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  1. Will we be able to change the length of the break time? Or assign dupes individual schedules? At the start it seems like it'll take out a lot of early productivity.
  2. @Cheerio I'm going to hijack this thread since I'm having the same bug but with my mechanized airlocks and the OP never posted a save file. My save file is located below, just set the speed to 3x and do nothing but look at the morb pit until about the end of the cycle. The mechanized airlock on the right side of the morb pit should melt into refined gold. This is the third time I've encountered this bug in my playthrough, sometimes it doesn't happen and one other time I just deconstructed and reconstructed the doors to prevent it from happening. Door Meltdown.sav
  3. I have a water tank at the bottom of my base that feeds my algae terrariums. Every night mechanical doors at the bottom of the tank close, pushing the water just high enough to feed the algae terrariums. Sometime in the morning the doors open again and the water falls back down. Early on a few food poisoning germs got into the tank but the polluted water from the terrariums had no germs so I sieved it back through. Even with the amount of germs in the tank the polluted water still doesn't have germs, none of the water I am feeding into the tank has germs. 43.358 million germs 87.031 million germs Even if I was feeding highly germy clean water I doubt it'd be enough for 43 million germs in less than half a cycle. I've included the save file, not sure if I've done that quite right. I know my base is pretty unorthodox. I've also tested this in debug mode with a 2x2 4 ton water tank with a flat mechanical door at the bottom. Germs also multiplied there. Buggy Water Save.sav
  4. I was testing just how the new displacement system worked when I dropped in large masses of liquids and saw how they were pushed into airflow tiles.
  5. So I was leaving the save game I was in, alt+tabbed for a bit, and looked back at the game and had this screen. I can click on buttons from both the main menu and the crash menu screen. Never had this happen before.
  6. This seems to happen once my logic circuits cause my mechanical doors to move. I was building doors that would open for 5 seconds and then close for 5 seconds. Before the crash happens the console fills up with some red words, I do not know how to access the console however. This happened while I was using debug mode. EDIT: The game stopped crashing once I put some gas next to the doors. Seems like it being in a vacuum caused it to crash.
  7. Thank god! I spent probably 300 cycles total in my last colony just to capture 9 pufts!
  8. This didn't seem to happen when I was running only one algae distiller. After I increased the amount to 2 I had issues where my algae distiller would request a few grams of slime, then my duplicants would run to my slime storage and try to deliver it. However when they tried to pick up slime they would not actually be carrying it and in their "Carried Items" "None" was listed. This caused them to keep on running back and forth delivering nothing. Rebuilding the machines seem to fix it temporarily until it happens again later on. During delivery: After delivery