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[Game Update] - 240903

Release Date: 11/06/17

This is a hotfix release.

Update Information:

  • New building in testing: Creature Lure! Used to attract airborne creatures
  • Upgraded wire art
  • Pressure plate sounds added
  • Work on metal tile art
  • Dupes now consider going up a fire pole a worse choice than going up a ladder
  • Upgraded pressure plate art
  • Automation inputs/outputs rotate correctly
  • Deconstructed sensors no longer leave a phantom "on" signal.
  • Fix crash in decor overlay
  • Mopping animation works once again
  • Hydroponic farm tiles flip correctly once again
  • Fix graphical layering issues with tiles and buried objects
  • Fix upside down overlays on OSX
  • Temperature switch no longer requires/controls power wires
  • Duplicants will face the correct direction when using their multitool
  • Automation Switch UI/preview art matches the default 'on' state
  • Temperatures of stored items is correctly merged, which should make coolers and other temperature management buildings work more reliably
  • Aquatuner has a more limited storage capacity
  • Fixed miscellaneous save/load issues and crashes
  • Heaviwatt tile layers correctly and breaks correctly under pressure
  • Fix issues with building rotations and the build tool
  • Fixed some issues with the placement of the helmet when a duplicant is wearing an atmo suit
  • Duplicants will only remove their helmet instead of the whole suit when recovering breath
  • Hatches no longer jump through pitcher pumps to their deaths
  • Upgraded metal refinery art
  • Thermal Shift Plates can no longer be stacked infinitely

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