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  1. Duplicants don't sweep to containers with the option Sweep only active, unlike containers with the option inactive.
  2. Nice! I was avoiding them just for that. I've also noticed this strange behaviour: All duplicants stuck at the end of a firepole (until I "see" them), duplicants that pee themselves steps away from the nearest bathroom, or suffocating near main base. All this happens if my "gaze" is kept away from them for enough time. It seems they added the "sleeping" feature of Don't Starve, where anything too far from the character is ignored by the simulation.
  3. It's the good ol' Metal Refinery but with a new outfit.
  4. A door, a pump a liquid shut-off... anything that uses a logic input.
  5. The game crashes every time something with an automation input is deconstructed. (pumps, doors, shutoff valves) The lasts things in output_log.txt is: InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. at LogicPorts.DestroyPhysicalPorts () [0x00083] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\game\LogicCircuitManager.cs:314 at LogicPorts.OnCleanUp () [0x0003a] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\game\LogicCircuitManager.cs:181 at KMonoBehaviour.OnDestroy () [0x00050] in D:\JenkinsWorkspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\util\KMonoBehaviour.cs:128 Maybe it's related to this:
  6. Amazing work, as always, specially the volcano-tar crash.
  7. But... but I was an active member and player, I even went as far as upgrading my computer exclusively for this game... (all inconveniences included) talk about bad timing! And that's why they had to come up with the idea of releasing the alpha in a parallel branch and not in the proper steam page, doing otherwise would have make people think the game was finished or at least in a stable state. Also they've stated several times that they did expect a hundred of players at most, not thousands. That's why Klei had to select a smaller and more easy to handle group, and on top of that they wanted people that actually give feedback constructively. If they chose people from their forums, fine, it's their ground, that's how things used to be before Steam discussion boards ever existed, call them old fashioned if you like.
  8. I proposed that scenario because that just happened to me: Made a room full of cool carbon dioxide to make my garden, managed to collect inside that room a thousand kilos of very cold clay, enclosed a single duplicant to build all the planter boxes using the cold clay only, shortly after he started to complain of full bladder, I allowed him a break because I didn't wanted him to contaminate the place, and after that he came back with the hottest clay he could find to continue building... Needles to say I found out when it was too late.
  9. I think is talking about the pot the plant is and not the plant itself. It might be that he made a planter box out of hot clay.
  10. Playing with high temperature rooms and buildings I've found that once they become incapacitated, is tricky to save them, as duplicants sometimes drop them trying to climb tiles or even halfway in a ladder, making another duplicant pick them up if they are available, no matter how far they are. Sometimes this can make incapacitated duplicants stand up and reach safety by themselves even though they are still incapacitated. Once they reach bed, they will ignore any need or command and will starve or suffocate in bed until their health is full again. De-assign them from the bed they currently are or activating red alert will make them respond again, but if they have spent enough time they will make a mess immediately.
  11. Not exactly a bug, but an undesirable situation due to the fact that duplicants can't walk long distances whey they are underwater. If you make the "move to location" command you notice the icon will turn red before reaching the ladder. In this particular case, all duplicants are trapped because they can't reach the ladder, making all resources beneath the ladder being marked as unreachable. What you can do in this case is to dig a tile of raw mineral (here, sandstone) to make a 1 tile ladder just 1 tile above ground (so they can climb it) halfway between the ladder and where duplicants are, this will make the big ladder reachable again and save your duplicants. ...Or devs could make duplicants swim...
  12. Ha! Seriously? Actually never tried to empty them after the update since I knew it wasn't possible, too late to know it now, since they won't drop again...