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  1. Big major huge mega ultra props for all the memory improvements. That's astonishing.
  2. I don't like ladders because the *deep breath* blessed occupants are obsessed with dropping stuff the femtosecond anything happens. By using tiles exclusively, the resources will always be that much closer to their destinations.
  3. YouTube is a place where people who are really familiar with the game like to plan big and make videos about it. A typical player won't be doing anything particularly intricate. As an example, this is what my latest game looks like at the start of cycle 65: The most complicated part of this whole setup is the way I put a couple of Gas Pumps in a box with an Electrolyzer because I like to keep my resources in pipes. Don't let fancy-pants video creators dissuade you from taking your time and doing things your own way.
  4. Incorrect. Healthy dupe = not sick. Incorrect. Happy dupe = morale quota met. Remember, some of us aren't emotionless slave drivers. (-: __________ I think ultimately the OP is concerned about exploring the game's content without building an optimized resource chain or fiddling with weird mechanical exploits. The answer to both is yes: you can explore all of the game's features without establishing a sprawling infrastructure. Mechanized Airlock is sufficient for 99% of gas-exchange situations, so you won't need to flood a passageway with liquid unless you're completely anal about nothing getting through uninvited. Just bear in mind that some gas will get through each time the door opens, so if you have something like Slimelung on the other side, you may want to reconsider how you approach it. I recommend establishing an Atmo Suit Checkpoint as a threshold between your colony and the outside world. Atmo Suits allow Duplicants to travel far from the colony: it provides good protection from extreme temperatures and enables prolonged activity in low-breatheability environments. Once you've got a couple of those set up, you'll find the rest of the asteroid will quickly open up to you.
  5. The "Soft Launch" achievement has the following description: I prefer to refrain from using the teleporters personally, so I always send a rocket to the first nearby planetoid. Doing so awards the achievement, even though there is a teleporter on that planetoid. If the achievement is meant to be awarded only on planetoids that don't have teleporters, the current implementation is incorrect. If the achievement is meant to be awarded any time you land on a planetoid without using a teleporter, the description should be changed to something like "without using a teleporter".
  6. Confirmed this behavior in my own games. It seems to have a mind of its own regarding whether or not it wants to be in frame: it depends on the horizontal panning of the field of view.
  7. At 5.52 MB, probably not. Will the Early Access DLC be listed for purchase on the game's Steam store page, or is there some other way it gets paid for?
  8. The Gravitas lobby on the surface contains a big door and some windows that can be deconstructed to yield 1800Kg of Steel total. It's one of the things I look forward to in the game since Steel is kind of a hassle to produce otherwise. This last game, I wound up entering the lobby by digging up through the floor, and disassembled the door from the inside. This is what happened: And of course, once I dug it out, I only got 100Kg from it. )-:
  9. So this is by large my own problem, because my mouse is a bit on the flaky side. However, due to its flakiness, I've uncovered an interesting bug in the software! Weird, right? Those numbers just sit there permanently until I reload or quit. So what's going on here is that, when my mouse gets moody, it doesn't like to hold a click like it should. It usually happens when I'm dragging a dig operation, where it releases and re-clicks pretty much instantaneously. From what I can tell, the game isn't set up to handle mouse release and mouse press on the same "frame", which results in the dig dimensions just kinda becoming a decal on the wall forever. I had another image that had like five sets of dig dimensions in close proximity, but I seem to have deleted it. It was priceless. )-:
  10. Then the text needs to be changed to "No Astronaut boarded", yah?
  11. This is my first experience with the rocketry mechanics, so I won't rule out the possibility that I'm just doin' it wrong, but I believe this to be a bug. While attempting to prepare for my first rocket mission, the game is telling me I don't have an astronaut assigned to my rocket... and also that I do have an astronaut assigned to my rocket: A similar anomalous message is present in the Starmap: This is the same symptom reported in ticket R18207 on April 5, although I get the impression it happens inconsistently. Terra.sav
  12. Attached is a savefile wherein a Mesh Tile is trying to exist: When the Duplicant finishes the build, as pictured above, the tile... continues to not exist? This problem persists after reloading the save file and even restarting the game software entirely. Terra 2.sav
  13. Attached is a savefile wherein some Iron Ore exists: The tiles report 800kg of Iron Ore, but when I was digging it out I noticed a different number: On closer inspection, the Iron Ore does indeed appear to be digging out as 400kg: I thought maybe it was dropping two stacks of 400kg next to each other, but it's not. The full excavated amount is 400kg. Text bug? Conversion bug? You decide! Terra 2.sav
  14. I run multiple dislays while I'm streaming. I have the game full-screen on one display, and often have chat open on the other. When I click over to the chat window, ONI minimizes itself even though it's still perfectly visible. I can see auto-minimize being useful if you Alt+Tab, but not when clicking away from the game with the mouse.
  15. Is Hydrogen Jungle the official name of the Chlorine/Hydrogen/Igneous Rock/Iron Ore biome? Are there names for the other biomes? Should I have access to this information already? O-: