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  1. Here you go, this will stop your system backing up. Here is how it works, A Bridge takes priority over any piping, so water will always flow through a bridge before it will flow through a pipe. So what happens is your purified water will flow back into the pipe for the toilets, and the excess goes through the overflow pipe and to wherever you want. Although for state changes it will not work.
  2. If you send a picture we will be able to help you out, but if it is your electrolyzers the only reasons I can imagine are; You have been putting the wrong liquid in accidentally (Like some polluted water because a dupe vomited in the clean water) The device is overheating 75 degrees or 125 degrees if made out for gold The wire itself has been overloaded (Although usually it will say the wire is broken) The water in the pipe or machine has decided to Freeze of turn to steam. Those are the only reasons I can think of off the top of my head.
  3. When I get home I will show you a design that is similar that should work, if the pipe is overflowing what do you want to do with the overflow?
  4. Automation Circuit Boards

    I definently agree, even if the resoure cost was a lot higher I wouldnt bat an eye, at the moment I have very small designs, but I also find the actual Logic board to be a bit of an eyesore with how they overlap each other etc,
  5. I dont think that is what they are after, the valve will always be letting water through, I think they only want to let water through if the pressure inside the pipe exceeds 5kg for instance. Edit - Athough you did just help me design a system which doesnt need a small pump (Assuming that having full packets in the pipe is alright at least)
  6. Vacuum and liquid

    Yeah it is weird, but thats just how it is in this game, whether it will change is yet to be seen
  7. There is a valve that can be controlled, there is no way to tell if the packet in a pipe is x grams though, unless you can come up with a external system which holds it. I actually have a system I can think of, but it requires a small liquid or gas pump. it would need some tweaking, when i get home tonight I will post the design.
  8. Pressure Overlay

    This wouldnt b hard to test, will try it tonight. Also the pressure automation already exists as an atmo switch.
  9. For me the noises I would agree with, But unless I'm wrong My game will not alert me to lack of oxygen the difference is more than 5kg/s or so. which is just less than 5% for me
  10. Glitches

    wow its identical
  11. @Moggles This is a very good reference for those who have never seen some of these items. To add onto it, White is where your liquid goes in, Green is where you liquid comes out.
  12. I have wanted labels for things for quite a while, to be honest even your first image with an image of the material would work wonders. Like above a compactor it has a picture of abysallite etc.
  13. So today I learned...

    It was a funnier animation when the building was only two wide and you had a wall on the right, because your dupe would jump into the wall and vanish
  14. Glitches

    If you are on a MAC yours doesn't run the drivers needed for the game. Update them and if you are lucky it will work. If you are not a MAC it can be the same reason, but like the posts above, I think your rig just cannot run the game.
  15. Also mines has also changed to 3 weeks and 6 Days, just so you know.