problem, if you want to cap the well its 5kg/s of water just to get it all started. But It defo will be changed, I will be surprised if it doesnt.
  9. Soon they will actually vomit lava because of an incorrect animation haha
  10. My dupes at the begginging get up to about 70, but thats cuz they spend so long in CO2, afterwards it just goes down and like Chemie it rarely goes above 20
  11. The liquid channel is a surprising one considering how water currently works haha but good work on finding and letting everyone know about this!
  12. Sink has negative decor

    I think this is probably just a typo and it is meant to be + not - I hope.
  13. I could only find one well and I created a bunch of worlds to check.... what the heck XD was i unlucky??
  14. The only other way to find out is my building over the tile with the desired tile. Not Ideal but its something, but the mod is better to use.
  15. I have to second this, It feels like I am calling someone using an old phone or my computer is giving me an older error message. Another solution would be to allow us to turn it off, because it is a horrible noise especially when I am clicking on lots of things one after the other.